Obama’s Movie, Trilateral Commission Declares 2023 Year One of the NWO w/ Alexandra Bruce

Four months ago, Sarah Westall had me on her show, in early January, after the story I posted about the infrasonic tracks discovered in ‘Leave the World Behind’ went semi-viral.

I had just been fired by AMP and I was losing money, due to being blacklisted by all the major advertising networks and by being price-gouged by a hostile mass email service, the combination of which caused me to lose $50k publishing this website in 2023.

I was so depressed, I told Sarah I thought I’d come to the end of the road with ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net. That after 13 years, this was all I had to show for it: I’d have to become a DoorDash driver to make the rent. I didn’t have the heart to watch this video, let alone post it.

But incredibly, I appear to be making an unexpected comeback!

After my contract with the malevolent mass email company expired in late April and I declined to pay them the $34k/year that they were asking, I found another company with nice people who would take me (despite my non-wokeness) but they were taking forever to set up my new account, so on May 3rd, I started posting on Substack. 26 days later, I broke 1 million views!

It’s so weird to see tangible evidence of how suppressed I’ve been. I think it helps that my name appears nowhere on my Substack.

Not only does Substack charge $0 to send emails to 80k people, they actually PAY you half of the yearly paid subscriptions that you’re able to convert, up front!

And now, I just realized that 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, which is my Chinese astrological sign, so hopefully, things are turning around for me.


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