North Carolina Instagrammer left with Severe Convulsions after Bee Sting



This is just sad. Why these people are doing this to this young woman just shows how vile and evil the mRNA and viral vector DNA zealots truly are. Caveat emptor is real. These people know they poisoned themselves and now have to go down defending their holy sacrament.

Here is one of the high-engagement Twitter posts that sent people to Ms. de Silva’s GoFundMe page in an attempt to report and get it taken down.

The page, however, is still up and running, meaning she satisfied the GoFundMe administrators with her proof. Ms. de Silva posted an update video on TikTok. She, among other things, said that she’s trying to still live a normal life. Apparently the trolls attack her because she doesn’t “look sick” all the time and does her makeup well. Ms. de Silva also posted an Instagram update about her trip to New York for several doctor appointments.

Now that critical thinkers understand what we’re dealing with, those in the USA who are unarmed are not thinking critically enough. This is a cult with very loyal followers who will die for their sacrament and their gods (Fauci, Gates, Biden, et al). Stay strong Ms. de Silva. Your voice is very important.

A North Carolina real estate agent concedes that her life is unlikely to ever be the same despite many Instagram users not believing her story. Meanwhile we’re learning the name of yet another neurological disorder.

Mrs. Dominique de Silva received one of the experimental injections against COVID-19 on March 18, according to her Instagram page. She received the injection in Las Vegas. Several people have asked Mrs. de Silva to clarify which injection she received. But she has not done so.

Nearly 550,000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna had been administered in Nevada as of March 10, according to the Associated Press. The Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA shot had just been authorized for emergency use on February 27. Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, began administering 24,000 doses of J&J on March 9. Governor Steve Sisolak received his J&J injection on March 11. Mrs. De Silva said this about her injection:

“[I] made the decision to get my vax before I left Las Vegas to move back to my home state of North Carolina because I wanted to play it safe and make sure those around me weren’t in harms way.

Based on all the foregoing, we’re going to guess she got the “one-and-done” J&J shot. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter as all of them are equally dangerous and poisonous.

Making sense of Dominique

We read every post and nearly every comment on Mrs. de Silva’s Facebook and Instagram since March. She moved to Las Vegas from North Carolina in 2012 at the age of 21. Mrs. de Silva said she was naive, depressed, had low-esteem and let people walk all over her at that time. She became what appears to be a successful and passionate real estate agent in Las Vegas. She also reunited with her father who left the family when she was 10. He ended up dying of a heart attack shortly after their reunion.

Mrs. de Silva speaks very highly of Las Vegas. She credits the city for transforming her from a little girl to a grown, successful woman. But her run in Vegas ended on March 18 when she moved back to her home state of North Carolina with her fiancé. This is also the day she received the experimental injection.

Her life seemed pretty normal and charmed from there. Mrs. de Silva got married sometime around May 16 and was trucking along in her full-circle life back to the East Coast. But she was noticeably silent from social media from March 19 to May 10. She also disappeared from Instagram from May 29 to July 9. That’s when she started explaining what was happening.

World flipped upside down

Mrs. de Silva suffered adverse effects from the experimental injection within a week. She spoke of general malaise as soon as she landed in North Carolina. But she dismissed it as jet lag. Extreme leg pain, short-term memory loss and visual impairment followed two weeks later.

An emergency room doctor diagnosed her condition as a “dystonic storm.” In other words, she had Shawn Skelton Syndrome. “The day that I heard these words (dystonia) is the day my life shattered right before my eyes,” she said. The July 9 Instagram post is lengthy. But it ends with Mrs. de Silva conceding that her life is never going to be the same.

Mrs. de Silva posted another lengthy update on July 12. She defiantly spoke of how doctors are not always right. More symptoms, such as brain fog, chronic fatigue, migraines and hair loss to the point that she now wears hair pieces were also described.

Mrs. de Silva initially got the same treatment that most everyone we’ve covered on this blog got/gets from the medical establishment. Doctors told her she was fine, that it was all in her head, and that she just needed more rest. Keep in mind she had a pre-existing condition known as Hashimoto’s disease before she got the injection. She announced this to the world in April 2020, long before she received the experimental injection.

No more secrets, lots of skepticism and trolls

The full story came out on July 18. Mrs. de Silva posted a video that is all too familiar to The COVID Blog. She also conceded that getting the experimental injection was probably not a good idea.

Unfortunately a good majority of the population receives all their news and information from mainstream media and big tech. Thus this type of vaccine adverse reaction can look very peculiar. The troll and skeptic comments are everywhere on Mrs. de Silva’s Instagram page.

The verdict

Only a fool (aka COVID/vaccine zealots) with no critical thinking ability could believe this woman is lying and acting. There is, in fact, a real mental disorder known as Munchausen by Internet. It occurs when medically-well individuals fake recognized illnesses in virtual environments, according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research. But she is not on this spectrum, if you will. The study also mentions Munchausen by Internet trolling.

Mrs. de Silva’s entire life revolves around her career as a real estate agent. Granted she is a Millennial girlie-girl who like Instagram. But there is certainly nothing abnormal about that. At least 75% of her Facebook and Instagram posts have something to do with her job. There is no benefit whatsoever to her faking vaccine adverse reactions.

She simply has nothing to gain from faking this. Further, there are numerous others suffering the exact same adverse reactions. Except now we’re learning it has several different names. This is the first time we’ve heard the term dystonia in seven months being online.

EUTimes mini-investigation

There are multiple accusations of this being fake on the internet with nutters going as far as claiming that she is hooked to fake medical equipment and stuff but there are plenty of photos and videos of her being in actual hospital! Another argument on which the zombies accuse her for being fake is that “she got sick 2 weeks after vaccination”. shock

Like what the heck is that supposed to mean? Can I give you a food infected with a poison that will kill you not 2 weeks later but 2 years later? I will put the exact amount needed for it to start to attack you exactly 2 years later. Would it be a conspiracy theory for you to claim that a food you ate 2 years ago is what is killing you now? Would that be you faking it??

This is just retarded and it goes to show how insane people have become. What they are saying is if you don’t die right there on the spot as they pull the needle from you, then you’re fine…

Now the decisive factor which clearly leans on her side is that GoFundMe is a liberal hellhole. You know, one of those similar to or or other liberal shit websites. This shit website took down her donation page after it was reported by liberal zombies as faking it and demanded she provide medical evidence.

They even refunded donations she received back to donors even though it was not yet established as being either fake or real. They didn’t even give her time and they already offered the possibility of refund to people.

Dominique de Silva then provided medical evidence and hospital bills to GoFundMe and they reinstated her page and as of 18 November 2021 her page is up and running so if GoFundMe who in their own words: “Fundraisers raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform.” reinstated her account, then her case must be real.

According to her hospital documents, she took the Pfizer injection. Here are her medical details:

Here’s her before the sting:

Here’s her after getting stung:

Leftist liberal evil people also called her “anti-vaxer”, yet if she was anti-vaxer why did she took the first dose? In this video you can see her vaccination card where she received her first dose of Pfizer so clearly she wasn’t anti-vaxer.

What we don’t get is why are there groups of people out there trying to discredit and defame people who got injured by a product. If you ate a bread and the bread was contaminated and you got injured, wouldn’t it be weird if a mob of crazies came after you to “stop defaming bread”? What’s their interest in this? Who is paying them to be an army for Pfizer? Hmmm…

Well here’s how simple it is actually, it doesn’t even require everyone to be a paid soldier, a few would do the trick. Let’s say you own a wax sin company and you’re making billions out of it but a few nasty people out there come and show their health problems after taking your wax sin! You as an absolute evil, don’t care, you just want the cash, so what do you do to ensure that the mountains of cash keep piling in?

You bribe the media to defame these people, you bribe celebrities to promote your product (advertisement), you bribe a bunch of ideological people with no life to go on forums, comment sections and wage war for you just for a few dollars and so on. Now if you see 100 calling it fake doesn’t mean all 100 of them are paid warriors. 5-10 would be enough, the first one starts the topic, its fake, then comes another one yeah yeah its fake!!!!!! Then comes another one yeah for sure its fake shes an anti waxer!!!! And then come normal average unpaid people following the herd “yea!! its fake!!!” It’s really that easy..


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