‘Now Is Go Time’: Stew Peters Is Threatening to Arrest Government Officials Over COVID Restrictions

Radical right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters is encouraging his listeners to start sending their local officials notices that they may be arrested if they do not immediately rescind all mandates imposed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Peters is promoting a document apparently produced by Josh Barnett, a right-wing activist who is running for Congress in Arizona. The document demands that authorities “immediately remove all mandates” because “slavery was abolished long ago” and declares that failure to do so means said government officials are “knowingly, maliciously, and with full intent, denying the rights of the People and ignoring the oath you made as a purposeful trespass.”

It is “time to arrest COVID tyrants,” declares Peters’ website. Peters himself posted a video on Telegram urging his listeners to send the document to their local leaders and then prepare to possibly arrest them if necessary.

“There’s a lot of people here that we’re about to arm with this information, and don’t let me get into the parts of the Constitution about how we’re just going to come and arrest these people,” Peters said. “They have the opportunity to repent and to back away from the conspiracy, to get out of the criminal conspiracy to smother our rights. And then they can save themselves. But we’re turning this up to full tilt now.”

“For anybody who’s saying, ‘Oh, that’s never gonna work,’ get out of here. Beat it, nerd. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to hear it,” Peters continued. “For everybody that’s always been saying all along, ‘Nothing’s ever gonna happen.’ No! We’re gonna make it happen because the people’s will is the law. Period. So I hope that you soldiers are ready to go to battle. We have been armed with information, we have put a team together of people—actually, God has put a team of people together—that have the contact information, the technology, the know-how, the knowledge, the wherewithal, and the platforms to make this happen on a huge scale. On a huge scale. I hope you’re ready, and I hope you’re excited. If we don’t want dominion, then we take dominion away.  We the people. If we don’t like a certain set of laws or legislation, then we alter it or dissolve it. If we don’t like a certain way that government is set up, then we alter it or abolish it. I’m telling you, now is go time.”


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