Obama Channels Clinton ” I Feel Your Pain”

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Infowars Nightly News
October 7, 2011

Alex talks about Obama’s effort to channel Clinton with his “I feel your pain” mantra directed at the Occupy Wall Street crowd gathering outside Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. He also talks about “too big too fail” Bank of America’s effort to impose a $5 surcharge on all credit card transactions.

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3 Responses to “Obama Channels Clinton ” I Feel Your Pain””

  1. I think I’ll go down to cancer ward and tell people there, I feel your Pain.
    I figure 10 mins to park the car, 10 minutes at the front desk and
    5 minutes in the ward and I’ll be home in time for Morning Tea.

  2. not a word about stopping his illegal unconstitutional wars in the middle east..
    not a word about government waste and a prison grid police state out of control.
    maybe he needs to “feel the pain” of pepperspray as a baton comes down on his skull.
    maybe all his wealth oughtta be seized then him be jailed for the crime of being made poor.
    do we see HIM being made unemployed and homeless?

    are we supposed to cheer “yaay bungholio!”

  3. Like hell this nggr does!

    He caused this mess. Like his mentor Roosevelt, he turned a short recession into a long depression, thanks to his meddling in the economy and the private sector.

    Like other nggrs, all this nggr knows is panhandling from government.

    He’s never worked in the private sector, never so even signed a paycheck, except to endorse it into his greedy monkey paws.

    Like Catholic Kennedy, it will be a long time before the country is dumb enough to elect another circus freak.

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