Organization Forms In Cherokee County – To Move Away From GOP?

By GA Record Staff

April 14, 2023

The Cherokee County Republican Coalition started this week – but why? Is Kemp getting nervous given the newest Presidential polls?

Governor Kemp, We Don’t Need A “Reset.”    We’ll Keep Our Families, Our Faith, And Our Freedoms, Thank you. 

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In the past 24 hours, The Georgia Record has received several reports of a new organization forming in Cherokee County.  This new group, known as the Cherokee County Republican Coalition, has apparently begun operating with the intent to separate from the traditional GOP.

Readers will recall that in March, the Cherokee County GOP elected a full slate of America-first candidates.

Fulton County, Spaulding, Forsyth, Chatham and other Counties had very similar outcomes. Approximately a week later, some legacy GOP members attempted to overturn the results of the election but withdrew their attempt when delegates discovered the plan and began removing their names from their petition.

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Sources aware of the new organization note that Brian Kemp was recently quoted as telling some of his big donors: “we can no longer rely on the traditional party infrastructure to win in the future.”

The quote comes from his remarks during the  Georgians First Leadership Committee, a fundraising vehicle created by a Kemp-backed law that can tap unlimited contributions.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Kemp would look for greener pastures…. many will remember Kemp’s often cold reception during the 2022 Governors race, in a number of instances actually getting booed during campaign events.

The timing for the formation of the new Cherokee County Republican Coalition seems to be notable given that Cherokee along with a number of Counties voted in slates of America-First candidates during the GOP County Conventions in March.

One GOP delegate wondered, “Why would Kemp take the time and effort to form a different organization when he claims to support the GOP platform?”  “How does this sync with a law allowing unlimited fundraising?”

The new organization is said to be led in part by a candidate who lost during the Cherokee County GOP convention.   One loss however seems hardly cause for starting the equivalent of a new party. A check of the Georgia Secretary of State’s site shows that the Cherokee County Republican Coalition, Inc. was formed on April 6, 2023.

The Georgia Record will continue to track and report on developments with this and potentially other “break-away” organizations.


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