Only 5000 Congolese Accept COVID-19 Vaccine out of 90 MILLION



In Congo, only 5000 out of about 90 million have taken up the offer of a COVID-19 vaccine. Why? African trust in vaccines is almost at zero. They are saying that the vaccines not only kill people but the vaccines are sources of spreading viruses. Seems like the Africans are more intelligent than the gullible European sheep of today who would trust everything they are being told.

Looks like trust is becoming a disease in direct conflict with survival mechanisms Europeans have. Many in the West INSIST on declaring that they are NOT anti-vaccine even after family members have died or they themselves have been crippled because of the vaccines. We have reported numerous cases like that.

Perhaps the good, altruistic, trusting part of the Western society is now finally being weeded out as they are piling up to take the jab while the more critical thinking people who question and have doubts sit this one out. What will be left after this, should a more cold, calculated and skeptical Europe as the trusting dumb element of society is dying out, with 10570 Europeans already KILLED by the vaccines according to official EudraVigilance data. Who are those people killed? It’s definitely not nationalists, it’s dumb liberals. So don’t cry too much after them, it was their choice, let them be…

Many applauses for the Africans though and keep in mind that this vaccine fear is not just in DR Congo but also in other African countries. In the video they are saying that as the Congolese refuse to get injected, the Congo government is donating millions of jabs to neighboring countries like South Sudan, Cameron but they too are refusing to get injected.

Good job on Africa for being what we are not, here’s from Al Jazeera:

Africa has received 32 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, about 18 million have made it into people’s arms.

Growing vaccine scepticism in Africa means doses that are available are either being destroyed or given away.

UN officials say launching a rapid vaccine drive in countries where it takes decades to inoculate children against diseases like measles or yellow fever is a challenge.

The COVID variant first detected in India has been found on the African continent but without enough vaccines available and few vaccinated, the fear is the situation can only get worse.

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