Obama’s Krueger Won’t End the Nightmare on Main Street

by Mike Stathis


Yesterday, President Obama announced his nomination of Alan Krueger to serve as Chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers. Thus far, this council has been nothing short of an abject failure. Thus, you should already know what to expect from Krueger, another Jewish academic from the Clinton administration.

If approved by congress, Krueger will replace Austan Goolsbee, another Jewish academic appointed by Obama, who replaced Christina Romer, yet another Jewish academic. Clearly, Obama’s White House is beginning to look like one big fat Jewish wedding.

Once you consider who really runs Washington, it is of no mere coincidence that not one single Wall Street executive has been indicted for their role in massive securities fraud that resulted in the destruction of the global economy. This illustrates just one aspect of the power held by the powerful Jewish mafia.

Previously, I discussed the control Jews (Zionists and non-Zionists alike) have over the U.S. Please review these articles so you can gain the full impact of what America is faced with. By now, it should be clear that Obama remains under the control of Israel and American Jewry more so than any president in U.S. history.  { [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] }

Christina Romer and Austan Goolsbee

Jewish Americans comprise about 2% of the U.S. population, yet they control virtually every aspect of U.S. society. I see it on a daily basis. Perhaps many of you do as well. However, most people fail to recognize the obvious because they have been programmed to keep their eyes closed.

As someone who works in the financial industry and comes across a good deal of media, it’s pretty shocking to consider the percentage of Jews in each of these industries.

Once you examine top positions in Washington, it’s especially frightening. We are talking about individuals with top loyalty to Israel running our foreign policy.

The key phrase here is “top positions” because you won’t find many Jewish individuals in low-level positions in government or in the private sector. Have you ever seen a Jewish individual working at a commercial bank? Hell, they won’t even take a branch manager slot because they don’t have to stoop so low. They have a nice executive position waiting for them compliments of Jewish networking.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when individuals have been promoted to positions based on anything other than merit. And it certainly does nothing to encourage those groups who are assisted by this ridiculous policy to better themselves.

Of course, Jews were the principal architects of affirmative action policy, as part of their socioeconomic agenda for the U.S. As many of you already realize, affirmative action has been infecting the U.S. economy for several decades and blatantly discriminates against white males.

And people wonder why America has lost its competitiveness?

You aren’t going to have much success competing with the world when you use quotas as a basis for selecting who gets into top educational and job slots.

Incidentally, Jewish groups also created political correctness as a way to silence those who realized the truth because they wanted to create a cover for their crimes.

Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of Jews being promoted to positions they don’t deserve, positions they abuse, positions they use to aid in the theft, fraud and destruction of American society and the U.S. economy, all while establishing complete control over the media so as to control what is said, written and viewed. These activities are the direct result of the overlap of Jewish networking from within the Jewish mafia. See here for the Media’s Role in the War on Terror.

I don’t like discrimination, exploitation and fraud, and I’m sick of it, whether it comes from Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists or whoever. The problem is that you will never see anywhere near the level of control held by Jews from any other group because of the influence of the very powerful Jewish network and it’s connection to the Jewish mafia.

An even bigger problem is that many Jews use their power, money and control to further the interests of Israel, even when this comes at the expense of the U.S. These are the Zionist Jews. These acts are often tantamount to treason.

It is a fact that the Jewish mafia poses as the greatest threat to the U.S. Accordingly, every Jewish American should be viewed as a security risk until proven otherwise. Anyone who is familiar with the power and pervasiveness of Jewish networking and its tie-in to the Zionist element of the Jewish mafia is likely to agree; they just won’t say it because they fear the backlash of Jewish power which has a multitude of ways to attack those who threaten to expose its true nature. Of course Washington sees things in a differently because it remains under tight control by Israel and the Jewish mafia. American Jews would never be viewed as a national security risk because the nation’s intelligence and security agencies are run by Jews.

The situation is similar when we look for criminal indictments on Wall Street. We aren’t seeing these indictments because the SEC, CTFC and Department of Justice are also run by Jews.

Despite overwhelming evidence pointing to complete Jewish control in Washington and elsewhere in the U.S., the American sheeple continue to be fooled by countless smoke screens. For instance, many Americans believe what they have been told by the (Jewish-run) media regarding Obama’s allegiance to Islam, despite the fact that he is a bigger supporter of Israel than many past presidents. This Obama “Muslim loyalty” claim is nothing but a smoke screen propagated by neo-cons as a way to sway votes towards their own fascist candidates, as well to distract attention from the obvious support Obama holds for the criminal Jewish mafia in Wall Street and Israel.

If you want to determine where Obama’s loyalties lie, just count the number of Jews in his cabinet, and those who run government agencies. Next, compare this with the number of Muslims in similar positions (if you can find any). Once again, I point to these articles as evidence pointing to the real power behind Washington. { [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] }

In 2008, it was Goolsbee who informed the Canadian Consulate that Obama’s campaign pledge to restructure NAFTA was nothing more than lip service to attract votes. After proving his ability to deceive, he was appointed to chair Obama’s Council of Economic Losers.


YouTube – Veterans Today –



YouTube – Veterans Today –


In the video below Obama claims he wants to be one of Brazil’s “best (oil) customers.” Yet China has provided billions in investment capital to Brazilian deep water exploration giant Petrobras in exchange for several years of guaranteed oil supplies. Washington has been virtually left out of Brazil’s massive oil find because Washington wanted to protect the profits of U.S. oil companies rather than secure adequate supplies of crude.

Maybe someone needs to remind these treasonous bastards that we are entering the 10th year of war; a useless wasteful war that is not only causing financial strain, but a war that uses a huge amount of crude oil. This is just another example of the hot air Americans have become accustomed to by U.S. presidents.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


YouTube – Veterans Today –


Perhaps the most damning consequence of this reminder of Obama as a failed president and a disgrace to humanity is that many American sheeple will use his persistent failures and flip-flops as impetus to vote for a republican candidate, without realizing that this won’t change a damn thing. I previously discussed this issue here.

For those who think your vote matters, please wake up because you’re embarrassing yourself. As the facts reveal, America continues to be run by a fascist government, where all presidents serve as mere puppets to corporate America, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and Israel. Anyone who does not realize this by now is not likely to realize it in the future. These are the people America’s criminal fascist establishment are counting on. Unfortunately, there are far too many of these misguided and naïve sheep to aid in the continued destruction of the U.S.

Every four years Americans are fed the same BS over and over again. And they receive the same song and dance with each president; Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. Why change your strategy when it still works?

When Americans head to the voting booth, they think their candidate stands for freedom, democracy, liberty, fairness and change. They think their candidate is committed to serving the people. In reality, whether it’s a democratic or republican candidate, their loyalty is to corporate America and Israel. Rather than serving the people, each president dumps on them while supporting their puppet masters.

Thus, there will never be any viable and real remedy to halt the exportation of jobs out of the U.S. because corporations run the show. What else would you expect from a fascist government?

Do you remember Obama’s economic “dream team”? Summers and gang. These guys were a disaster because they are the same criminals who fought tooth and nail to create the problems.

Twenty years ago, the U.S. had a chance. Slim as it was, Ross Perot stood alone as the sole candidate both capable and committed to avert the globalist agenda that have permanently destroyed millions of jobs since.

During his bid for the 1992 presidential election, it was Ross Perot who warned Americans about NAFTA. Of course, America’s Jewish-controlled media partnered with the nation’s fascist government and crime bosses in Wall Street and corporate America to smear Perot in unison with Al Gore.

After having spearheaded the disastrous NAFTA, Gore seeks to make even more money with his fraudulent push for global warming and the carbon tax credit scam. I’m beginning to think Al Gore is Jewish. He certainly has the required credentials.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


Little did Perot realize that NAFTA would serve only as a seed in the forest of globalist enslavement and economic destruction. Under Bush, NAFTA expanded into CAFTA, and then KORUS FTA (Republic of Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement) under Obama.

Perot was the first president I voted for because I felt he was the only candidate qualified to run the nation as a leader rather than a puppet. I also felt he actually cared about the U.S. Since the 1991 election, there has not been a single qualified and honest candidate. As a result, I have not voted since that time. There really is no point in voting when you have no choice.

America’s two-party system is a sham centered on fascism. Thus, those who vote for their choice between a democratic fascist or a republican fascist candidate are actually supporting this destructive criminal political system. Such individuals are actually aiding their own demise.

You can bet that when the fascists bring another puppet into the White House, we will have more FTAs, leading to millions of additional job losses in the U.S. The globalist agenda is of course a primary component of the Jew World Order that has been gaining power for many years now.

It’s the same song and dance. And every four years Americans get duped again. History only repeats when people have not learned from the past.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


We already witnessed the ludicrous reality of Obama’s Jobs Council, headed by the same Jewish criminals who have been sending jobs overseas for years. At this stage, who in the hell does Obama think he’s fooling other than some African Americans who remain blinded by racial loyalty?

What’s truly remarkable is that African Americans have suffered the most from this collapse, yet many of them still can’t see the writing on the wall. They continue to conjure up excuses explaining his failures and flip-flops. It’s shocking how anyone is not able to see that Obama is merely a puppet to Wall Street, corporate America and Israel. At some point, you can no longer feel sympathy for those of sound mind and body who remain naïve, for they are their main source of demise.

As discussed in the February and March 2011 Intelligent Investor…

Despite the improvements made in factory production, this has not led to any appreciable hiring. As you can imagine, jobs continue to be sent overseas. This remains as the largest chronic issue facing the long-term fate of the U.S. economy. And it is not being addressed by Obama.

In response to the nation’s chronic labor problems, President Obama recently appointed several corporate CEOs to form his Job’s and Competitiveness Council. Imagine that, the same guys who have been responsible for sending jobs to Asia and Latin America are now in the driver’s seat to do more of the same.

Let’s have a look at some of the guys in this council.

Jeffery Immelt (Jew), CEO of General Electric: General Electric has been one of the more aggressive outsourcing firms over the years. If you own any GE products, you should check the label to see where they were made. Most likely you will find Mexico, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and other nations. Incidentally, GE recently closed its last light bulb factory in the U.S., sending this facility overseas. It appears as if GE’s slogan, “We bring good things to life” only applies to life outside of the U.S.

Recently, General Electric announced plans to build a $500 million research facility in Brazil focusing on alternative energy.

I wonder how many Americans will be employed there. Probably about as many as are employed in its research centers in China, India and other developing nations.

Kenneth Chenault (Jew), chairman and CEO of American Express: Chenault has already earned his keep to help with the economy. He stated that he is concerned that consumers and small businesses are using only 20 to 25% of their total credit lines. It’s called deleveraging Ken; something all responsible parties do during difficult economic conditions previously fueled by a credit bubble.

Paul Otellini (Jewish puppet), CEO of Intel: Under Otellini’s watch, Intel paid billions in bribes to PC makers in order to try to destroy its competition. Why doesn’t Obama add Bill Gates to the mix to ensure a team of criminal masterminds capable of anti-trust activities?

Steve Case (Jewish puppet), former CEO of AOL and Richard Parsons (Jew), former president of Time Warner: These are the guys responsible for the worst merger in U.S. history (not to mention massive accounting fraud for which Case faced no penalties). Obama may as well add the same Wall Street executives responsible for the global economic collapse to his Jobs Council.


Back to Krueger…

Clearly, Obama’s selection of Krueger to chair his Council of Economic Advisers adds to an already a very Jewish Washington. There are two points I’d like to address in this regard. First, I will discuss the consequence of selecting an establishment economist to this position. Finally, I will point to the relevance of a Jewish appointment from economics academia.

At the most basic level, the appointment of anyone from a university economics or business department to an economic position in Washington serves to only to preserve and maintain America’s fascist regime.

What do I mean by that?

It’s well-known that university business and economics schools operate as boys’ clubs. In short, professors must accept and adhere to economic, trade and monetary theories supportive of America’s fascist regime. Otherwise, they will not stick around in academia for long.

And if they don’t play by the rules in academia, they won’t have many employment options. This is especially true for Ph.D. economists, who basically have three employment options after they graduate: government, academia or Wall Street; all three are connected very tightly. As a fail-safe, if they are unable to land a job in one of these three fields and they are Jewish, they know they will be welcomed with open arms at one of hundreds of think tanks run by Jews.

Keep in mind that in order to become a tenured professor you need to bring in grant money. In reality the quality of much of this research is quite low. In fact, economists and business professors do very little relevant research that can’t be carried out by others. Much of this “research” involves looking at databases of let’s say acquisitions over the past thirty or forty years and determining the number that succeeded, then making some subjective conclusions. Most often, the results point to reinforcement of some economic agenda that has been blessed by the administration in power. This is not real research. Hit the chemistry or physics lab. That’s research.

In short, the premise of economics and business research is most often a farce.

The point is that with rare exception, these guys are not able to create much value from research efforts because their entire field of study is based on subjectivity. As a result, those who play by the rules most often get the big grants.

What are the rules?

Generally, you need to propose research supportive of America’s fascist economic and political system in order to receive grants.

This makes perfect sense once you realize that the majority of research funding for business and economics departments comes from the U.S. government, economic and business council affiliates of the U.S. government and corporate America. As you can imagine, each of these entities is controlled by Jews. If you don’t believe me, research it for yourself. I’m willing to bet anyone $1000 that you can’t disprove this statement.

Furthermore, keep in mind that many business and economics professors seek to be selected to one of numerous government committees and councils so as to increase their perceived credibility and status. This reinforces the boys’ club mentality.

Finally, many business and economics professors have consulting firms which conduct business with corporate America and government bodies. This too serves to reinforce the boys’ club mentality. I’d like to add that I feel it is unethical to run an outside business when you are a full-time university professor. It also represents a conflict of interest. University professors should be focusing on their duties to the university. Thus, professors who engage in outside business activities apparently do not respect their obligations. Such activities point to their greed. In essence, they are sell-outs. And if they are selling out for a few dollars, what makes you think they aren’t paid hacks for Washington when they serve on government-appointed committees?

What’s truly remarkable is that the vast majority of business professors have no professional experience managing assets, running a business or anything else they have been assigned to teach. This is precisely why so many of their former students who go on to work on Wall Street are complete disasters. The same applies to business grads who head for corporate America. How do I know? I’ve dealt with plenty of them from both segments. Quite simply, they have lost their ability to think creativity (assuming they once had this ability). As a result, they are unable to solve real problems; problems that fall outside of the scope of the BS they were fed in business school.

Certainly, I’m not claiming that every theory from economics, finance and business is entirely useless, but most are. And I’m not claiming that everyone who holds a business degree is a mental midget, but most of them are; the vast majority in fact.

For the most part, traditional economics, finance and accounting curriculums taught in U.S. universities stifles creativity and independent thought, while failing to offer very little practical training. In my view, America’s entire business and economics curriculum needs to be revamped from the bottom up.

The best way to learn about business is by doing it. You aren’t going jack from a text book that will help you succeed running your own business. Thus, it’s a waste of time to obtain a business or economics degree unless you plan to work as a criminal in corporate America, Washington or Wall Street. This explains why most individuals with business degrees are dependent on the corporate, government or academic establishment for jobs. After graduating from business, finance, accounting and economics programs, they have acquired no real skills enabling them to run a successful business or manage assets on their own. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, business and economics professors get paid to teach kids financial and accounting trickery, all while arming them with greed and a sense of entitlement with which they use to defraud consumers and investors when they go on to work as grunts in corporate America, management consulting firms, accounting firms, and vultures on Wall Street. It is from this pool of professors that Washington selects its economic advisers.

Every once in a while you will find a business or economics professor who has departed from the boys’ club mentality, but this is a very rare occurrence. Moreover, most often such professors reside at small colleges or else they are pushed aside by department heads, restricting them from teaching important courses and preventing them from serving on important committees.

And you better believe that such “mavericks” only woke up after they received tenure. Otherwise, they would have been axed long ago because nonconforming professors pose a threat to the establishment which is filled with flawed theories and standards of practice.

The Problem with Jewish Networking

The second point of criticism regarding Obama’s nomination of Krueger has much more impact because we are dealing with the Jewish network from within Jewish-controlled academia, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the media and corporate America.

What exactly do I mean by this?

There are times when it becomes very difficult to find a point of distinction between non-Zionist Jews and Zionist Jews because they both take part in Jewish networking. You know; special favors for those who belong to the tribe.

As you can imagine, with Jews in control of virtually everything, if you are Jewish you can get your kid into the best schools, you will get the best job, and you’ll get the highest possible wage, the most promotions and so forth if you work the powerful Jewish network.

In fact, in my opinion the best way to gain the most with the least amount of work is to change your name to Stein. As Americans see what their children face in the future, this might be an option to consider because I can guarantee you economic opportunities will continue to shrink indefinitely.

The problem with Jewish networking is that it is most often taken to extremes. Furthermore, because networking is used as a key resource by the Jewish mafia, it has been the indirect cause of many economic and societal problems in the U.S.

Although one should not assume that all Jewish individuals are implicated in these deceitful, criminal and sometimes treasonous activities, I have found these generalizations apply to a much larger percentage of the Jewish population than other groups due in large part to the effect of very powerful Jewish networking, which often (but not always) intersects with the common goals of both Zionists and non-Zionist Jews.

In theory, the process of describing common behavioral or tribal characteristics of Jew individuals should be similar to that used to describe the same features for Italians, Caucasians, Arabs, etc. However, in practice, things are a bit different. Relative to other groups, there is an added complexity present within the Jewish population due to the fact that Jewish people share a common race (or so they claim), religion and ethnicity. In contrast, all of these common characteristics are not found in other groups. Furthermore, the powerful Jewish networking penetrates every facet of U.S. society, creating inequity and centers of power. When this mechanism has been abused, as it most often is, we see widespread effects. This is where the point of difference stands out the most.

African Americans are generally very different than native Africans residing in the U.S. for a variety of reasons. In many cases, African nationals are very different than Africans residing in non-African nations, such as the UK and Canada, especially when compared to those in the U.S.

In contrast, Jews and Zionists living in the U.S. are generally very similar to those living in Israel and elsewhere, although there are certainly some modest differences. In my opinion, Jews maintain a core level of similarity regardless where they were born or where they reside due to the uniqueness of the Jewish people; specifically, the very strong Jewish network that spans economic, social, educational and political spheres. This network is meant to advance the interests of Jews.

A large component of the Jewish network emphasizes ties to cultural identity, consistent values, and a common racial, religious, ethnic and cultural heritage. These common attributes make Jewish people a very strong and cohesive force. These are the attributes most often leveraged during the Jewish networking process. Those who share these attributes are deemed to be loyal to the tribe. They are the largest benefactors of Jewish networking. Those who do not share a sufficient amount of these attributes are deemed as being disloyal to the tribe, and are not provided with favors by those in the network. This would not be problematic if it were not for the fact that Jewish networking is focused on unqualified enrichment of Jewish people at the expense of others, often by criminal means.

Not by coincidence, the Jewish power that controls nearly every aspect of the U.S. has worked to sever common attributes among Caucasians as a way to weaken this population. And they have used Jewish networking to infiltrate what would seem as non-Zionist-controlled centers of power such as Hollywood and the media. The common perception is that the Jewish media is non-Zionist. In my opinion, this is not at all true. Just look at how the media slants things in favor of Jews and against Arabs. Look at the portrayal of Jews and Arabs in Hollywood. Liberals can be Zionists too. In fact, it is my opinion that most Jews in America are Zionists and they do not realize it.

I am aware that such criticism of Jews and the Jewish mafia opens me up to attack from critics looking to discredit factual statements (or implied logic based on causative associations) by pointing to the racial or religious designation to imply I am attacking the Jewish race or religion. Such a smear tactic is only effective when dealing with an unintelligent audience.

Infiltration by the Jewish Mafia

Once one Jew infiltrates a corporation or other entity, they make sure to support the Jewish network by recruiting more Jews. This assures their ascent to power and money. This is how they build units of power within segmented entities.

And no one is better at reaching out to leverage their power in other industries than Jews. Each of these units of power works with others in different industries and government bodies in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they share confidential information in order to help Israel. Other times, they use insider information for securities fraud. Rarely do they worry about being caught because they have friends in all of the high places, from the legal system to the White House. Ultimately, the power of Jewish networking always prevails over honesty and integrity. This poses as another problem.

Like it or not, these behaviors account for some of the most common reasons why some business owners refuse to hire Jews. They know from experience how they work.

Is this discrimination? I call it risk management.

Discrimination is the preferential treatment of a person based on their group (race, religion, gender, sexual preference). Preferential treatment is a key hallmark of Jewish networking.

Risk management involves preempting problems before they begin, or else managing problems once they materialize.

Through Jewish networking, a small group of Jews has managed to gain a ridiculous amount of power. Like other deviants, they also use money to buy off the right people. The difference is that they have an enormous supply of money due to their control of the banking system, Wall Street, media and entertainment and much of corporate America. In reality, much of this money has been stolen through fraud.

You better believe that if Jews were underrepresented in political office, government power positions, corporate America, Wall Street, the media, think tanks, academia and so forth, they would cry racism. Yet, with Jews overrepresented in key spots in politics and commerce by up to 5000% relative to the general population, you never hear any criticism of this. This is not at all surprising considering the fact that we never hear criticism of the Kosher tax on food and non-food items, especially during a time when 50 million Americans require assistance from the food stamp program.

Revenge of the Jewish Mafia

The mere threat of backlash by the Jewish mafia often silences its critics. For instance, you will never land a job with a major corporation if you discuss the issue I have raised in this article.

But they have many other ways to silence you. Jewish power in the media is able to censor those who speak out on these topics. Such individuals face widespread and permanent ban by the Jewish media, resulting in enormous financial damage for those who rely on marketing or other types of promotion.

In many cases, those who dare point to anything other than greatness from Jews suffer character assault by the hand of the Jewish mafia. This has been the fate of Mel Gibson. This is a prime example of economic extortion.

Can’t you get justice in a court of law?

Who do you think runs the big law firms, and who do you think the big judges are?

This assault on free speech and the use economic extortion by the Jewish media is preposterous. It’s criminal. It’s destroying America while protecting the Jewish mafia. These activities are adding to the growing resentment in the U.S. against the criminal Jewish mafia.

Keep going guys. Soon, the tipping point will come. And I don’t expect the outcome to bode well for those who are guilty of these acts.

America Began its Decline in 1913

It is of no coincidence that the U.S. has been in decline ever since Jews rose to power in the U.S. Perhaps I should remind you that prior to 1913, the highest federal income tax bracket in the U.S. was a mere 7%. That’s right, I said SEVEN PERCENT.

What happened in 1913 and thereafter?

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank was formed through a variety of deceptive tactics engineered in a way that only Jews could manage. The real facts pertaining to the Federal Reserve have been chronicled accurately not by Edward Griffin’s Creature From Jekyll Island as many have been led to believe, but by Eustice Mullins’ in The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

It was Mullins who did all of the original research exposing the criminality of the Federal Reserve. He presented his findings in The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, years before Griffin appeared on the scene. Griffin actually borrowed (and I use that term mildly) the work of the late Eustice Mullins while removing several facts regarding the control of the U.S. by Jewish bankers.

Although he is celebrated as some cult hero among conspiracy theorists, Griffin is a hack who hides the fact that the Federal Reserve is a prominent part of the Jewish mafia. He is similar to the Jewish kids who produced the 9-11 documentary Loose Change, claiming it was an “inside job,” while failing to make mention of the overwhelmingly well-documented evidence of Israeli involvement. Both Griffin’s depiction of the Federal Reserve and Loose Change are perfect examples of controlled opposition.

I cannot say for certain whether Jason Bermas is Jewish. However, Dylan Avery, the key person behind the dis-info documentary Loose Change is Jewish. Let’s have a look at what Bermas has to say to a caller who raises some interesting points. This should give you a good idea why Israeli involvement was never mentioned in the film.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


This might be the biggest failure in running away from the facts I have ever come across. He is clearly rattled and worried. Hey Bermas, get up to speed with your remedial smear tactics kid.

Bermas is just another one of Alex Jones’ puppets.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


In the video above, note how Jones tries to cover up from the well-documented fact that Jewish Rabbis run the world’s largest illegal body parts smuggling ring. Notice also how everyone who is critical of Israel is a Nazi, according to Jones. I suppose when all of your sponsors, as well as your wife and kids are Jewish, that might tend to make you protective.

Yea Alex, you are a big shot. You are a patriot. You have credibility. Praising Kevin Trudeau doesn’t exactly establish credibility. Stating that the Arabs run Hollywood and the stock market doesn’t exactly establish credibility.

Jones is clearly an agent of Zionism. He lies and twists facts to fit his agendas. He also infringes on copyright on a daily basis, stealing from the efforts of those who create content. His purpose is to confuse and distract, all while selling his sheep overpriced gold and doomsday supplies offered by his Jewish sponsors. Jones represents just one of numerous dis-info agents, some who support Zionism, others who act as puppets for financial gain. This list is too long to mention here but I’ll give you a start. In my opinion, every radio host who broadcasts from Genesis Communication Network and Republic Broadcasting Network are dis-info or controlled op. You can add the American Free Press and Jeff Rense (and his puppet guests) to this list as well. Never forget, you are judged by the company you keep.

Jewish Networking by the Jewish Mafia

In its most egregious expression, Jewish networking is used to support the activities of the Jewish mafia. Sometimes the motivations of the Jewish mafia have Zionist agendas. Other times they do not. But in all cases, the intent of Jewish networking serves to promote the interests of Jews in all aspects of life. The problem is that this often punishes others. It creates innocent victims.

The Jewish mafia (Zionist and non-Zionist elements) works together, utilizing each industry and societal component to position its own as heroes and geniuses. Other segments of society such as the legal and judicial system ensure Jewish criminals are not prosecuted for crimes that others would face stiff prison time for.

It is a well-known fact that many American Jews are more loyal to Israel than the U.S. This obviously points to another problem with Jewish networking because leveraging this this powerful network, Zionist Jews are able to easy infiltrate the top levels of government. This is precisely what has happened. Invariably, these Israeli-firsters are responsible for homeland security, the IRS, the FDA, FCC, DHHS, FTC, SEC, CFTC, the FBI, CIA, NSA, U.S. economic, trade and monetary policy, as well as social policy. And of course, they also control U.S. foreign policy.

These are facts which no one can deny. Yet, if you mention these facts you will be branded as a racist, anti-Semite, or a hater; all labels created by Jews.

You know you have created the ultimate mafia when no one can criticize your control or expose your crimes without being chastised. Meanwhile, the Jewish media can celebrate known Jewish criminals without allowing any criticism from the public.

I found it insane that Mel Gibson was thrashed by the media for making statements regarding Jewish involvement in all wars. Anyone who has a clue how thing Jewish banking crooks function knows that there is a great deal of truth to this statement. Gibson made this statement while intoxicated several years ago. But that was just the beginning. Ever since then, the Jewish mafia has been on his ass, looking for every opportunity to destroy his career and make him seem like a wacko, so no one would take anything he says about Jews seriously, of course. Just a couple of years later, the audio tapes were MYSTERIOUSLY leaked into the public domain. Next, Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ari, canned Gibson from the Philip Morris Agency.

Yet, Jewish Hollywood appeals to the public to overturn the guilty pleas of Roman Polanski, a Jewish movie producer who raped a 13-year old girl decades ago and has remained in hiding since. I suppose, if you speak the truth about Jews that will classify you as an anti-Semite. And if the Jewish mafia can ruin your career and ability to earn a living, they will. But if you are a convicted rapist and pedophile, as long as you are a Jew, the Jewish crime bosses in the media will give the thumbs up to the Hollywood puppets to come to your support.

When Polanksi was finally arrest a couple of years ago in Switzerland, Swiss filmmaker Otto Weisser, a Jew stated….

“This is for me a shock. I am ashamed to be Swiss, that the Swiss is doing such a thing to brilliant fantastic genius, that millions and millions of people love his work,” Weisser said upon learning the director had been detained by Swiss authorities. “He’s a brilliant guy, and he made a little mistake 32 years ago. What a shame for Switzerland.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

So in other words, some guy who has done essentially nothing if any real value in his life (unless you consider Hollywood an achievement) is first talked up as if he were Albert Einstein. Next, for his “great accomplishments” we should forgive his “little mistake.” Raping a 13-year old is not a little mistake. It’s a brutal, sick and twisted act of psychopathic inhumanity that should come with severe consequences. Of course, rather than turn Polanski over to U.S. authorities, the Jews in Switzerland bought Polanski’s freedom.

Within days, more than 130 heavyweights in the movie industry had taken up Polanski’s cause. An online petition has been signed by fellow sex pervert directors as Marin Scorsese, Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar, as well as actors. Harvey Weinstein, one of the big Jewish media crime bosses stated on air, “We are calling every filmmaker we can to help fix this terrible situation.”

Folks, this is a typical example of the use of the Jewish power structure within each industry it controls to place each Jew above the law.

I’m sick of this double standard Jewish supremacy bullshit. These people need a reality check.

Do you remember how the Jewish media proclaimed Alan Greenspan as a genius for years?

Do you recall how the Jewish media hyped up Bernanke? Larry Summers?

What about Robert Rubin?

I could names thousands more and still be far from completing the list of criminals who have defrauded shareholders and consumers along with the U.S. economy.

Isn’t it strange how big Jewish investors are always perceived by the Jewish media as investment greats, only to find out later that that have engaged in fraud? Bernie Madoff is but a drop in the ocean of Wall Street fraud that has been dominated by Jews for decades.

If you aren’t sure whether one of these investment “gurus” is Jewish, all you need to do is pay attention to how much the media celebrates their “greatness” and “brilliance.”

Similar to all of the other establishment hacks appointed by Obama and other Jewish-controlled presidents in the past, the Jewish-run media makes certain to pump out establishment-inspired propaganda to fool the people into thinking Krueger is “different” and “cares about the people.” We saw the same thing when Obama nominated Larry Summers to his list of economic advisers.

For instance, in several of the stories reporting on Krueger’s nomination, the journalists (almost all of which were Jews) point to his previous “research” and papers on the effects of chronic unemployment and minimum wage, so as to make the people feel that he is in touch with their problems.

Please do not be fooled by the latest garbage from Obama and the Jewish media regarding Krueger. Establishment economists are like politicians. They are full of hot air, especially when they are from the Jewish network. After all, they have many of their Jewish friends to look out for. These are the people they seek to serve. Remember, actions speak louder than words. As such, Alan Krueger, if approved, is likely do as much to end the nightmare on Main Street as Freddie Krueger did to end the Nightmare on Elm Street.

Once Krueger is in the White House, he is likely to divvy out favors to his Jewish friends in corporate America. And I’m sure Wall Street won’t be left out either. Most likely, after Krueger has proven his ineffectiveness, he will go on to a nice multi-million dollar job with some Jewish-run corporation, either as a consultant or executive in return for having fed wolves.

The Familiar Theme Repeats Yet Again

Is this starting to sound all too familiar?

Why is it that everywhere we turn we see Jews running everything, from the media and Hollywood, Wall Street and corporate America, to the Federal Reserve, think tanks, academia and virtually everything else?

Why does this control always lead to massive fraud, mass manipulation and deceit, always at the expense of gentiles, all while favoring American Jews and Israel?

The vast majority of destructive and reckless economic policies carried out by Washington and the Federal Reserve over the past several years has been headed by Jews. I’ve got a radical idea. Let’s see how America turns out without Jews running the show.

How can Americans allow the Jewish mafia to control their media, as they are told lies about Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Libya and Egypt in order to influence U.S. foreign policy?

Former Obama Chief of Staff and Mossad agent, Rahm Emanuel lighting the menorah at the White House

How can Americans permit the Jewish ACLU to have Christian symbols removed from government property, all while erecting an enormous Jewish menorah on the White House lawn?

Why does the Jewish mafia insist that America opens its borders to illegals and deviants from the third world, all while Israel is permitted to exist for only Jews and no one else?

The answer to these three questions is simple. The Jewish mafia controls the media, governments, banks and commerce of the Western world.

Have you ever wondered why there have been no criminal indictments against Jewish Wall Street after defrauding shareholders and destroying the global economy?

Let’s examine this question closely. Ask yourself how criminals are brought to justice. In cases of securities fraud, the SEC is able to impose civil penalties. For criminal indictments, the SEC goes to the Department of Justice.

Now, do you really think SEC Commissioner Mary Shapiro is going to recommend to the DOJ that Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and thousands of other Jews (and non-Jews) in the network face criminal indictments for securities fraud that destroyed the global economy?

The other manner by which criminals are often brought to justice is through repetitive coverage and demands by the media. For instance, ten years ago during the dotcom implosion, the media became obsessed with Enron and later WorldCom. While each of these cases of fraud certainly deserved widespread media coverage, the fact is that neither company had a thing to do with the hundreds of dotcom scams that resulted in the implosion of the Nasdaq by some 80%.

Instead of sharing airtime with dotcoms and demanding the crooks (many of which were from Wall Street) be sent to prison, the media focused on Enron and WorldCom as a way to distract from the trillions of dollars lost by the dotcom charade.

As a result, due to the repetitive focus on Enron and WorldCom, the public demanded the criminals be sent to prison, and they were. Meanwhile, virtually no one went to prison for their involvement in the dotcom scam; thousands of corporate executives, lower-level employees, Wall Street analysts escaped prison.

Today, we see no such coverage, no such discussion by the media pertaining to the historic criminal fraud committed by Wall Street. Instead, the media has distracted using Bernie Madoff as the sacrificial Jew. He has been used by the media as a distraction away from the real criminals on Wall Street. Remember, Madoff’s Ponzi scheme had nothing to do with the economic collapse. By the way, to give you an idea how these bums think, Madoff’s wife tried to place blame for her husband’s Ponzi scheme on gentiles.

Once again, the Jewish media is protecting its Jewish crime bosses on Wall Street as they have done for decades. As a result, there has not been sufficient public outrage to pressure Washington to send out criminal indictments because Americans are programmed what to think by the media. The grave error that most Americans have made is that they have allowed the media to serve as their guide. If the media is obsessing over Lebron James or Britney Spears, Americans are too.

And now, Jewish-backed and owned social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are poised to usher in the next generation of Jewish media manipulation, unbeknownst to most Americans.

Ironically, one of the biggest villains of the dotcom pump and dump scheme, Henry Blodget a former analyst for Merrill Lynch now runs a media firm with his Jewish friends. It has become the TMZ of financial media, with 90% of the interviews given by Jews, all of which have miserable track records. What’s ironic about this is that after being barred from the securities industry, Blodget did what many Wall Street Jews do. He went to work for the manipulation arm of Wall Street. He never really changed bosses. And he certainly never reformed.

Jews are masters of devising criminal activities. They have practiced this “craft” for centuries. They are also masters of deception and espionage. These are traits that are embedded within the culture. Most likely, there is also a genetic basis involved.   Most Jews are openly proud of their high aptitude for deception and trickery, which in itself offers additional insight into the minds of these individuals.   


YouTube – Veterans Today –


YouTube – Veterans Today –


The low opinion held by some gentiles towards Jews has a very long history. However, for the most part, this sentiment has nothing to do with religion. People could give a damn about religion. They just don’t like to be exploited and ripped off. Period. This explains their “persecution.” 


Masters of Excuse

The Jewish mafia seems to have an excuse for everything to justify their acts of deceit, fraud, lies and treason. Americans have apparently become accustomed to Jewish excuses for fraud, escape from criminal prosecution, and every other crime they commit. Throughout the litany of excuses, Americans continue to permit the complete subjugation by the Jewish mafia and Israel.

Let’s have a look at just a few of these excuses.


“We have suffered for centuries. Never forget the Holocaust.”

Zionist Jews most remind critics of the Holocaust to justify the Holocaust they are committing against Palestinians. Meanwhile, there remains no solid evidence to support the claims made by Jews of the so-called Holocaust, namely the number of deaths (6,000,000 deaths claimed by Jews versus 200,000 reported by other sources) and the mechanism of death (mass execution claimed by Jews versus starvation and disease according to all available evidence). Mysteriously, it is against the law to investigate the Holocaust in Europe. I wonder why.


“The menorah is a cultural symbol so it is permitted to be displayed on White House grounds.”

Coat of arms of Israel

What they failed to mention is that the menorah is also an emblem on the coat of arms of the modern state of Israel, thus signifying a symbol of Zionism, which is appropriately placed on White House grounds, since Zionists control Washington.

Why are the crucifix or nativity scene not considered a cultural symbol? Could it be because Jews were the ones who decided that the menorah was a cultural symbol? Since 2001, the White House has hosted an annual Hanukkah party. This absolutely ridiculous. The U.S. was founded on Christian principals. Hanukkah has no more place in the White House than does Islam. Why is there no Islamic party in the White House? What about the Mormons? What about atheists?



“White nations are racist, so they must accept multiculturalism to help deal with this problem.” …Jewish architects of global destruction.

What they don’t bother to mention is the fact that the U.S. has always permitted multiple races into its borders as a part of the legal immigration process.

Furthermore, multiculturalism seeks to flood advanced white nations with incapable, lazy bums from the third world who will further poison society as they commit crimes and sponge off the welfare system. This is much different than the previous process whereby the U.S. allowed immigrants from the third world who had ambition and wanted to work hard to succeed. Finally, if any nation needs multiculturalism to combat racism, it would be Israel. Yet, Israel is permitted to exist as a single race nation.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


See here and here for more on the multiculturalism agenda.


“He’s a brilliant guy, and he made a little mistake 32 years ago.” Swiss Jew Filmmaker, Otto Weisser on Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13-year old.

And of course raping a child is forgivable if you work in the perverted entertainment industry because you are a vital resource helping to destroy U.S. society. One would have to be completely insane or else an elitist to undermine this hanus crime for any reason.  It’s been well-documented that Jewish Hollywood is filled with wackos, sex maniacs, rapists and pedophiles.   And we all know who runs the porn industry. 


“We are doing God’s work. We’re very important.”  Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs

Statements made by Blankfein, one of Wall Street’s top crime bosses

Yes, it appears that many Jews seem to think they are very important, that they are above the law and they are supreme over gentiles.

The only thing Blankfein got right was when he said, “I know I could slit my wrists and people would cheer.” Indeed we would.


Parting Words

I have one piece of advice for the Jewish mafia, Zionist and non-Zionist members alike.

Take your Wall Street criminal organization and all the fraud that comes with it, take your criminal banks, your criminal Federal Reserve, your lying media, your bought off politicians and other puppets, your globalization trash, your gay and lesbian rights, your Mossad-funded humanitarian front organizations, your socialist think tanks, your hate speech and hate crimes bologna, your pornography industry, and your multiculturalism bullshit back to Israel because we don’t want it in America.

Keep your pawn shops, your banks, your media liars, your corporate and Wall Street criminals in Israel, and let’s see how Israelis like being defrauded, lied to and exploited for a change.

And get the hell out of Palestine. Stop depriving Palestinians of food, water and shelter. Stop stealing their homes and land. Stop murdering innocent people. And go back to your legal borders.

Now, I’m not here to label every Jewish person as a part of this mafia. I know some very good people who happen to be Jewish. They work hard and they are honest people. However, let’s face the facts. Such individuals comprise a relatively small percentage of American Jewry, at least in my personal experience. From what I have seen, the Jews who are good people are Americans first. And while they might utilize Jewish networking, they don’t do so in a manner that’s exploitative.

I could care less about anyone’s religion. I think it’s fair to say that most people care most about one’s character.

If you are Jewish and you are honest, if you hold yourself as American first, if you hate to see people being exploited, then you’re fine in my book. All others will be greeted by their peers when they enter the eternal Gates of Hell.






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