New Israeli Study Blames Spate Of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Stillbirths On COVID ‘Virus’

(Jerusalem Post) To cover up the fact that mRNA COVID vaccines are causing untold numbers of still births and “spontaneous” abortions, researchers from Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital in Israel have conducted a “study” that conveniently claims that mothers infected with the COVID-19 “virus” can allegedly transfer the “disease” to the placenta and baby, resulting in stillbirth:

In some cases of stillbirth, a higher level of the virus was found in the fetus even than in the sick mother. And, in all cases, substantial damage to the placental tissue was found.

The study was led by Prof. Eran Barzilay, head of the Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound Unit at Assuta. He explained that according to multiple studies conducted internationally, there is a two-fold increase in the risk of fetal death during pregnancy in women with coronavirus versus those who do not have the disease. However, until now, no study had been conducted examining what causes this.

The team started by identifying four women, Assuta patients, whose fetuses had died at the same time as they were diagnosed with the virus. Then, they ran pathological tests of the placenta and did PCR tests of the mother, fetus and placenta. In all cases, they saw that the virus had infected the placenta and the baby, including causing extensive damage to the placental tissue, which Barzilay said they believe was the reason for the fetal death.

“There are several viruses that can cause infection of the fetus when the mother is infected,” the professor said. “But we have never seen this kind of damage to the placenta from a virus. It seems to be something specific to corona.” He added that what was striking was that “even if the mother had very mild disease and mild symptoms and her PCR test was positive but showed low levels of viral infection, the placenta has a high viral load.”

The researchers compared the placentas of the women who lost their babies to those who did not but who were also diagnosed with COVID and found that there was no corona in the placentas feeding the live babies. “We can say that infection did cause fetal death and that the death was caused directly by the placenta,” Barzilay stressed.

None of the women who lost their babies were vaccinated.

The study was accepted for publication by the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Barzilay said that fetal death is very rare, so even if multiplied by two, it does not have a major impact on the population. However, he said that it is another reason for mothers to protect themselves from the disease. He added that COVID-19 can pose a severe risk to pregnant women, especially in their third trimester, and that the country and the world saw many pregnant women develop severe disease. These women were often forced to deliver their babies prematurely, which could cause developmental challenges or even be life-threatening.

A separate study found that women who vaccinate can pass on some immunity to their newborns. Barzilay said that although there are few cases of infants who develop severe disease, getting vaccinated gives newborn babies “an added benefit.”

A “study” with only four women does not meet any standard of scientific validity — it’s virtually on the level of hearsay.

Besides that, the claim that these women were “unvaccinated” is very misleading for a number of reasons — first and foremost is that in Israel, if you have not had the latest “booster” — or had it less than two weeks ago — you are not considered “vaccinated.”

Not only that, there is abundant circumstantial evidence that many Israelis are receiving placebos rather than active “kill shots” — or a combination of the two. There’s no way to know for sure.

Researchers examining the adverse reaction data from the CDC have shown conclusively that most people who got the COVID vaccines so far have received placebos — and a head nurse in Slovenia confirmed that placebos were being distributed in that country as well.

Second, this Israeli study relied on the PCR test to determine the presence of the “virus” — despite the fact that PCR tests, according to Anthony Fauci himself, produce completely unreliable results — and do not even directly test for the presence of the actual COVID-19 virus — which has never been isolated, according to a top epidemiologist in China.

The doctor conducting the study admitted that they had never seen any virus attack the placenta in this manner previously — which means they should have looked for another cause of the damage aside from the “virus.”

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former V.P. of vaccine development at Pfizer, is on record warning pregnant women against getting the mRNA COVID vaccines because of evidence that they can induce still births and even sterility.

Yeadon explained exactly how the spike proteins which the mRNA vaccines induce the body to produce attack the placenta, causing it to develop abnormally — ultimately leading to still births.

Earlier this year, Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay PhD, issued a warning to the CDC that these experimental mRNA vaccines could cause sterility in pregnant women — but her expert opinion contradicted the official narrative so she was ignored.

When Canadian vaccine developer, Bryram Bridle, also went public warning that the spike proteins in the mRNA vaccines could induce sterility in both men and women — and endanger infants who are breastfeeding — he was targeted with a smear campaign to destroy his credibility and career.

We warned our readers a year and a half ago that the vaccine makers were targeting pregnant women from the very beginning of this “pandemic” — claiming they were at greatest “risk” for COVID without any empirical data to back up these claims — tipping their hands that the intent of the vaccination program was mass depopulation — a “soft” genocide.

The children who slip through the cracks and manage to survive an mRNA pregnancy are now being vaccinated for COVID as young as the age of five — and those children are already showing signs of heart disease and strokes, which are again blamed on the “virus.”

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