Orban Cucks Out, Whines About Brexit

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2016


No Britain, stay in the EU, because… well… the flag is nice, I guess? And also, we need your shekels.

Whenever we cover Hungary, we make a point to mention how their PM Viktor Orban is doing all this cool anti-immigration stuff, but doesn’t threaten to leave the EU or even talk about it much.

The reality is that the migrant crisis can’t be completely stopped unless the nation leaves the EU. The EU is a monstrous Jewed-up communist organization which is doing everything to destroy Europe racially, politically and economically. It motivates it’s members to stay by giving them loans and handouts.

EU hydra redskullv2EU hydra redskullv2

The EU is basically a Jewed-up version of Hydra.

The fact that Orban would condemn Britain for wanting to leave it shows he doesn’t truly love western civilization, but is instead merely pandering to his very right-wing population to remain in power.

First Post:

Hungary’s controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban will publish an open letter in British media this week urging Britons to vote to remain in the European Union, his government said on Sunday.

The appeal by the populist Orban, who has himself been fiercely critical of the EU, will be published on Monday, Orban’s spokesman Zoltan Kovacs announced on the government’s website.

The fact is, Britain leaving the EU would negatively impact Hungary’s gibsmedats. Britain is one of the economic powerhouses in the EU, while Hungary has poor financial and economic conditions.

“The Hungarian government is often accused of being anti-European but this current ‘pro-Europe’ gesture shows how much we believe in the European Union’s achievements, even if we have different views on the continent’s future,” Kovacs said.

The Jew always gets the White man with lures of gold and luxury. The EU scheme is very much the same. Poorer eastern European nations are drawn in with promises of loans and access to foreign markets, but they must submit to the dildo in order to earn those privileges.

We need strong leaders who are ready to reject this short term material benefit for the long term spiritual health of their people.


We must never sacrifice this for mere shekels.

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