Orson Welles’ "War of the Worlds"– Illuminati Psy Op?

by L C Vincent


Hardly a month goes by when society is not subject to some psychological (or real) attack, whether it be false flag terror or white knuckle warmongering. These attacks are orchestrated by the Illuminati and trumpeted by their private house organ, the mainstream mass media. 

A  classic early example of these psy ops was the 1938 “War of the Worlds” broadcast which created “accidental” and “unfortunate” panic
and hysteria throughout the United States. Listeners tuned in to
what they thought was a real invasion by Martians. It was funded indirectly by the Rockefeller Foundation through the  The Princeton Radio Project, and guided at every stage by members
of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Actor Orson Welles, the creator of the program and the “news
announcer” of this infamous broadcast, later apologized for the hysteria
this radio show created. The Princeton
University Radio Project, under supervision of psychologist Dr. Paul F.
Lazarsfeld,  Frank Stanton (later head of CBS Radio and
Television) and Dr. Hadley Cantril, hired Orson Welles to adapt H. G.
Wells’ fiction book “The War of the Worlds”  to the radio format in
order to study the behavior of citizens under panic conditions. 


only was the panic created by a fictional Martian invasion the night
before Halloween anticipated by its producers, the program was purposely crafted
to create terror. 

This very first electronic mass media “psy-op” was heard by 6
million people, 1,700,000 of whom believed the broadcast to be genuine,
and 1,200,000 of whom were frightened enough to take action — either by
running away or preparing to fight the invaders.  Later, when the truth was revealed, Welles apologized repeatedly.   The idea of using an interrupting
news-bulletin in the middle of what seemed like regular music
programming was deemed excessively cruel, manipulative and deceptive.  

It has been reported that Welles even received death threats from the
Rockefellers should he ever reveal that the “unforeseen”
reaction to this broadcast was precisely what the perpetrators had hoped
to achieve and analyze,  demographically, psycho-graphically and

This secret test was used to judge susceptibility to phobias, fatalism and the fear of war. 
Members of the general public were later interviewed and their reactions were paired against such variables as religion,
education, year and make of car, reading materials, job security, etc. 
Cantril later wrote a paper entitled:  “The Invasion from Mars — A
Study in the Psychology of Panic.”
  Cantril’s study examined the power
of the radio broadcast media and its effects upon a population under the
direct influence of fear.


This first electronic stress test was just in time for the dawn of the age of television.  Only two years later, again with
Rockefeller Foundation money,  Dr. Hadley Cantril established the Office of Public
Opinion Research at Princeton.  Among the studies conducted by the OPOR
was analyzing the effectiveness of propaganda produced by the forerunner
of the CIA, known as the OSS (Office of Strategic Services.)

During WWII, Edward R. Murrow, also a CFR member, was paid
by the Rockefeller Foundation and Dr. Cantril to monitor Nazi radio
propaganda and judge its effectiveness.

From this project sprang the FBIS (Foreign Broadcast
Intelligence Service) which eventually became the US Information Agency,
used by the National Security Council as its chief disseminator of
propaganda after WWII.

After leaving CBS, Frank Stanton became the Chairman of the RAND
Corporation, an extremely influential government think tank, which
researched among other topics, mass brainwashing of an unsuspecting
public through the mass media.

At the end of the original radio broadcast of “The War of the
Worlds” the announcer (Welles) is no longer heard; instead, the voice of
a field artillery commander comes on the air, repeatedly calling the
code:  “2X 2L calling CQ… 2X 2L calling CQ… is there anyone on the

The “2 X” can easily be thought of as a “double cross” (two X’s
or crosses); the “2L” is easier — To Hell.  Or Together, “Double Cross
to Hell.”  Quite an appropriate way to end a fake broadcast featuring a
hoaxed alien invasion from Mars created to terrify the citizenry of the
United States in order  to measure their reactions to artificially
induced stress, like laboratory insects under the microscope of the
Council of Foreign Relations for their hidden masters — The Illuminati.


Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/famous_media_psy-ops_orson_wel.html

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