Nice Attack: 49 Smooshed Bodies Still Not Identified

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2016


We are being told by the Jew media and the Jew government that the benefits of multiculturalism far out weight the negatives of mass murder, mass gang-rape, economic collapse, etc. But we are left wondering why, if multiculturalism is so great, Israel is not a multicultural state. The Jews have not been forthcoming in explaining what, exactly, the benefits of multiculturalism are.

The haji truck attacker in the Nice terrorist event smashed the bodies of the people into a paste.

They will have to be identified by their dental records.

This is the true vibrancy of diversity: bodies so smashed up you have to use dental records to identify them.


The Paris prosecutor’s office said only 35 bodies have been definitively identified so far, carried out by specialists with a judicial official present. That left 49 bodies still without identification. Touraine also said one of the hospitalized wounded still has not been identified.

A man and a woman were detained Sunday morning in Nice, according to an official with the Paris prosecutor’s office, which oversees national terrorism investigations.

Shortly afterward, Bouhlel’s estranged wife, who was arrested Friday, was released from custody, according to an official in the Paris prosecutor’s office. She is the mother of Bouhlel’s three children and was in the process of divorcing him.

In total, six people now remain in custody relating to the truck attack — but officials have provided no details about their identities.

Investigators are hunting for possible accomplices to Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Tunisian who had lived in Nice for years. He was killed by police after ramming his truck through crowds after a holiday fireworks display Thursday night.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it’s unclear whether Bouhlel had concrete links to the group. IS said he was following their call to target citizens of countries fighting the extremists.

Neighbors described the attacker as volatile, prone to drinking and womanizing. His father, in Tunisia, said his son did not pray or fast for Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

They are trying to claim he “wasn’t really a Moslem.”

But Islam isn’t really a religion. That is just one aspect of it. The core concept is an ideology of brotherhood among brown people, mainly the mixed races of North Africa, Arabia and West Asia.

Just as Yahweh is a philosophical embodiment of the Jewish racial soul, Allah is an embodiment of the brown racial soul.

Whereas Yahweh orders trickery and subterfuge, lying and scamming to accomplish the goals of the Jewish race, Allah orders violence.


Yahweh told Joseph to get the Egyptians to give them their grain so he could sell it back to them when they were starving and thus become the most powerful merchant in the realm.

uhammad mass murdereruhammad mass murderer

Allah told Muhammad to just tear through killing and raping everyone.

Whether someone eats pork isn’t relevant to the race war.

Nice’s famous Promenade des Anglais, the site of the slaughter, has reopened. Memorials for the dead have been set up on the westbound lane of the road where the victims were mowed down by Bouhlel. Some areas are still stained by blood.Joggers, bikers and sunbathers cruised down the pedestrian walkway along the glistening Mediterranean Sea on Sunday, where well-wishers placed flowers, French flags, stuffed animals and candles for the victims.

The site is also becoming a platform for anger at the attacker. Pained and outraged epitaphs have been written in blue marker on stones placed where police shot him dead.

A woman asked if she could put a yellow potted plant there, unaware of the significance of the spot. A man nearby declared “Never here.” An argument ensued, with other passers-by saying that his family deserved respect.

“Are you defending him?” the man said, incredulously.

Why would you not defend him, Le Man?

He was a victim of White racism and plus mass-murder is a part of his unique cultural heritage. Also, he was European, so it is actually the fault of White Europeans that this happened.

Many families are angry and frustrated that they couldn’t find information about their missing loved ones.

The prosecutor’s office says the identification of the 49 bodies is being carried out according to an accelerated procedure established after the Nov. 13 attacks on Paris, using DNA or medical records provided by families.

The prosecutor’s office says it is working as quickly as possible but would not give a time frame for how long the identification process could take.

The families of 12 victims were able to see the bodies of their loves ones Sunday for the first time — three days after the killings.

Many in France are also angry at police and authorities for not preventing the deadly attack, even though France was under a state of emergency imposed after Islamic State attacks last year in Paris.

Valls defended the government’s actions but warned that more lives will be lost to this kind of violence.

“Terrorism will be part of our daily lives for a long time,” he said.

As I said when he first said this – he’s actually just telling the truth.


Valls and his kike wife weren’t at the fireworks display. I hear they aren’t huge fans of the Eagles of Death Metal either. 

The only way to stop lone wolf attacks by individual Moslems is to ban all individual Moslems. And certainly, France isn’t going to do that. They love multiculturalism. So given this, to even talk about preventing attacks is childish and silly.

Everyone in France or any other multicultural paradise should simply wake up assuming that today will be the day they are randomly slaughtered for Allah.

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