Oppenheimer was a Fraud

It’s the same old same old. It’s well worth a look too, whether you agree or not then, his writing is often very funny. He really does have a good turn of phrase and I had several lol moments in this essay


“And I don’t mean the movie. Like the Manhattan Project itself, J. Robert Oppenheimer was a complete
and utter fraud.

You can buy books and look for inconsistencies, but it isn’t really necessary. I can prove my point
straight from Wikipedia, saving you a lot of money. His Wiki page was written by the mainstream
historians and academics, edited by the usual university and Intelligence flunkies, so let’s start at the
top. We are told his father came to the US in 1888 with few resources, no degrees and no money,
knowing no English. The usual lie coming from these people. There is no evidence of that and a lot of
evidence against it, starting from his genealogy, where we find these Oppenheimers were related to all
the top Jewish families of Europe, including the Kahns (Kohens), Binswangers, Goldsmiths, Rothfelds,
Sterns, Kaufmanns, and so on. In the new movie, we see Oppenheimer telling Strauss he already knew
Einstein, and that is because they were cousins. They are all from this extended family of rich Jewish
bankers and top rabbis, and these are the same Oppenheims/Oppenheimers that were billionaires in
South Africa. Hard to believe they even try to break that link. As for these particular Oppenheimers, J.
Robert’s grandmother was a Rothfeld, and her family owned Rothfeld Stern and Co, a big textile
company that opened operations in New York City in 1888. So it is admitted the family was already
swimming in money. Poor Jews don’t get off the boat and start big textile companies with no resources
and no money. Especially when their name is Oppenheimer and they are related to Kohens,
Goldsmiths, etc.

But the bios have to hide this because they need you to think little Opie proceeded on genius. They
can’t have you realizing that, like all these other promoted people, he advanced on a series of byes,
being appointed to a line of positions not based on any talent, but on his family connections. Think of
another cousin, Ludwig Wittgenstein, who may be the ultimate example of this. Except that they pretty
much admit it in his case. He came from a billionaire family and bought himself into many universities,
including Cambridge. In fact, the comparison is very tight because, like Wittgenstein, Oppenheimer
wasn’t just a fraud, he was a clinically insane fraud, and it actually took a lot of effort to prevent that
from completely exploding his mainstream bio. They admit that in the movie in one of the first scenes,
where he nearly murdered an early professor by poisoning an apple. Minus nearly killing Bohr, that
actually happened, and Oppenheimer was booted out of Cambridge for it, having to go to Gottingen
instead. Only the fact that he was so wealthy saved him from prosecution. His father intervened.”


Source: http://mileswmathis.com/oppen.pdf


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