New Hampshire school district repurposes COVID funds to hold LGBT pride event and drag performance

(Natural News) The unwieldy, three-year-long covid-19 national emergency paved the way for systemic money laundering and financial fraud. Funds that were intended for the “public health” and the “covid-19 pandemic” were often used by special interests to control people, promote propaganda, and conduct other business that has nothing to with the public good or the general welfare of the United States.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained documents showing that COVID funds are currently being used to conduct LGBT pride events and drag performances at schools in New Hampshire.

Manchester school district using COVID funds install transgender drag queens at public school events

The Manchester School District (MSD) in New Hampshire is repurposing federal taxpayer dollars that were supposed to provide relief for struggling families and businesses. Instead of responding to the health needs of the community, the district administrators decided to use the funds to erect LGBT “pride” events at the schools to feature transgender drag performances. Gullible parents who support the “pride” movement are now letting their kids be exposed to attention-seeking, scantily-dressed men who grind their crotch in front of their children. Kids are lured in with food, cake, photo booths, and other promises of entertainment. No one involved at the Manchester School District is questioning why these drag queens are seeking out schools and desiring to perform in front of young schoolchildren. Instead, administrators are actively (and fraudulently) funding these disgusting events that sexualize children under the auspices of fun.

In fact, the MSD held a “pride” event on June 2 with the advertisement: “Photo Booth, swag, food, entertainment and drag, LGBTQ+ affirming organizations, cake and more! Come as an ally or part of the queer community, we will love you either way!” The events feature transgenders, teaching children that it is normal to pump yourself full of synthetic hormones and undergo surgeries that mutilate and denigrate their body and mind.

Classroom instruction continues to be politicized, with special interest groups and trans activists infiltrating education. School libraries are pushing books that feature sexual themes and activities that are both lewd and perverse. These books present perversion in graphic detail, with pornographic imagery depicting specific sex acts. These violations are accompanied by drag queen performances that idolize this perverse behavior.

School district paying drag queens $500 a pop to spread perversion

According to the uncovered documents, the school district is fraudulently using $4,000 from the COVID funds that the city of Manchester received under the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This $1.9 Trillion package was sent out in 2021 to supposedly give financial assistance to struggling Americans and businesses. These funds were intended to reopen schools, distribute medical supplies, etc. Instead, this school district is using the money to pay drag queens $500 a pop to come in and perform their sick acts in front of children. The district is also using the COVID funds for “pride” decorations and merchandise, as well as “equipment that is sustainable and durable” for future pride events.

“As with other years, this is an after-school, extra-curricular, opt-in event,” district superintendent Jennifer Gillis responded  to the the Daily Caller. “In prior years, it’s been well-attended, including students, families and members of the West Side community. This year, the group organizing the event applied for and received a Community Event and Activation Grant from American Rescue Plan Act funds through the city of Manchester. Although this is a school event, the district and partner organizations are working to help support the school as needed.”

Jennifer Gillis did not mention how these funds are supporting the school and enhancing the students’ education. There is only evidence that the funds, which are being used fraudulently, are contributing to perverse indoctrination of the students.

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