Number #1 Lesson From The Holocaust: Even Friendly Gentiles Will Always Turn On You ‘For No Reason At All’

In celebration of yet another Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shmuel Sackett — the founder and director of the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation — an anti-assimilationist organization that encourages Jews in America to move to Israel — has written an essay warning his fellow Jews that “another” Holocaust could happen at any moment — because the irrational and jealous “goyim” can and will lash out at them “for no reason whatsoever“:

With Yom Ha’Shoah being commemorated this week, what lessons did we learn from that tragic era? We all know what happened – and we need to remember and teach that to our children – but what is the message for us, 76 years after the Holocaust ended?

One can write a doctoral thesis on answering this question, but for the sake of brevity, allow me to focus on the two most important lessons… even though they are really just one.

The first is that the friendly non-Jewish neighbor, friend, colleague, business partner or government can turn against the Jew – in a second – for no reason at all.

Throughout history, Jews helped almost every country in the world succeed.

We built industries, created jobs, made medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries. Jews were leaders in banking and finance and many countries became fabulously wealthy because of their Jewish citizens. Spain, Portugal, France, England, Switzerland and Italy were just some of the countries where Jews made a major impact yet – at some point in history – were expelled from those very countries! And need I remind you what our father Yosef did to Egypt? He made them the richest county in the world, and yet… “A new king arose in Egypt, who did not know Yosef” (Shemot 1:8)

Germany was no exception. Jews were loyal Germans and they contributed in many ways to the success of that country. The Jews of Germany were leaders in every industry and millions of Germans were employed, with good paying jobs, because of Jewish businessmen. Life was good in Germany for the Jew and he had it all. He was free to practice his religion, he made nice money and was also very connected politically to many government officials.

Lesson #1 from the Holocaust? It all came crashing down in a very short time. Jewish life quickly turned to Jewish death. Big homes with fancy artwork were replaced by ghettos and extermination camps… and what do we have today to remember those “good ‘ol days”?? Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and numbers tattooed on the elderly.

Lesson #1 teaches us that no matter how comfortable we are, as long as that comfort is in a foreign land, it can – and probably will – change.

Take a look at what is happening around the world – not in 1941 – but in 2021. Anti-Semitism is at a post WWII high and Jewish men are afraid to walk with kippot in modern countries such as France, Belgium, South Africa and Holland. In the USA and Canada, Jew hatred on college campuses is out of control and anything can happen… This is Holocaust lesson #1.

The second lesson – is really the flip side of the first one:

The only place a Jew can ultimately be safe in is Medinat Yisrael, the State of Israel. Unfortunately, we have had our share of wars and terror attacks, but when all is said in done, this is our home. Jews run it, Jews finance it, Jews protect it and our Father in Heaven watches over it. Is life perfect in Israel? No, it is not but the difference between Jewish life in Israel vs Jewish life anywhere else in the world is that “the keys to the house” are in our hands!

Throughout history we were guests. Yes, we were often treated well, but eventually, every guest is asked to leave. In Israel, we are not guests… we are the hosts. This is our home, our army and our country.

Holocaust lesson #2 taught me that no matter how nice the non-Jew is, he will always be jealous of your home, your bank account and your life and the day he can grab it… he will.

Dearest friends; this year don’t just commemorate Yom Ha’Shoah by watching Schindler’s List or singing Ani Ma’amin. Make sure you learn the lessons from the Holocaust and do whatever you can to make sure they won’t be repeated. Come home now and help us build a strong and proud Jewish state!

Jews like Sackett possess that rare combination of complete self-absorption along with a complete lack of self-awareness.

They often spend their entire lives looking over their shoulders waiting for the proverbial other shoe to fall — the “goyim” are dumb, yes, but eventually they will catch on to our game.

They’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar hundreds of times — always wearing out their welcome in the patient and prosperous Christian nations in which they prefer to dwell.

And yet despite being evicted from all of these nations multiple times — often violently — they have always returned to the scenes of their “persecution” completely oblivious to how their behavior contributes to their permanent status as the Eternal Guest — the eternal “Other.”

Why return to anywhere you are not wanted?

Why live among people who jealously covet your property and will steal it from you at the drop of a hat?

Why live among people who hate you for no reason whatsoever — and could violently attack you for no reason?

There are only two possibilities to explain this compulsive behavior — either what Jews believe about the “goyim” simply isn’t true — or Jews are pathologically sado-masochistic — or both.

If the tall tales of the Holocaust can’t convince Jews of the innate evil of the “goyim”, then nothing will — living in constant paranoid terror is now so normal for most Jews that a safe life in Israel among their own kind couldn’t be less appealing to them.

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