The bilge Rats are abandoning ship in droves.
It is every Rat for him or herself.

Except the ones who have gone too far, they know if there is no place they can hide and no way they can back off from the mass murders they have done.

World wide there are others just like them.

I assure you an earthly court can not dispense Justice.
Justice belongs to God.
The best a human earthly court can do is execute the guilty to protect humanity from them in the future.
And sometimes examples have to be made to put the Fear of God into minion such as these who in the future contemplate taking the 30 shekels to make war on humanity.

No one gets away with anything.
Everyone has to pay for every wrong they do someone else as well as wrongs they do against themselves.
It is not always in the same life or on this side of the vail, but the Books of Balance MUST be kept in balance.
That is God’s Supreme Court where that is decided.

There last two years have been a war on humanity by the minions of every earthly “government” on this rock.
They are losing the war.
They are now falling back.
They will try to convince you there really was a Pandemic instead of a Scamdemic, all the mass murders, useless forced masking and family/small business killing communistic lockdowns were just the incompetence of stupid politicians.
They are already throwing their paid minions and comrades under the bus in an attempt to save their own asses.

Media outlets which browbeat anyone who did not swallow the false Pandemic hook line and sinker, any who fought against the killer jabs, useless as teats on a boar hog masking and communistic lockdowns are now trying to save their own asses running stories about how it was all bad science.

Religious “leader” charlatans who were telling people God wants you to get Killer Jabbed are now trying to distance themselves from their own words.

School board members, school administrators and teachers who have been abusing God’s little children for personal wealth gain are now starting to look to see how they can back off from their crimes against children and place the blame on others while saying they were just following orders.

Badged law enFORCEment members are looking at the beatings, kidnapping, terrorizing humanity for the last two years and seeing how they can switch side and save their own asses.

Political Prostitutes are pointing the finger of blame at anyone other than themselves.

A world wide IN YOUR FACE example must be made of the guilty from all walks of life.
It will take Common Law Courts as the corporate courts are owned by those who perpetrated the crime.

Hundreds of thousands at least will need to be publicly hanged, their bodies left for vultures to devour or thrown into the deep of the ocean for the fish to eat.
Such a public and huge example must be made that future generations temped to take the 30 shekels will s#it their fruit of the looms at the memory of the mass executions for the mass murder of the Scamdemic, so they in their fear refuse to be bought.

Again, this is not for justice as God will handle the Justice on the other side of the vail, but rather this is in defense of humanity.
A deterrent against future collaboration with the evil ones against their fellow humans.

It will not be pretty, and it will take a strong constitution to carry it out but humanity has no other choice.

Get er done!

The Ole Dog!


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