Obama Says UFOs Are Real & We Don’t Know What They Are: He’s Probably Lying…

  • The Facts:

    Barack Obama, along with recent mainstream media coverage, recently emphasized that UFOs, or UAPs are real and that the U.S. government does not know what they are.

  • Reflect On:

    When UFOs were a “conspiracy”, the evidence for their existence was strong, yet it was still not accepted. Did you know that the evidence showing UFOs may originate from a non-human life form is also quite strong?

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UFOs have gone “mainstream” in a big way. The U.S. Navy has released multiple videos and pictures of “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (UAPs) as they call it, and the Pentagon has verified this footage to be authentic. It’s unfortunate that footage has to be released and confirmed “authentic” by the Department of Defense for it to be credible in the public eye. This alone shows how reliant humanity has become on these institutions and organizations.

It’s also the reason why humanity’s perception of major global events and controversial topics is open to manipulation. It’s no secret that governments, through their relationship with mainstream media, have attempted to manipulate the perception of the masses on a wide range of issues for “national security” purposes, as they claim. It’s unfortunate that there is simply not enough trust in governments or mainstream media institutions to provide a correct and accurate analysis of major issues. That being said, it’s great to see the phenomenon being legitimized within the mainstream.

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The question is, why would mainstream media actively engage in ridiculing this topic, deeming it a “conspiracy,” for so many years yet now all of a sudden take it so seriously? It’s not like the UAP encounters released into the mainstream are anything new, military encounters with UFOs have been happening for decades. Here’s one of many examples.

Just as there was evidence for the existence of UFOs when they were a considered a conspiracy theory, there is ample evidence suggesting that these objects are not made by humans, at least some of them. This it’s suspicious when someone like Barack Obama goes The Late Show and says that the US government doesn’t know that it’s unknown what these objects are.

We know that governments and military agencies have been studying the phenomenon for at least 70 years. Perhaps “high ranking” individuals are simply adhering to their national security oaths? Perhaps they are simply regurgitating what they’ve been told to say from people who are “in the know.”

What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are. We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so, you know, I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is. Barrack Obama

Next month, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Secretary of Defense will be required to provide the intelligence and armed services committees of Congress with an unclassified report on UAPs, but it’s safe to say that what is actually known about the phenomenon within these circles will remain classified. What we do get from this report will be nothing new to those who have been studying the phenomenon for years.

Evidence suggests otherwise, that it is actually known what some of these objects are, but it depends on your definition of evidence.  Whether it’s examples of, as Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell said, “crashed craft and bodies recovered”, civilian experiences, and even high ranking military personnel sharing what they apparently know, testimony like this never seems to make its way into the public domain. If you’re interested in reading more about UFO crash retrievals, you can do so here.

Sure, military pilots and and political figures are now able and willing to talk about the phenomenon, but this is nothing new. Why is it that those who go deeper  are unacknowledged within the mainstream? Why is it that those who go in depth into the implications on human consciousness, or perhaps supposed evidence that these objects do indeed originate from another non-human intelligence, are never acknowledged properly within the mainstream? Why can’t we take the discussion to the next level and speculate?

What makes one person’s testimony who remains on the “safe” side, simply going as far as saying that these objects are real, more credible than another person’s testimony, of equal or higher rank, going into a deeper discussion into the question and intentions of the intelligence behind the “unidentified” objects? Why do we keep saying “we don’t know” when really, there is more than enough information and testimony out there to have an intelligent discussion and/or speculation? Is it because we have video and pictures of these objects from the government and not pictures of other intelligent life forms? I could see how that may play a role, but again, the testimony from “credible” sources is curious to say the least when they continually express that nobody knows what these objects are. I don’t believe that to be true.

For example, in his very last interview before his death, conducted by director James Fox, Colonel Robert Friend, who from 1958-1962 was a director of Project Blue Book, suggests the U.S. Air Force knew what these objects were. He didn’t quite say what, but it seems as if he was implying that they were extraterrestrial. Mitchell, mentioned above, has done the same.

Colonel Ross dedrickson served the with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission from 1950-1958, his stint there included contract administration duties at Nevada test sites, Pacific Nuclear Test Area west of Hawaii, nuclear weapon manufacturing and quality assurance in Albuquerque, and inspection of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities throughout the country. He retired from the air force in 1962. According to him, various people within the Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force Space Command were well aware of the fact that some of these objects are, according to him, extraterrestrial, and that they are concerned about the preservation of our planet.

Now, there are plenty of benevolent, and what seem to be in some cases malevolent stories associated with this phenomenon and non-human intelligence, and that’s where the discussion needs to go in my opinion. Unfortunately humans want to put everything into a box and label it. This phenomenon is quite large, it leaves no aspect of humanity untouched and goes into quantum physics, consciousness, multiple dimensions, and much much more.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, renowned NASA/Ames research scientist, has also shared the same type of information regarding non-human intelligence, implying that it’s already known that this intelligence is behind the phenomenon.

Despite these examples, and they are a few of many, there is good reason to believe that we are being lied to by mainstream media and governments when they state that they don’t know what these objects are. Sure, there are probably a lot of unknowns that remain, but why they seem to be lying is a different story and discussion. Again, individuals who share this perspective may simply be sharing what they are told, and others may be under non-disclosure agreements and national security oaths that may not be able to go past stating that these objects are real. Perhaps they are sharing what they can, which is great.

My concern is this, by mainstream media and governments are sharing that that they don’t know what these objects are and staying firm in this stance, they can simply continue to keep their secrets as they have done for decades and continue doing whatever it is they do in the black budget world.  It’s another way of saying “here, this is all we know, satisfied?” “National security” in my opinion has become an umbrella term to justify the secrecy of information due to the fact that its disclosure may threaten various corporate, financial and other elite interests, but I don’t know.

Secondly, by sharing that they don’t know what these objects are sets up the government, in the public eye, to find out. The Pentagon has created a new program to study this phenomenon, and they now have, through this program, the ability to relay to the public what exactly they find out and discover. As I said in the beginning, does this give them the ability to paint a perception of the phenomenon that is not accurate or indicative of it’s behaviour? That remains to be seen. If one thing is certain, to me at least, the behaviour of these objects, which have clearly been around a very long time, is not indicative  of any type of threat.

Sure, there may be some perceived air-safety issues and perhaps other issues with regards to approaching these craft, like radiation and what not, but as far as their behaviour goes, for the most part they perform evasive manevuers to avoid our own aircraft. They’ve been observed doing this for decades. In my opinion, based on my research, they are curious and playful when engaging with our air-craft, they clearly do not want to shoot them down like we do.

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