New US Navy UFO footage reportedly leaked

New US Navy UFO footage reportedly leaked

Posted on Tuesday, 18 May, 2021

New US Navy UFO footage reportedly leaked News-uap-calif-19

What is this object and where did it come from ? Image Credit: YouTube / Jeremy Corbell
A previously unseen video of an unidentified object filmed by the US Navy has recently emerged online.
Obtained and published by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, the footage allegedly shows a UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) recorded off the coast of California in 2019.

The video itself was filmed by a US Navy aircraft, stored in the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Center and later reviewed by the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

It shows a spherical object that maneuvers in the air before plummeting into the ocean.

It resembles previous video clips recorded by US Navy personnel that have emerged in recent years.

“What we’re seeing are a number of distinct and different things,” former US defense official Christopher Mellon said of the various objects sighted over the years.

“Sometimes we’re seeing a 50-foot object that can travel at hypersonic speeds and seemingly go into orbit or come down from altitudes of potentially above 100,000 feet.”

So are these alien visitors, some form of advanced man-made technology, or something else ?

The search for answers continues.
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