Odysee is Censoring Me Now

Many people bought into the lie that Bitchute and Odysee were based censorship-free platforms, but both sites are censoring my videos.

I just got this email from Odysee/LBRY saying they took down one of my videos because of a random complaint about “personal information being shared” and revoked my rewards. They didn’t even specify which video they’re talking about.

A few months ago Bitchute blocked my entire channel in the EU and Russia, citing “Holocaust denial” and “hate speech” content.

To view my channel from those countries you have to use a VPN service.

Bitchute has outright banned a number of right-wing channels like Nordic Resistance Movement and Black Crimes Matter.

These sites are better and less censorious than Jewtube and the other main video sites, but they’re starting to censor based content and cave in to spurious complaints from butthurt jews and shitlibs.

Telegram is also going down the tubes. Telegram has allowed Google to censor channels on apps downloaded from the playstore. You have to delete and redownload the app from the official Telegram website now in order to see these censored channels. Telegram itself banned dozens of far-right channels with vague claims that they “promoted violence”.

All of these sites and apps are going to cave to the globohomo jewish mafia eventually. We need to start testing out and using true alternatives to these judeo-marxist controlled platforms that will become nothing more than echo chambers for faggots, negroes and communists like Twitter, Jewtube and Faceberg already are.

Fuck these Bolsheviks!!!


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  1. Can you verify that odysee is still owned by deepstate google?

    Here’s what happened to me:
    1.) I created a masonry projects category (videos of my masonry) and everything was working fine, uploads were quick, no problems.
    2.) So then I created a computer repair category and again, everything went well.
    3.) Surprisingly all was well with my political category also.
    4.) However I have a “law and order” category where I expose with evidence the clark county municipal court sham and although I have had my suspicions that springfield government may be hacking or have hackers within the local spectrum office, this category bombed so badly.

    It was like somebody hit a switch and now “resolving” and page errors have completely broken the site to such a degree that I now am in the market for yet-another video hoster (cannot and will not do youtube or any google affiliate). In fact I went into my hosts file and made it so google and youtube resolve to my own local domain website!!!!

    Again, can you verify that in 2023 that odysee is owned by google? I would find it surprising but did hear that google used to own it.

    Man, remember when the internet was like a joyful gift from god (until the government and corpo-interests took it over and broke everything)?

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