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We are having a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 which will occur exactly at 11:48 am Universal Time. New Moon’s initiate the start of a 29 day lunar cycle which is like a new wave of energy influencing the coming month. This particular New Moon has extra significance because the planet Uranus will also be entering Taurus on the same day, less than four hours later.

Uranus is an outer planet which means it has a wider orbit, therefore it does not change signs as frequently as the planets that orbit closer to the Sun. The last time Uranus changed signs was in 2010-2011 going  from Pisces into Aries. This current transition will last until March 2019 as Uranus will retrograde back into Aries later this year and then return to Taurus again.

We have been in Taurus season since April 19th/20th, however New Moons can amp up the way we work with the energies of that sign, in some cases in a new way. However with Uranus also going in there at the same time, it really emphasizes this but will also have a long term effect.

Taurus is about values, worth, the material world, senses, money, food/substances, security, beauty, and nature. As an Earth sign, it is physical, practical, and realistic. Taurus is thorough and also likes stability and routine. It is sort like a rock; slow, grounded, and solid.

Uranus will begin to influence things associated with Taurus.  It is revolutionary, technological, innovative, renovative, futuristic, scientific, unconventional, metaphysical, surprising, awakening, liberating, and insightful. Uranus can also be rebellious, disruptive, and can trigger separations. It rules sudden unexpected events, accidents, and natural disasters. Uranus being an unstable planet can potentially disrupt, yet revolutionize, the stability craving sign of Taurus.

The volcanic eruption in Hawaii that started on May 3rd is a clear manifestation of Uranus transitioning signs. It began with Uranus at the tail end of Aries which is a Fire sign. Lava is a combined Aries/Taurus energy because it is fiery rock. After the lava cools off it actually solidifies into hard rock which is more Taurean.

The last time Uranus changed signs was when the Fukushima incident happened. The Earthquake in the ocean initiated when Uranus was in the last hours of Pisces which rules oceans. The Tsunami itself was a combined Aries/Pisces energy as Aries has a ‘charging forward’ vibe.  The explosions at the nuclear power plant were a ‘Fire’ manifestation which occurred just after it entered Aries.

As Uranus enters Taurus, it will be in a square with Mars that is transitioning into Aquarius which is co-ruled by Uranus. This can trigger impulsive actions, restlessness, and people asserting themselves in Uranian ways mentioned above. Mars in Aquarius can be about how we apply ourselves collectively, socially, intellectually, or in how we serve humanity. These themes will play out this summer as Mars is currently in its post shadow period and going retrograde on June 26th.

The purpose of Uranus is to shake things to serve us in our evolution both individually and collectively. It can occur through both positive events and what we perceive as negative. Whenever Uranus transitions signs it can be obvious by observing world events, and if it is triggering planets or points in your astrological blueprint (natal astrology chart), it will be more noticeable in your personal life. Some of the themes and changes of what Uranus may bring to your life could be connected to experiences or feelings that started in January.

Below is a clip from CE’s show called COSM featuring Amanda Monteiro and Carmen DiLuccio. You can check out the full episode by becoming a CE member here.

New Moon Trine Mars, Mercury Trine Saturn

This New Moon is in a trine with Mars at the end of Capricorn (in Aquarius the next day) which is also interacting with Uranus as mentioned above. All of this combined with Mars in its pre-shadow period (approaching the South Node) could signify a period of making changes in the way we take action in our lives which will go through a sorting out process until September.

Mercury is also in Taurus in a trine with Saturn in Capricorn which is another Earth sign. All of this Earth energy mentioned above could signify a time of building and creating solidity, structure or some sort of strong foundation in our lives in new Uranian ways. It could be related to career, money, or responsibilities. Mercury’s interaction with Saturn helps us to achieve and be realistic, practical, and tangible in our thinking. As a result of this, what we do now can have long term benefit. This energy is strongest around May 17th-18th.

This New Moon is making a minor aspect to its ruler Venus in Gemini which is in a sextile with Uranus. Although these energies aren’t as strong as previous ones mentioned throughout this article, this can be great for new and exciting experiences socially and romantically. This can also be good for making aesthetic changes in some area of our lives. This is strongest around May 19th when Venus enters Cancer.

Jupiter Trine Neptune

Jupiter in Scorpio is returning to a trine with Neptune in Pisces as it did in late Fall and will occur again in August. It will be strong over the coming weeks especially in the days leading up to and following May 25th. This is a great expansive and experiential energy both spiritually and creatively. This can also be good for idealistic pursuits/experiences, or anything involving putting time, energy, or resources toward helping others in need.

Considering that Jupiter is currently retrograde and in a loose aspect with Pluto, inner growth can also be strong at this time. We can potentially learn a lot from our own intuition. On May 24th-25th when this configuration is exact, Mercury will be in a trine with Pluto which can help us to gain deeper insights and understandings.

Making Intentions And Things To Consider

What area of your life is calling for change, renovation, liberation or to express itself in new ways? What themes started coming up in your life in January and what major steps can you make now to help you progress in your life related to what has been occurring since then? What changes could you explore in relation to money? What part of your routine do you need to shake up? What comforts are holding you back from new ways of expressing or asserting yourself? What do you need to consider in order to ensure a solid foundation for the future?

These are just some examples of what to contemplate when making any intentions, however, it is good to consider whatever else has been written in this article or has been coming up in your life recently. It is best to make any intention within the first 24 hours following this New Moon. It can be as early as 30 minutes prior to the exact moment, however if you plan on doing it shortly afterwards, it might be best to wait until 6 hours later for this specific New Moon. The exact moment will be at 11:48am Universal Time on May 15th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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