Noa Kirel, Israeli Instagram influencers to honor Holocaust survivors

Israeli influencers Noa Kirel, Neta Alchimister and Maya Wertheimer will partner with the NGO Latet and Facebook to help share testimonies of Holocaust survivors with young Israelis.The program, sponsored by Facebook Israel and Latet, will give a voice to the survivors, many who are in their 80s and 90s. “The tragic idea of ‘a generation slowly vanishing’ is becoming more tangible than ever, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the events of the Holocaust are never forgotten,” said Facebook Israel Country Manager Adi Soffer-Teeni. “During an age in which social networks have become hubs for fueling action and promoting social initiatives, we understand that in order to reach the younger generation and make these concepts accessible to them, we must think differently, and therefore chose to take an active part in preserving the legacy and heroism of the Holocaust for the next generation.””‘Sharing Memories’ is a project that provides a golden opportunity to see live testimonies, encourage discourse and curiosity among youth and to try and improve the lives of those who are still here with us,” Soffer-Teeni added. “I thank the “Latet” organization for its unique cooperation as well as the content creators who came together to give a voice to those who are heroes to all of us, the Holocaust survivors.”The project, dubbed “Sharing Memories,” will launch on April 7-8, 2021, commemorating this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.Aside from sharing the testimonies of these survivors, the project is also intended to bring light to the fact “that a quarter of Holocaust survivors in Israel live below the poverty line and will raise donations to allow these survivors to live the rest of their lives in dignity,” Latet said in a statement.The list includes, followed by the influencers’ follower count: Noa Kirel (1.1M), Neta Alchimister (1.7M), Liel Eli (398K), Sher Fitness (383K), Reef Neeman (352K), Maya Wertheimer (336K), Kevin Rubin (298K), Daniel Amit (284K), Maayan Adam (233K), Omer Dror (209K), Gal Zahavi (145K), Eran Suissa (140K), Yael Goldman (137K), Amit Farkash (135K), Noa Rosin (49K), Hadar Marks (42K), Aki Avni (40.5K), Ray Segev (39K), Kobi Aflalo (38.8K), Raz Shechnik (27.2K).

The organizers hope the large audiences these Israeli influencers hold “will provide a significant platform for Holocaust survivors.”They add that these are the final years that we will be able to hear their testimonies, and many teenagers do not even know any Holocaust survivors themselves, or have not hear live testimonies in the past. Latet and Facebook Israel believe that official events and special broadcasts are slowly dying within the younger generation, and that social media holds the attention of the younger generation better than efforts of the past.Influencer participants visited the homes of Holocaust survivors around the country, hearing their testimonies first hand. Each public figure documented their own experience, and will upload it to their personal accounts on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.Latet said that 170,000 Holocaust survivors are currently living in Israel, and about a quarter of them live below the poverty line. In 2020, around 17,000 passed away, 900 from the novel coronavirus.”I recently spoke with Zvi, one of the Holocaust survivors who agreed to share their story as part of the “Sharing Memories” project, to raise awareness of the precarious situation of Holocaust survivors in Israel,” said the VP of Marketing for the Latet Organization Tzahi Langer. “One of Zvi’s statements will remain etched in my memory: ‘We have gone through the worst of all, worse than anything a person can imagine, but the fact that there are still Holocaust survivors in our country living in poverty is shameful for the country.'” “Zvi himself is not in need, but there are many thousands who are living in poverty,” Langer added. “And we need to remember them not only on Holocaust Remembrance Day, but throughout the year. We must guarantee their well-being as long as we have the opportunity to do them justice. “Latet organization works hard to help over 1000 Holocaust survivors in need and provide them with solutions, but it is not enough,” Langer concluded. “Everyone whose hearts are with the Holocaust survivors, must take part in volunteering or donating, and there is no better time to start acting than the present, and the sooner the better.”

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