Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. – John 8.44

“I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.” Rev 3.9

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2.9

"But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come." Matthew 3:7

"I and my Father are one,[31] Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him. JOHN 10:30-31

For you, brothers and sisters, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea, for you suffered the same things from your own compatriots as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out; they displease God and oppose everyone by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. Thus they have constantly been filling up the measure of their sins; but God’s wrath has overtaken them at last. - Thessalonians 2:14-16

GOD cursed the Satanic Jews out of Jerusalem for life. Jesus arrived and focused on Jerusalem because it was the most unholy, evil, place on earth... still is today.

The Nomadic Turks (ashkeNAZIS) have been behind all the Evil in the world since Cain's children... using their News Networks to create the News, and set the stage, to blame their opponents, for everything evil they do, across the globe.

Jewish Communist Dictum:- "Accuse the enemy of those crimes you are guilty of"


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution... for more control and power.

Islam and Christianity have become servants of the Jews. Acting as physical and spiritual cattle for the Jews to harvest in building their Global Satanic Kingdom.

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Semite Israelite Aegean identity, did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist by our Jewish Governments... to keep us in fear, and to justify raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent families in every country for power and control...for their 2 horned Gods.

Every Religion Church and Mosque has been infiltrated by the Jews. How do you know? ... if your Church has not discussed the below phrases by Christ... then it has been compromised.

Letter to a Governing Body | Our government, our workplaces, our organizations are demanding that its citize ns accept a 300-percent increased risk of adverse events—including death—in exchange for les s than a 1-percent risk reduction of contracting flu renamed COVID

Letter to a Governing Body
OffGuardian / Editor

Margaret Anna Alice
Note: This letter was adapted from my Letter to the Washington State Board of Health so it can be used for legislators, policymakers, boards, employers, or any others involved in making decisions related to COVID-19. Several of my readers are already using it in their efforts to combat employer mandates. If you use this tool, I just ask that you include credit and link back to this post. I’d love to hear about it if you are willing to document your actions in the comments, too.


“Everything went strictly ‘by the book,’ using means that were permitted by the constitution. At first there were ‘emergency decrees’ by the president of the Reich, and later a bill was passed by a two-thirds majority of the Reichstag giving the government unlimited legislative powers, perfectly in accordance with the rules for changing the constitution.”Sebastian Haffner, Defying Hitler

I am writing because you are considering legislation or policies related to COVID-19.

Although this letter is addressed to a governing body, I am actually writing to you—you, the living, thinking, feeling individuals who comprise this body.

I am asking that you listen not in your capacity as a member but as a fellow human being, as a neighbor, as a friend.

For nearly a year, you have been gradually conditioned to view the unvaccinated as enemies. You have been subjected to a relentless propaganda campaign designed to divide you from us; to dehumanize us; to paint us as science-deniers, conspiracy nuts, spreaders of disease, and threats to society.

“Men under pressure are first dehumanized and only then demoralized, not the other way around. Organization and specialization, system, subsystem, and supersystem are the consequence, not the cause, of the totalitarian spirit.”
Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933–45

The United States Holocaust Museum describes this process as “Defining the Enemy: The Excluded”:

“One crucial factor in creating a cohesive group is to define who is excluded from membership. Nazi propagandists contributed to the regime’s policies by publicly identifying groups for exclusion, justifying their outsider status, and inciting hatred or cultivating indifference.… But a second, more sinister aspect of the Nazi myth was that not all Germans were welcome in the new community. Propaganda helped to define who would be excluded from the new society and justified measures against the ‘outsiders.’”

Regardless of what the propagandists have told you, we are not your enemies. We are your neighbors; we are your colleagues; we are your friends; we are your family members—your grandparents, your parents, your siblings, your children.

We are human beings just like you. We love, we live, we think, we feel.

We have merely made a different choice from you. And contrary to what the propagandists tell you, that choice poses no threat to you or our shared community.

This CDC paper (“Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings — Barnstable County, Massachusetts, July 2021”), explains that the study found “three-quarters of cases occurred in fully vaccinated people”:

“It also found no significant difference in the viral load present in the breakthrough infections occurring in fully vaccinated people and the other cases, suggesting the viral load of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons infected with the coronavirus is similar.”

New stories documenting COVID outbreaks in fully vaccinated groups keep emerging, including cruise ships such as the MS Europa, MS Europa 2, Mein Schiff 6, and Aidanova.

While reporting on a third Royal Caribbean cruise ship outbreak, this Miami Herald article notes:

“The CDC reported there were 5,013 confirmed COVID-19 cases on cruise ships between Dec. 15 and 29, compared to just 162 cases in the two weeks prior, Nov. 30 to Dec. 14.

“According to the CDC’s database for COVID-19 on cruise ships as of Wednesday, all 92 cruise ships currently sailing in U.S. waters had people on board infected by COVID-19.”

After Puerto Rico health insurer Mmm Multi Health lost a court case that struck down their mandate and restored employees’ rights to decide about what would be injected into their bodies, the company instituted segregation: one building housed fully vaccinated employees, while the second building housed unvaccinated employees.

Guess which building experienced a COVID outbreak—and which one didn’t? It’s the opposite of what the media tells you. In this perfect real-world case control study, the building with the fully vaccinated employees suffered an outbreak, while the unvaccinated remained protected by their natural immunity, which has been proven superior to vaccination by 145 research studies to date.

And then consider this scenario at an Antarctica station: “100% vaxxed. 100% remote and quarantined. Still, covid outbreak in 2/3rds.”

I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, but what about the hospitals being overwhelmed by the unvaccinated?”

Well, big surprise, you’ve been deceived about that, too.

At a regional New York hospital serving a community with an under–50-percent vaccination rate, “90% of the individuals admitted to [the] hospital were documented to have received this vaccine.”

The latest UK data reveals that vaccinated individuals comprise the majority of all hospitalizations and deaths in the over-50 group, a pattern that is becoming increasingly common.

If the vaccine does not prevent people from spreading or contracting COVID; being hospitalized; or dying from COVID, what possible justification can you provide for instituting policies such as mandating the COVID-19 vaccine, requiring vaxxports, or detaining individuals and families in quarantine facilities?

And that’s only part of the story. The other part of the story—the one the propagandists don’t show you—is the CDC’s vaccine surveillance system has just surpassed a historic 1 million adverse event reports (1,016,999 as of 12/31/21) for the COVID vaccines, including 21,382 deaths—5,252 of which occurred within the first forty-eight hours following injection.

Contemplate that for a moment—nearly a quarter of reported deaths occurred within the first two days after vaccination.

Using Pfizer’s own six-month data, this Canadian COVID Care Alliance presentation and the accompanying PowerPoint slides demonstrate that the COVID-19 vaccinations cause significantly more harm than good.

Indeed, Pfizer’s data shows the absolute risk reduction from its vaccine was only 0.84 percent, whereas there was a 300-percent increase in risk for adverse events.

Let me repeat that. Our government, our workplaces, our organizations are demanding that its citizens accept a 300-percent increased risk of adverse events—including death—in exchange for less than a 1-percent risk reduction of contracting COVID.

Does that risk-benefit ratio sound reasonable to you? Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are gambling with our lives—at zero-percent risk of liability thanks to their FDA-issued emergency use authorizations.

A recent article, “Risks of Myocarditis, Pericarditis, and Cardiac Arrhythmias Associated with COVID-19 Vaccination or SARS-CoV-2 Infection,” published in Nature Medicine revealed that 1 in 100 of all vaccinated individuals “were admitted to the hospital or died with arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat”:

Of the 38,615,491 vaccinated individuals included in our study, 385,508 (1.0%) were admitted to hospital with or died from cardiac arrhythmia at any time in the study period (either before or after vaccination); 86,754 (0.2%) of these occurred in the 1–28 days after any dose of vaccine. Of those who were admitted or died 39,897 (10.3%) had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test, with 29,694 (7.7%) having a positive test before vaccination. There were 7,795 deaths with cardiac arrhythmia recorded as the cause of death (1,108 had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test).”

Written by CDC and FDA authors, a recent paper, “COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Children Aged 5–11 Years — United States, November 3–December 19, 2021,” indicates adverse events were underreported in VAERS by a factor of 6.5.

This underreporting factor is likely even higher given the immeasurable pressure being put on hospitals, physicians, and medical professionals not to fulfill their legal obligation to file VAERS reports for those who are injured or who die following injection.

It is estimated that as many as 388,000 Americans may have died due to the COVID vaccines to date. All-cause mortality has remained consistently elevated in 2021 as compared with 2020.

Recently, the CEO of an Indiana life insurance company reported a 40-percent increase in mortality in the 18–64 age group during 2021—the first year of an unprecedented experiment in global mass vaccination.

For those of us who cannot comprehend the monumental scale that spike in mortality represents, statistician Mathew Crawford puts it in layman’s terms:

Davison described a 10% increase in mortality as a 3-sigma (standard deviation) event, so that makes 40% a 12-sigma event. That’s statistics talk for how far from ordinary unusual events are. For clarification, a three-sigma event should happen around once every 300 or so years and a six-sigma event should happen once every 300,000 or so years.

We’re talking about the proportion of the area under a normal curve that is shaded in proportion to the total area. We would really need to zoom in on it quite a bit to detect with the naked eye.

A 12-sigma event is where geeky statisticians who have seen enough tables to know the round-numbers by heart have to look up the capacity of their software package to see if it’s well enough powered to perform the calculation.

Whatever it is, it’s far more likely that an asteroid collides with Indiana tomorrow, ejecting 400 basketball-sized fragments as it falls that each make a perfect swoosh through the nets in every cornfield basketball hoop in the Hoosier state two seconds before destroying all of human civilization (really, I computed that in my head).

And if you’re thinking, surely, COVID deaths dropped following the mass vaccination rollout, well, that’s false, too. According to WebMD, 2021 COVID mortality rates had already surpassed 2020 rates by November.

In an impassioned video, Thai-German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi discusses the autopsy findings he and German Professor of Pathology Arne Burkhardt published in “On COVID Vaccines: Why They Cannot Work, and Irrefutable Evidence of Their Causative Role in Deaths After Vaccination.” Out of the fifteen post-vaccination corpses autopsied, all but one were proven to have been caused by the COVID vaccines.

Given the skyrocketing risk for death and injuries after injection with these products, again I ask, how can you defend coercing people to take it—let alone children?

The inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone has issued a strident plea to immediately halt the injection of children with the COVID-19 vaccines, a fervent message he also delivers in this video.

This living bibliography compiled by Dr. Malone cites peer-reviewed references documenting “COVID-19 Vaccination Adverse Events That Could Harm Children”—currently 140 and counting.

And children are dying after vaccination—possibly as many as 800 so far. As of December 21, 2021, seventy-one dead children under 18 have been logged in VAERS.

“More children die from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself,” one Louisiana nurse told lawmakers. “We are potentially sacrificing our children for fear of maybe dying, getting sick of a virus, a virus with a 99% survival rate.”

And these children have names — like three-year-old Ámbar Suárez, who died of a heart attack the day after her injection.

And thirteen-year-old Jacob Clynick, who died of cardiac arrest three days after his Pfizer shot.

And sixteen-year-old Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who died of an enlarged heart—more than doubled in size—five days after vaccination.

And twelve-year-old Sara Jessica Blattner, who made this heartrending video five days before her death.

And this twelve-year-old German boy, who died two days after his second injection, which his autopsy proved was the cause of death.

And these two fifteen-year-olds, who were illegally injected before the Pfizer and Moderna emergency use authorizations were issued.

Are you willing to kill 117 children to save one from COVID? Because that is the number needed to vaccinate (NNTV) to prevent one COVID fatality in the age 5–11 group based on this analysis.

What you will find—if you remove the blinders Big Media and Big Tech have placed over your eyes to shield you from the gruesome reality unfolding outside the telescreen—is that the science (the actual science, as opposed to the pharmaceutical-funded $cience™) proves the COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Oh, and by the way, did you know there are no FDA-approved vaccines being administered in the United States? That’s right, we were hoodwinked by BigPharma, yet again. The Pfizer product the FDA approved on August 23, 2021, is Comirnaty, which is unavailable in the United States, where the unapproved version is still being injected so BigPharma can enjoy the blanket protection guaranteed by their emergency use authorizations.

If, however, the vaccines are given to children, pharmaceutical corporations gain greater protection from liability under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which:

provides a legal liability shield to drug manufacturers if they receive full authorization for all ages.”

Now do you understand why the pharmaceutical companies have been pushing these injections on children, even though all evidence shows they are all risk and no reward?

Do you want your names to go down in history as being associated with forcing children to be injected with a product that has already been demonstrated to cause serious harm during its brief existence?

How will you feel if a child dies because of your decision? How will you feel if children suffer lifelong injuries? How will you feel if your child becomes a casualty of this trillion-dollar experiment on humanity?

If freedom, justice, and truth prevail, the history books will record the names of those who chose to collude with tyrants, and your name will be on that list—unless you summon the courage to join with us in resisting the totalitarian imposition of isolation camps and forced COVID vaccinations.

As the United States Holocaust Museum notes:

“During the Holocaust, the creation of ghettos was a key step in the Nazi process of brutally separating, persecuting, and ultimately destroying Europe’s Jews. Jews were forced to move into the ghettos, where living conditions were miserable. Ghettos were often enclosed districts that isolated Jews from the non-Jewish population and from other Jewish communities.”

In They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933–45, Milton Mayer discusses the gradual progression of totalitarianism in a once-free nation:

This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.”

“‘Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ that no ‘patriotic German’ could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.”

Writing in the shadow of the brutalities of the Third Reich, Mayer implores us:

“Many, many times since it all happened I have pondered that pair of great maxims, Principiis obsta and Finem respice—‘Resist the beginnings’ and ‘Consider the end.’ But one must foresee the end in order to resist, or even see, the beginnings.”

Are you starting to see yet? Isn’t your gut telling you something is cuttingly, bitterly wrong with creating a class of Untermenschen, curtailing their access to necessities, penalizing them, bullying them, and relegating them to a ghetto?

As James M. Glass writes in Life Unworthy of Life: Racial Phobia and Mass Murder in Hitler’s Germany:

When an entire society, particularly its professions, radically transforms the meanings of right and wrong and then lives by those inverted meanings as part of normal day-to-day events, they cannot be excused from accepting responsibility for the consequences of their actions.”

Watch this video of a CVS pharmacist being questioned for distributing the vaccines without providing informed consent, and you will witness an individual painfully, honorably coming to terms with the knowledge that he has been violating the Nuremberg Code and his professional code of ethics.

He no longer has plausible deniability. And now, neither do you.

If you pass discriminatory or coercive legislation, you will be remembered for your complicit cowardice—and you will not be excused from accepting responsibility for your actions.

If you choose humanity over authoritarianism, if you choose community over division, if you choose freedom over enslavement, you will also be remembered, but in a different way.

You will be remembered for your heroism in the face of formidable political, social, and historical pressures rivaling those weathered nearly a century ago.

You will be remembered for leaping to fulfill the challenge issued by Elie Wiesel:

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.”

Let us link arms and join with Five Times August in singing, “I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly”:

Margaret Anna examines propaganda, neuropsychology, culture, linguistic programming, and mass control in her aim to awaken the sleeping before tyranny triumphs. Visit her blog to read more of her work or buy her a coffee.

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Paul Stramer / Paul Stramer (

By Anna Von Reitz

In the world of commerce everything is negotiable. Everything.

Any offer is possible, no matter how big, how small or how outrageous.

Remember The Three Musketeers?

I offer to cut off your head.

You offer to cut off my head and feed it to your dog.

I offer to cut off your head, feed it to my pigs and hang your naked decapitated body at the nearest crossroad….

And on and on like this. Mostly it’s just talk of a wild and intentionally inflated form, full of threats and wheedling and counter-threats and more wheedling.

But when fraud is involved and things that actually cause harm to people, all this offer and counter-offer politesse turns ugly and things get dicey.

I am afraid we are entering the ugly stage.

Today’s patchwork of military disinformation and scuttlebutt (more butt than scuttle) includes the following:

1. Joe Biden’s Administration hired 20,000 Mercenaries to go in and try to topple the Ukrainian Government—- unsuccessfully.

2. To prevent war with Russia over this and restore normal diplomatic relations with Ukraine, Biden and Harris have been removed and —get this— Al Gore has been inaugurated as “President” in place of Biden, and the rationale is that this is okay, because the 2000 Election was stolen from Gore by the Bush organization.

This reflects rival elements in the military fighting with each other and trying to jockey into a position of plausible authority in the public’s eye.

The Dem Lobby that is smart enough to know that Joe-the-Thug has gone too far are trying to pull their coals out of the fire and trying to find excuses for doing it.

But—- “Al Gore won the 2000 Election so he is the rightful President now!”—— really?


We can believe that Gore was cheated out of the 2000 election by the Bush Machine. That’s believable enough.

But it doesn’t matter now because then was then and now is now and the Dem Party didn’t run Al Gore for President in 2020.

They could have, but didn’t.

So they are stuck.

Another reason — and ultimately the real reason this Pentagon Pigeon won’t fly, is that there hasn’t been a valid public election in this country since 1852.

So from our standpoint as Americans it’s all nonsense.

Our Federal Employees have been substituting their private corporate shareholder elections for our public elections for 170 years, committing fraud and breach of trust against their American Employers and usurping our lawful government the whole time.

So, it does not matter which pirate cheated what other pirate out of which shareholder election to us.

My Grandmother’s response to politicians applies to pirates, too—- “Red pigs, white pigs, blue pigs— they are all pigs.”

What matters is that we recognize the fraud and disservice and usurpation for what it is.

It’s interesting to see that the military has split into three factions and they are now fighting among themselves trying to regain control of the situation.

The NATO/UN error in choosing Joe Biden as their candidate is self-evident. So is their attempt to pull Al Gore out of the rag bag and find a plausible excuse for removing Biden and voila! — replacing him with Gore.

The tawdry nasty nature of the quasi-Communist agenda pushed by Biden and Harris is also self-evident, along with the Chinese backing that influenced the NATO/UN choice of Biden in the first place.

And then, coming along in the closet, is Donald Trump—- who is the only decent business brain in the room.

For many Americans looking at the three choices it’s a choice between Yuck One, Yuck Two and Yuck Three.

And for ALL of us who aren’t Federales in the first place, it’s a non-choice because we don’t have a dog in the fight.

People are hard-wired to choose when presented with two options, so many Americans get seduced into participating in these foreign corporation “elections” because (1) they aren’t made aware that these are not public elections, and (2) they appear to have two choices and feel compelled to make a choice because of their neural net programming and (3) their own public elections aren’t available for them to vote in—- not yet.

Until then, let me make it simple for everyone to see what is going on with these foreign for-profit governmental services corporations and their candidates.

The most recent NATO-UN-EU candidate for “President” of “the” United States, Inc., Joe Biden, was promoted and pushed by Chinese influencers —but he isn’t working out.

So the NATO-UN-EU, led by a miffed France, is now trying to change their own election results and put Al Gore in, instead.

Though this would be a relief to most Americans and the entire rest of the world, it also points out the obvious.

These are not American Public Elections.

These are private foreign corporation shareholder elections.

And Americans don’t even get to choose the candidates—- just elect them by default.

In reality, President Macron of France chooses Al Gore, just as President XI chose Joe Biden, and this really should bring it home to Americans—-neither option is American just because these jokers were born here.


Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected

Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected / Mike Adams

Image: Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected

(Natural News) The State of Washington legalized the liquefaction and disposal of human corpses just one year before the state activated covid concentration camps, providing for an efficient, stealth mechanism for mass disposal of human corpses.

This is a fact. No one can shoot this down with a fake “fact check,” so they simply try to censor the conversation and hope no one is paying attention.

Washington’s legalization of this “flesh goo” mechanism for liquefying human corpses — known as “alkaline hydrolysis” — went into effect on May 1, 2020. The law is RCW 68.50.110 and the passage refers to “alkaline hydrolysis” as the new, legal means to dispose of human corpses.

In just the last two years, there has been an aggressive push by several US states to legalize this corpse disposal process, which uses lye (caustic soda) mixed with water to dissolve human bodies into a “flesh goo” which is then flushed into the municipal sewage system. To date, 20 US states have legalized this process. Those states, as documented by, include Oregon, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada and many others.

Once the “flesh goo” is flushed into the sewers, it is collected as “biosludge” and distributed on orchards and food farms where it is claimed to be a source of “free fertilizer” for farmers. In America today, governments are quite literally dissolving dead human corpses and spreading the flesh goo on food farms to feed the living.

This practice of biosludge is documented in my earlier film Biosludged which is available on as well as a free download from The film interviews Dr. David Lewis, former EPA scientist and author of “Science For Sale.” Dr. Lewis blew the whistle on this practice years ago and saw his career destroyed by the EPA.


Dr. David Lewis warned in the film that this practice of biosludge distribution on food farms could be used to distribute biological weapons and carry out a nationwide bioterrorism attack on America. Deadly viruses are deliberately spread on food crops with the help of cities via the biosludge process, and all a terrorist needs to do is flush biological weapons down the toilet to make this happen. The city does all the work!

Here’s the trailer for Biosludged:

And here’s the full documentary via Brighteon Films:

You can download the entire movie from and post it to your own channels or platforms, by the way.

Washington State legalizes the liquefaction of human corpses, then launches covid concentration camps with “strike team” operations

The legalization of “flesh goo” human liquefaction practices has accelerated after the creation of the Biosludged film. In 2020, after the covid pandemic exploded, Washington State legalized the practice as it began the launch its plans to build covid concentration camps run by “strike team” operators.

Natural News covered the story in September of 2021, documenting Gov. Inslee’s regime efforts to publicly advertise for “strike team” job positions as they were staffing up the covid concentration camps. Here’s a screen shot of the help wanted listing:

Earlier last year, in July of 2021, the White House (Jen Psaki) publicly announced that “strike forces” would be unleashed into communities across America to enforce vaccine coercion programs. Here’s the video of her saying this during a White House press briefing:

Now, confirming the covid concentration camp / strike team plan, Washington State legislators filed a bill (WAC 246-100-040) which would legalize the medical kidnapping of Americans (at gunpoint), ripping them from their homes and depositing them as prisoners in covid concentration camps.

Although the lying, genocidal corporate media has tried to claim this is all a “conspiracy theory,” you can read the text of the proposed bill at this link on (emphasis ours)

(1) At his or her sole discretion, a local health officer may issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine in accordance with subsection (3) of this section…

(2) A local health officer may invoke the powers of police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employees of any political subdivisions within the jurisdiction of the health department to enforce immediately orders given to effectuate the purposes of this section in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.20.050(4) and 70.05.120.

As The Gateway Pundit has reported, “The Washington State Board of Health may soon amend state law to authorize the involuntary detainment of residents as young as 5 years old in Covid-19 “internment camps” for failing to comply with the state’s experimental vaccine mandate.”

The proposed law clearly states that law enforcement officials may use the threat of violence to medically kidnap people who are merely suspected of being infected with something, even if they show no symptoms and haven’t tested “positive” for anything.

This is, essentially, medical martial law.

Human liquefaction is the ultimate “stealth” method to dispose of large numbers of bodies generated during government genocide

What’s obvious here is that Washington State, run by murderous left-wing Marxist criminals and tyrants who literally advocate the killing of their own human babies (i.e. abortion and infanticide), has developed a way to dispose of large masses of human bodies without having to dig mass graves or run incinerators which would be detectable by drones or satellites. By disposing of all the bodies from the covid death camps via alkaline hydrolysis, they simply turn human beings into liquid goo and flush them into the sewage system.

From there, the city’s biosludge trucks transport the liquefied human corpses as “free fertilizer” for farmers, so that the bodies of the dead are used to grow food for the living. It’s not quite Soylent Green, but it’s close.

As I explained in a podcast published yesterday, this nefarious, genocidal plan is being cooked up by radical Democrat Leftists, many of whom openly advocate for the extermination of conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters and gun owners. In fact, that’s who will be targeted by so-called “health department” officials who can simply point at any household and declare, “They might be infected!” From there, armed government goons will drag them away and deposit them in covid death camps which are connected to the municipal sewage systems to accept the flesh goo liquids.

Conservatives can be easily targeted based on their voting registration records. I’ve covered all this in yesterday’s red alert podcast:

Once the covid concentration camps start to get full, the way Leftist tyrants will make more room is to exterminate the current occupants and blame their deaths on covid.

This will perpetuate the covid pandemic narrative while eliminating the politician opposition of power-hungry Democrats who have now resoundingly demonstrated they care nothing about the rule of law, human rights, democracy or the Constitution. They are hell-bent on exterminating conservatives by any means necessary, and they have meticulously built this infrastructure to quietly, silently liquefy any number of victims and remove them from the 2022 mid-term elections, all while claiming they’re protecting “public safety.”

It’s the perfect plot for democide (mass murder by governments) and political domination.

The silent holocaust: Dead victims don’t protest against government genocide

In the 20th century alone, 262 million human beings were mass murdered by governments (Univ. of Hawaii research). History has shown that rogue, power-hungry governments will inevitably invoke mass extermination to try to maintain their power and eliminate their political opposition. The most effective way to carry that out is to make sure your intended victims have no idea they are being exterminated. If tens of thousands of conservatives in Washington State (and Oregon, California, etc.) start disappearing into covid death camps, there will be no protests and no outcry because dead people don’t protest. All the deaths will be blamed on covid, and the media will enforce the narrative that unvaccinated conservatives are all dying from covid, blaming them for their own deaths and pushing more vaccine depopulation shots.

Under this system, mass extermination can be carried out in stealth mode for an extended period of time. This how Democrats can literally carry out a modern-day holocaust with little to no push back.

We’ve also learned from watching events over the last two years that doctors, hospital administrators and even governors will gladly go along with mass murder to achieve their political goals. Former NY Gov. Cuomo, for example, ordered infected elderly to be put into nursing homes and hospital wards that would guarantee cross infection of other patients, resulting in large numbers of deaths among the elderly. This was murder by design.

Similarly, the entire cabal of Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Science has colluded to deprive the American people access to ivermectin, hydroxochloroquine and other effective interventions that could have prevented as many as 85% of covid deaths. This was all done deliberately, consciously, with an end goal in mind. This proves that the very people who run our governments, hospitals and science journals are, themselves, complicit in mass murder. They acted with intent to maximize covid deaths in order to push a false narrative that would scare people into vaccine jabs.

Those “vaccines,” it turns out, aren’t even vaccines. They’re genetic therapy interventions that alter human cells and turn the human body into a bioweapons spike protein factory. They are designed to achieve depopulation. As Naomi Wolf recently said about Fauci’s gain-of-function research smoking gun documents, this is “premeditated manslaughter of millions of people, coordinated at the highest levels.”

People who would carry out these heinous acts of violence and tyranny against the human race would also liquefy their bodies and flush them down the drains. There is nothing these criminals won’t do to achieve their end game goals, which include global depopulation and the extermination of all those who might express dissent against medical totalitarianism.

Today I’ve published a special podcast that details this entire nefarious plan. Consider this a must-listen if you hope to survive the great culling that has been unleashed against humanity:

Cannabis molecule CBDA shown to block the spike protein from entering human cells

On the positive side, my Situation Update podcast today also covers the new finding that reveals how cannibis extracts block the deadly spike protein from entering human cells. The cannabinoid responsible for this is reportedly CBDA (cannabidiolic acid).

I’ve worked extensively with CBDA in the laboratory, and I’m the co-author of a mass spec method we developed to quantitate cannaboid concentrations in liquid extracts. You can see my published research here in the LC/GC science journal.

CBDA, it turns out, is extremely fragile and easily destroyed by heat. Vaping cannabis liquids immediately destroyed CBDA. Any heat above room temperature starts to degrade it. So if you’re looking for cannabis extracts that are high in CBDA, you need to find a cold-processed extract that has never been subjected to heat (not even the heat of a UPS shipping truck in the summer).

In the lab, we found that CBDA was easily destroyed / decarboxylated, even with chromatography column heating during testing. Most of the CBD products sold today tout the CBD concentration and pay no attention to CBDA, but it turns out that CBDA has its own medicinal merit and needs to be preserved in any cannabis extracts.

It’s another powerful case for raw herbs and cold extracts. Hear my Situation Update podcast for full detail on this and much more:

Find a new podcast each day — plus interviews and special reports — at:

Download my free audiobooks — including Survival Nutrition, The Global Reset Survival Guide and The Contagious Mind — at:

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Investigation Launched After 13-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Dies – Mother Blames Pfizer Vaccine

Investigation Launched After 13-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Dies – Mother Blames Pfizer Vaccine
The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft

Vanessa Martins Figueiredo, 13 years old from Araranguá, Brazil, died last Monday reportedly due to the Pfizer vaccine complications.

Vanessa received her first dose of Pfizer vaccine last November 9th. She began to experience throwing up and paralysis on her face five days later. She was then diagnosed with Bells Palsy, the Covid world reported. After being given corticosteroids treatment (an anti-inflammatory), her condition got worsened. She was hospitalized at the Regional Hospital in Araranguá where she was intubated.

She was then transferred by the Specialized Aeromedical Rescue Service, from the State Department of Health of Santa Catarina to the Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital in Florianópolis on Jan 2nd. Some reports said Vanessa suffered an ischemic stroke.

TRENDING: BOMBSHELL: Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC

Vannesa passed away at 10:15 am on Monday, January 1oth.

Agorasul reported [translated]:

According to Alice, mother of 13-year-old V.M.F., the young woman began vomiting and paralysis on her face five days after taking the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, applied on November 9.

She was then taken to the doctor, who diagnosed her with Bell’s palsy (paralysis on one side of the face), which can be caused by viral infections or immunological conditions, in which the body’s defense system ends up attacking the body itself. After treatment with corticosteroids, the symptoms worsened and the girl began to present a picture of muscle weakness, talking and walking slowly. Alice then sought care at the Araranguá Regional Hospital.

Portal Agora followed the case of the adolescent, and according to the HRA Nursing Management, she was admitted to the hospital unit on December 21, underwent consultation and was released. On the 29th, after a worsening in her health condition, she was again seen in the hospital, presenting respiratory depression. She was intubated and transferred.

The teenager was transferred on Sunday, the 2nd, to the Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital in Florianópolis, where, according to her mother, after several tests performed an infection was detected in her daughter’s brain, but without a defined cause. “The doctor said they were treating her with antibiotics, but that they were not managing to lower the fever. My daughter’s blood pressure began to drop; they tried all night, but during the morning her condition worsened, so they called me in the ‘salinha’ and said that nothing else could be done, because the infection hit an important part of the brain. At 10:15 a.m. my daughter passed away,” said the mother, stating that her daughter had no health problems. “My daughter has always been healthy and is now dead and no one has found the cause,” Alice said.

Her mother, Alice Romano Martins, posted on her Facebook account hours before Vanessa’s death:

“I come to alert all mothers that my daughter is dying because of the vaccine. She is 13 years old. A beautiful girl full of life is dying because of this wretched vaccine. I don’t wish the suffering I’m going through on any mother. Take a good look at these pics and look what this disgrace of this vaccine did to my girl.”

[embedded content]

The Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (DIVE/SC) said in a statement that the case is now under investigation.

“However, considering that the notification of any AEFI must occur within 30 days of receiving the vaccine, it is necessary to evaluate this information with caution, because death may be associated with other causes and not necessarily with the vaccine,” the note concluded.

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Video: Reiner Füellmich and 50 Lawyers: “Different Batches” and “Lethal Doses ”, ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill”

Video: Reiner Füellmich and 50 Lawyers: “Different Batches” and “Lethal Doses”, ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill”
Global Research / Reiner Fuellmich

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After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people.

The mortality rate linked to the vaccines, according to Yeadon, is traceable in terms of lot numbers of the different batches, as some batches appear to be more lethal than others. When taking a look at the evidence available, the main goal with the injections all over the world is global depopulation, according to the lawyers involved. Dr Füllmich told Perspektiv that the lawyers preparing an international law suit were no longer in doubt: Poisoning and mass murder through so called Corona vaccines is intentionally being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

Citizen Journalist Ulf Bittner from EU/EES Healthcare blog and Sverige Granskas stated in the interview that the situation with traceable lot numbers and injuries and death related to lot numbers is similar in the different health care regions of Sweden. Bittner is in contact with a vaccine coordinator who has provided documents to keep track of how many people have been injured and lost their lives related to the different batches of the so-called vaccines.

[embedded content]

01:00 Different numbers on the barcodes on the bottom of the vaccine doses are placebo which has been given to politicians according to a Slovenian chief nurse. Is it the same in other countries?

1:54 Mike Yeadon and the LOT numbers of some shots of the brands Moderna, Johnson& Johnson and Pfizer/Biontech are related to much higher mortality than for the other manufacturers.

3:52 The producers of the so-called vaccines are experimenting with the correct dosages to kill people according to Dr Füllmich. This according to the Corona Investigative Committee, constitute compelling evidence for punitive damages and attempted mass murder. They are intentionally killing people.

08:30 Lawyers from India have filed complaints for premeditative murder.

09:55 Mike Yeadon as a witness for the coming legal action against the perpetrators.

10:44 Everyone who critizises the wrongdoings of the governments of the world is being called a ‘right wing extremist’. This has also happened to the internationally renowned scientist Mike Yeadon.

13:05 CDC withdrew the recommendation for the PCR-tests diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 from 31/12-2021. PCR- tests are the foundation of the pandemic. Why is Anthony Fauci now doing a 180-degree turn?

17:25 At least a million dollars per person will be claimed in punitive damages if the lawsuit is successful.

18:33 Previously only ten percent of all adverse effects were reported. In the situation the world is right now, the team estimated that in fact only one percent of all adverse effects were being reported.

19:25 CEO of Life insurance company from Indiana USA with 100 billions of dollars in assets said: ”Over the span of this past year there has been an excess mortality of 40 percent”. This is believed to be due to the injections.

21:05 What substance in the vials makes them so lethal? Is it Graphene Oxide/graphene hydroxide?

22:37 Any vaccin is a poison, it is the dosage which makes the difference. This is not a vaccine, as a vaccine provides immunity, while these products demand incessant injections. Either a vaccine works or it does not.

24:40 This is not gene therapy either, since a gene therapy means exchanging a broken gene with a fixed one. This is more like experimenting on people, and trying to kill us.

25.15 The doses are not tested by governments, while governments will be keeping the contracts hidden from the public for at least 55 years. How is this affecting the possibility of getting people punished? Dr Füllmich goes through all the lies paving the way for the tyrannical situation the world is now in.

28:25 The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The producers are experimenting on lethal doses of poison. Everyone now taking part in intentional malicious infliction of harm will be punished.

30:05 How sure are legal experts about the conclusion that Mike Yeadon has drawn from this, that it is all about depopulation and intentionally killing people through injections? If close to 50 lawyers are of the same opinion, it is regarded as “irrefutable proof”.

32:08 Batches of injections in Sweden can be traced by an application.

32:45 Füllmich is in cooperation with people working within the secret service of Germany who do not wish to take the injections.

34:15 Dr Lee Merritt on combat pilots in the USA refusing to get the shots. According to Dr Füllmich, Dr Merrit explained: ”They understood that if they were forced to [get vaccinated] they were going to get killed.”

35:15 Information is being collected on batches in Sweden from every region, the Swedish health authorities (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and medical board (Läkemedelsverket). Every batch is traceable through an application. There is economic reward for the Swedish regions which manage to get more people injected. One of the expert lawyers involved in the upcoming court hearings is a specialist on Nuremberg Trials.

38:45 How will the trials be performed, and through what legal structure? A common design, the same structure as for the Nuremberg trials.

39:40 Free choice should reign for members of the European Union. Consumers of health care have consumer rights. Fraud means misleading the people and consumers of health care.

42:00 The so called vaccines are an adulterated product put on to the market. According to Mike Yeadon there is a law in the US that will make everyone liable for the harms created by the adulterated product. Toxins are being put into the vials other than the known lipids etc, which the people who took the vaccines never consented to.

43:40 The importance of decentralization of power and national independence rather than global organizations such as the European Union telling the people what to do. Disconnecting from the banking system, NGO:s and creating independent and strong agricultural supply chains, energy supply chains etc.

46:15 When are the trials going to take place? How will the indictments happen and how will the trials be held? One of the goals is to inform people and expose the wrongdoings by involving the alternative media so that the mainstream media won’t be able to ignore the trials. The crew is working on a new system of law in the USA, Africa and Germany.

50:48 Dr Füllmich believes the world is close to a tipping point and the whole narrative will fall apart very very soon, maybe in a couple of weeks or months.

54:13 Robert Malone, Robert F Kennedy and Mike Yeadon and others involved in exposing the agenda are in contact with each other, and a tour is planned with these whistleblowers in the USA in March


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Tragic: 38-Year-Old Athlete Dies after Suffering Heart Attack During Swim Portion at Ironman 70.3 Pucon (VIDEO)

Tragic: 38-Year-Old Athlete Dies after Suffering Heart Attack During Swim Portion at Ironman 70.3 Pucon (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft

The opening of the 2022 Ironman season at Ironman 70.3 Pucón, Chile resulted in a tragic death of a 38-year-old athlete. According to reports, the athlete suffered a heart attack while in the water.

The race had to stop after a co-athlete alerted the security personnel regarding the threatening situation of one of the athletes. The athlete received immediate medical treatment and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The identity of the athlete is not yet released to the public.

La ambulancia se lleva de urgencia a un competidor que sufrió un problema cardíaco durante la natación del Ironman 70.3 de Pucón @adnradiochile

— Carlos Madariaga (@CMadariaga90) January 9, 2022

TRENDING: BOMBSHELL: Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC

The organizer released their official statement regarding the tragic incident:

[Translation]: During the swimming circuit of the IRONMAN triathlon 70.3 Pucón triathlon today, one athlete received immediate medical and was transferred to a nearby hospital where he continued to receive treatment. This after the event’s security personnel were alerted.

We are saddened to announce that the athlete passed away and our deepest condolences to the athlete’s family and friends. and friends of the athlete. In addition, we will continue to our support and respect their privacy as they go through this difficult time.

We would like to thank the athlete who assisted the security personnel of the event and the first responders who worked quickly to provide medical support to the athlete.

[embedded content]

Despite the mishap, the 2022 Ironman season ended successfully on Sunday at Ironman 70.3 Pucon declaring Spain’s Javier Gomez and Luisa Baptista as winners.

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Joe Biden Erects Concrete Security Wall Around White House — But Leaves US Border Wide Open

Joe Biden Erects Concrete Security Wall Around White House — But Leaves US Border Wide Open
The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft

The Biden administration built a concrete security wall around the White House this week. It is not clear yet why they believe the construction of the concrete wall is necessary.

Via Conservative Treehouse.

.@ChadPergram, do you know why the White House is erecting a perimeter concrete blast and security fence directly around the building?

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) January 12, 2022

TRENDING: BOMBSHELL: Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC

The White House this morning

Richard Citizen Journalist

— IamRedUSA (@lamRedUSA) January 11, 2022

Meanwhile, the US Border is completely wide open. Illegal immigrants are flooding into the country at record levels.

And here we thought walls don’t work.

These people are nothing but hypocrites

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Purging Patriots From the Military-The Criminal Secret Societies Members Controlled By Illuminati Criminals Control the Pentagon & Our Gov’t


Da Vinci Designed a Double Helix Staircase at the Château de Chambord

One of the most impressive architectural features of the French Renaissance castle of Château de Chambord is its famous double helix staircase. The design of this element is popularly attributed to the renowned Italian Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci.

The Château de Chambord is a castle located in the Loire Valley, in the French department of Loir-et-Cher. The construction of the Château de Chambord began during the 16th century, and it is an archetype of the architectural style known as ‘French Renaissance’, which flourished between the 15th and 17th centuries in France.

Northwest façade of the Château de Chambord.

Northwest façade of the Château de Chambord. (Benh Lieu Song/ CC BY SA 3.0 )

Commissioning the Château de Chambord

The building of the Château de Chambord was commissioned in 1519 by Francis I, the King of France. Initially, the castle was meant to serve as the king’s hunting lodge, where he would stay for several weeks during each visit, and hence was not designed to serve as a permanent residence.

Nevertheless, Francis was a great lover of the arts and the Château de Chambord, in spite of being a temporary residence, was elevated to the status of an architectural marvel. Francis’ pride in the Château de Chambord is evident, as he showed it off to visiting sovereigns and ambassadors, including his great nemesis, the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, who visited the castle in 1539.

Between the commencement of the castle’s construction until the death of Francis in 1547 (about 28 years), the king is believed to have only spent 72 days at the Château de Chambord. At the time of the king’s death, only the keep and the royal wing had been completed.

But the death of Francis did not halt the construction of the Château de Chambord. Work on the castle continued during the reign of Henry II, the successor of Francis. It was, however, only during the 17th century, when France was under the rule of Louis XIV, that the Château de Chambord was finally completed.

Birdseye view of the château de Chambord, France

Birdseye view of the château de Chambord, France. ( CC BY SA 3.0 )

The Château de Chambord Double Helix Staircase

The Château de Chambord is significant from an architectural point of view for a number of reasons. For example, it is today the largest Renaissance castle in the Loire Valley. Additionally, this castle is regarded to be one of the best examples of French Renaissance architecture, a style that succeeded Gothic architecture, and in turn was succeeded by Baroque architecture. The Château de Chambord’s best-known architectural feature, however, is its double helix staircase.

In essence, this staircase consists of two intertwining spiral staircases that go all the way up to the castle’s terrace. In practical terms, this design would allow visitors to the castle to ascend and descend without obstruction. One staircase may be used by those going up, whilst the other by those going down, and the two parties would not bump into each other. In addition, this was the place where the French royal court stood when they welcomed important guests to the castle or when they watched the festivities.

The double helix staircase of the Château de Chambord.

The double helix staircase of the Château de Chambord. (Ignaz Wiradi/ CC BY SA 3.0 )

Leonardo Da Vinci Designed a Staircase

One of the most often cited trivia about the double helix staircase in the Château de Chambord is that it was designed by the great Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, himself. It is known that in 1516, Leonardo da Vinci entered into the service of Francis and settled in the Château du Clos Lucé, another castle in the Loire Valley.

The great polymath would live there until his death in 1519. With such a brilliant mind living in the vicinity, it is not too difficult to imagine that this ingenious staircase was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Some have even suggested that Leonardo da Vinci was responsible for the original design of the castle as well. At the very least, there is some agreement that Leonardo da Vinci influenced the design of the castle’s double helix staircase.

Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci by Francesco Melzi.

Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci by Francesco Melzi. ( Public Domain )

Today, the Château de Chambord is a popular tourist destination and its double helix staircase is undoubtedly one of the highlights. It is almost certain that visitors seeing this staircase today would be awed by it in a similar manner as those fortunate enough to see it when the castle was owned by the kings of France.

Top Image: The double helix staircase of the Château de Chambord. Source: Helac/ CC BY 1.0

By Wu Mingren

Updated on January 12, 2022.


Democrats Block Plan to Remove Foreign Nationals from Voter Rolls

House Democrats this week blocked a plan that would have required states to remove foreign nationals from voter rolls.

On Wednesday, Democrats voted down an amendment by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) that would have kicked likely hundreds, and potentially thousands, of foreign nationals off state voter rolls.

The amendment would have been tacked onto the Democrats’ “Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act” which seeks to federalize all local and state elections with prohibitions on requiring photo identification when voting by mail and weakens current requirements that mandate states routinely clean their voter rolls.

“Common sense will tell you that combining noncitizens and eligible American voters on the same voter rolls is ripe for abuse,” Davis said on the House floor:

All of this could be prevented if states were actually maintaining accurate voter rolls, which has been required by federal law for nearly 30 years. Whether intentional or not, we know this is happening, it’s undermining the integrity of our elections. This amendment would simply ensure those who are noncitizens, who do not have the right to vote in federal elections, are removed from states’ voter rolls. This is especially critical as my friends on the other side of the aisle push for a federal takeover of elections. [Emphasis added]

House Democrats last blocked the amendment in December 2021.

Blue states have a history of foreign nationals on their voter rolls. In 2020, for instance, Illinois officials admitted that nearly 600 foreign nationals were on the state’s voter rolls. Similarly, in 2018, California’s DMV admitted that it had registered about 1,500 non-eligible voters, including foreign nationals, over six months.

Most recently, Democrats in New York City approved a plan to give voting rights to nearly a million foreign nationals in the city, who only have to prove that they have resided in the U.S. for 30 days. Republicans, Democrats, and naturalized citizens are now suing the city.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email him at Follow him on Twitter here


Howard Dean: Right-Wing Zealot Supreme Court Is a ‘Threat’ to America — Millions Will Die

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that the Supreme Court striking down President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for large private companies means it was a threat to America because millions would die.

Melber said, “Does this set back the safety of Americans today?”

Dean said, “It does. The disturbing thing about this, of course, is in their right-wing ideological zealotry, they have substituted their judgment for public health judgment, which they’re totally unqualified to do. They did the same in the abortion case in Mississippi, where they look like they are headed that way, where they substitute their judgment for the judgment of doctors and patients. This is an ideologically motivated court.”

He continued, “This situation is going to kill probably more Americans than died certainly in World War II. Maybe even, if we keep going at this pace, kill more Americans than died in the Civil War, which is the war that did more damage to this country than any other. The court is not helpful. They’re not using common sense.”

Dean added, “The Mississippi decision, the voting rights decision, the Citizens United where corporations are now people and can put as much money as they want into political stuff and in many cases not be found out, the court is a threat to the United States of America. This is actually a threat to individual lives. There will be a great many of them, in seven figures, as a result of this.”

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Is The Filibuster Racist? A Handy Flowchart

Racism is everywhere, behind every corner, under every rock, always waiting to infect your mind like an extraterrestrial parasite when you least expect it. That’s why it’s our top priority at The Babylon Bee to help you not be racist at all times. 

Some politicians in Washington have announced that the filibuster is very very racist. Are they correct? We put this very important flowchart together to help clarify things for you. You’re welcome! 

Chris Smitherson has a problem: he’s unvaccinated — which means he’s left out of all activities as he doesn’t have COVID like his vaccinated friends. Thoughts and prayers.

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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says Kevin McCarthy ‘Obligated’ to Testify at January 6 Committee

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Thursday that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — the leader of the opposition — was “obligated” to testify in front of the one-sided January 6 committee investigating the Capitol riot.

McCarthy has no connection to the riot and condemned it last year. At his weekly press conference on Thursday, he said he had nothing of value to provide the committee. But Democrats — and their media allies — want him to testify because he spoke to President Donald Trump that day.

Reporters at Pelosi’s weekly press conference even asked if McCarthy should be subpoenaed to compel his testimony, or threatened with “jail” (transcript via Speaker’s office, original emphasis):

Q:  Thank you, Madam Speaker.  Leader McCarthy says he will not comply with the January 6th Select Committee.  Does he have an obligation to cooperate, and should he be subpoenaed if he refuses to continue to comply? 

Speaker Pelosi.  Yes, I think he has an obligation as we seek the truth to help with that.  But, it’s up to the Committee as to what they do next.  I see what you see.  I mean, they make their decisions.  They come forward.  And, I’m not prepared to say what they do next, but they’ll be telling us.

Q:  Madam Speaker, is it problematic for the investigation if all House Republicans just refuse to talk to them? 

Speaker Pelosi.  No.  We will seek the truth.  We will find the truth.  And the Committee will use, as they have said, everything is on the table – at one point they said that – in order to do that.  I have confidence in the bipartisan nature of the Committee.  They are working very hard, as we can see in the public domain with the product of their work.  And, I have confidence in them.

Yes, Chad.

Q:  And, just to make sure I’m understanding your position on this here.  Obviously, you’re punting to the Committee, saying, you know, that they’re the Committee.  They’re investigating it.  They’re in charge.

Speaker Pelosi.  That’s right, yeah, yeah.

Q:  But, a couple of years ago, when there were questions about contempt of Congress for Trump Administration officials, you even referred to the, quote, ‘jail’ that’s underneath the Crypt here, saying, ‘Oh, maybe we should do that.’  I mean, this is a particular issue for Congress.  If you have Members who are uncooperative, it is hard to get them with subpoenas.  Therefore, if they were going to take any sort of extraordinary steps, one would think that would fall under the Committee, but it could also go to you to sign off on some particular, you know, discipline or Ethics Committee or whatever you would decide to do it in dealing with a Member of Congress, particularly the Minority Leader. 

Speaker Pelosi.  Well, I have, as one who has served on the Ethics Committee for many years, longer than anybody else, I have always said: any issue about the Ethics Committee referring things should not come out of the Leader’s or the Speaker’s Office.  That’s up to the process to put forth.  And also, now people can bring a charge from outside because we established the outside entity to bring something forward to the Ethics Committee.

But, I have no intention of interfering with the work of the Committee.  I have absolutely none.  They have their data.  They have their testimony that they are taking.  They know the path that they are on.  I don’t.  I defer to their judgment.

Yes, sir.

Last year, Pelosi took the unprecedented step of rejecting two of McCarthy’s five nominees for the January 6 committee, defying the committee’s enabling resolution, and instead named two Republicans who have long opposed President Trump.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News and the host of Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (4 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). He is the author of the recent e-book, Neither Free nor Fair: The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. His recent book, RED NOVEMBER, tells the story of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary from a conservative perspective. He is a winner of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.


British Government Used “Propagandistic” Fear Tactics to Scare Public Into Mass Compliance

The British government used “propagandistic” fear tactics to scare the public into mass compliance during the first COVID lockdown, according to a behavioral scientist who worked inside Downing Street.

Simon Ruda co-founded Number 10’s ‘Nudge Unit’, which was initially set up to encourage positive behavioral changes in the British public without the need for coercion or legislation, but was weaponized during the pandemic to create scaremongering.

“In my mind, the most egregious and far-reaching mistake made in responding to the pandemic has been the level of fear willingly conveyed on the public,” wrote Ruda.

“That fear seems to have subsequently driven policy decisions in a worrying feed-back loop,” he added, noting that such actions amounted to “state sanctioned propaganda.”

The behavioral scientist said that an obsession with daily case numbers came to dominate thinking, serving to spread even more fear.

That process included grossly exaggerating the threat posed by COVID and producing lurid, alarmist propaganda to frighten the population into subservience.

As we previously highlighted, scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government admitted using what they now concede to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behavior during the pandemic.

The London Telegraph reported the comments made by Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) the government’s chief scientific advisory group.

The report quotes a briefing from March 2020, as the first lockdown was decreed, that stated the government should drastically increase “the perceived level of personal threat” that the virus poses because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.”

One scientist with the SPI-B admits that, “In March [2020] the Government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down. There were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance, and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear.”

The unnamed scientist added that, “The way we have used fear is dystopian.”

The scientist further confessed that, “The use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable. It’s been like a weird experiment. Ultimately, it backfired because people became too scared.”

The fearmongering campaign clearly worked.

By the summer of 2020, the average Brit thought 6-7% of the population of the UK had died from coronavirus, a figure equating to around 4.5 million people.

At the time, COVID-19 had actually claimed around 40,000 lives.

But don’t worry, all this is of no importance whatsoever, because ‘fact checkers’ have ruled that ‘mass formation psychosis’ isn’t a thing that happened at all during the pandemic.


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Congress Asks Olympics Committee to Explain Deals with Chinese Slave Companies

American lawmakers sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday demanding an explanation for the IOC’s business deals with two Chinese apparel companies that source their cotton out of Xinjiang, a far-west occupied region where evidence suggests widespread use of slave labor.

Xinjiang is home to the Muslim-majority Uyghur ethnic group, who refer to the region as East Turkistan. China is currently engaging in genocide against the Uyghur people – systematically locking up millions in concentration camps, forcibly sterilizing entire communities to ensure the group does not grow, and bulldozing historical sites, mosques, and cemeteries to divorce Uyghurs from their religion, culture, and identity. Both the administrations of Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden recognize the Chinese Communist Party policy of eliminating Uyghur identity as genocide.

In addition to the crime of genocide, extensive evidence points to China enslaving Uyghurs rounded up for concentration camps. In 2020, the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region, a group of over 200 human rights groups, launched a campaign against the use of cotton from Xinjiang on the grounds that extensive research there showed that many companies engaging in cotton production were using Uyghur slaves to get the work done. The groups accused big-name Western fashion brands of benefitting from the slave trade, as about 84 percent of Chinese cotton – 20 percent of cotton produced worldwide  – comes from Xinjiang.

“Almost every major apparel brand and retailer selling cotton products is potentially implicated,” the Coalition declared at the time. “Right now, there is near certainty that any brand sourcing apparel, textiles, yarn or cotton from the Uyghur Region is profiting from human rights violations, including forced labour, both in the Uyghur Region and more broadly throughout China.”


Getty Images/AFP/Angela Weiss

That same year, China human rights researcher Adrian Zenz published a study revealing that the Chinese government was using mobile phone apps to sell slaves to textile companies under the guise of “poverty alleviation.”

“The evidence shows that in 2018, three Uyghur regions alone mobilized at least 570,000 persons into cotton-picking operations through the government’s coercive labor training and transfer scheme,” the study found. “Xinjiang’s total labor transfer of ethnic minorities into cotton picking likely exceeds that figure by several hundred thousand.”

The United States banned cotton imports from Xinjiang last year. Last month, Congress passed a law banning all imports from Xinjiang unless the importer could provide sufficient evidence that the products were not made by slaves.

Two companies contracted to provide uniforms to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have overt ties to the Xinjiang cotton industry: the Chinese sportswear giant Anta Sports and the textile company Hengyuanxiang Group (HYX Group). The heads of the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) wrote to IOC President Thomas Bach on Wednesday demanding answers to the details of the IOC’s relationship with the companies in question.

“Because Anta and HYX Group both continue to use cotton produced in the XUAR [Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region], there is a worrisome possibility that IOC personnel or others attending the 2022 Olympic Games will be wearing clothing contaminated by forced labor,” the letter read in part. The text, signed by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Rep. James McGovern (D-MA), requested proof that the Olympics clothing in question was not manufactured with slave products.

“What assurances, if any, did the IOC receive that the certificate provided by HYX Group was reliable?” the letter asked, requesting that the IOC make public proof that HYX allegedly gave Olympics organizers that slaves did not manufacture their apparel.

The letter also requested the IOC “explain publicly the assurances Anta Sports gave the IOC that the products Anta Sports supplied to the IOC were not produced in whole or in part by forced labor.”

“Cotton produced in the XUAR is synonymous with forced labor and the systematic repression that takes place there,” the letter read. “Forced labor plays an integral role in the genocide taking place against Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in the region.”

The IOC signed a deal with Anta, one of China’s largest sports brands and a Fila affiliate, in 2017, shortly before the first reports of dictator Xi Jinping implementing genocidal policies in Xinjiang began. Anta became the official sportswear partner of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The IOC signed its deal with HYX in 2019, commissioning the group to manufacture Olympics uniforms.

Supporters and members of the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement rally outside the White House to urge the United States to end trade deals with China and take action to stop the oppression of the Uyghur and other Turkic peoples August 14, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Supporters and members of the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement rally outside the White House. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“We are pleased to be working with HYX and look forward to wearing our formal uniforms with pride in Tokyo next year and in Beijing in 2022,” Bach said at the time. “I would like to thank in particular IOC Vice-President Zaiqing Yu for his work in bringing this agreement to life.”

The CECC noted that HYX maintains facilities to process cotton in China. Anta, in turn, has vocally defended the use of Xinjiang slave cotton, backing out of the Better Cotton Initiative last year in protest of the organization’s opposition to Uyghur slavery.

“We have been purchasing and using cotton produced from China, including the Xinjiang region, and we will continue to purchase and use cotton from China,” Anta said in a statement last year.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry defended the two companies on Thursday in response to the CECC letter.

“I want to point out that this so-called the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) has been biased against China,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said. “It keeps making all sorts of unfounded remarks related to China and has no political credibility at all.”

“The so-called ‘forced labor’ in Xinjiang, a lie of the century, is long bankrupt. Except for a handful of anti-China forces harboring ulterior motives, all people respecting facts and upholding conscience will not accept such despicable hypes,” Wang concluded.

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France promises FFP2 masks and more workers after teachers strike

France’s education minister said the government would provide five million FFP2 masks and hire 3,300 contract workers following a nationwide education strike.

Jean-Michel Blanquer said that the government understood there was “fatigue related to all the challenges of the health crisis” following a meeting with education unions.

Tens of thousands of teachers and school workers had gone on strike on Thursday to express their discontent with the government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Multiple teachers and school workers told Euronews that the situation in schools was overwhelming, with one high school teacher describing the lack of personnel and masks as “catastrophic”.

Many also criticised the government’s changing of protocol for contacts of children who test positive for COVID-19 as France reports more than 300,000 daily cases of the virus.

Benjamin Grandener, co-secretary for the Rhône chapter of one of the largest French education unions, told Euronews that the situation in schools was an “absolute mess”.

He said the government’s policy this week to have students in classes with COVID cases to self-test three times in a week was not applicable because pharmacies had run out of the tests.

Education minister Blanquer said late on Thursday the government would provide five million FFP2 masks for teachers who “need them”, particularly those who work with young children who are unmasked.

He did not say whether the government would provide surgical masks to school workers, one of the main requests of those on strike.

Blanquer added that the upcoming evaluations for primary school students, meant to take place next week, would be delayed due to the health crisis.

For high school students, the government will begin consultations on whether to delay specialised exams currently planned for March.

“The best response to this virus is our national unity which is also based on a good shared understanding of the challenges of responding (and) our capacity to admit with humility that nothing is perfect, that we can of course make things better and that’s what we will continue to try to do,” Blanquer said.


Pfizer CEO Condemns SCOTUS Ruling As A ‘Clear Violation Of Our Constitutional Right To Produce Experimental Drugs And Use The Full Power Of Government To Force The Entire Population To Inject Them Into Their Bodies’

NEW YORK, NY—Responding to a 6-3 SCOTUS decision striking down President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla took to CNN to condemn the ruling, which he says “violates our God-given constitutional right to produce experimental drugs and use the full power of government to force the entire population to inject them into their bodies.”

“I know private citizens are supposed to have rights,” said Bourla, “but what about the right of corrupt, multi-billion-dollar mega-corporations that are in bed with governments all around the world? What about our right to make billions and billions of dollars by forcing you to take a drug, even if you don’t need it and it kills you? I thought this was AMERICA!”

Bourla confirmed that if everyone on earth isn’t forced to take his new upcoming Omicron vaccine, he may not be able to afford his next payment on his flying yacht, which also doubles as a casino and brothel. 

“Have some empathy for drug company CEOs like me,” he said. 

Dr. Fauci concurred with Bourla’s opinion and announced that his next engineered virus will be much stronger in order to compel more people to take the vaccine. Pfizer’s stock fully recovered within minutes of the announcement. 

Chris Smitherson has a problem: he’s unvaccinated — which means he’s left out of all activities as he doesn’t have COVID like his vaccinated friends. Thoughts and prayers.

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says Vaxx-Free Americans Should Have to Pay More

According to these people, discrimination is one of the worst evils, unless you are discriminating against vaxx-free and White people. Then it’s great.

Also, the other woman’s Fauci shirt is awesome.


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Hobbits Forced To Begin Wearing Shoes After New Lego Store Opens In The Shire

HOBBITON—Hobbits throughout The Shire began wearing shoes last week after the opening of a new Lego Store in the town of Stock, just east of the Brandywine River. Though Hobbits have hairy rugged feet that can withstand the harshest of elements, they are apparently no match for tiny plastic pieces with razor-sharp edges.

“I’ve never been interested in the affairs of Men, but the Lego Death Star I saw out in Breeland was pretty cool,” said Bodo Proudfoot. “But now those blasted things are everywhere! I can’t walk more than five paces before collapsing to the ground in agony!”

The Lego Store was built by Bree-hobbits under the close supervision of Brandy Hall. It was designed to improve relations between Hobbits and Men, an interaction previously limited to illegal pipeweed dealings. Now halflings who have been forced to protect their feet by wearing ill-fitting shoes are demanding answers.

“Why should we pay for the mistakes of a Brandybuck?” questioned Lotho Sackville-Baggins. “I’ve got half a mind to burn that place down. If Brandy Hall goes with it then so be it!”

Despite the local outrage, Lego reports sales are exceeding expectations. The most popular Lego kit allows Hobbits to build model farms for little barefoot Lego figures to cultivate and live sensible lives while not going on any adventures.

Representatives from Lego said they are looking into some Elven magic that will allow Hobbits to step on Legos barefoot without injury. 

Babylon Bee subscriber Kirsty Golden contributed to this report. If you want to get involved with the staff writers at The Babylon Bee, check out our membership options here!

Chris Smitherson has a problem: he’s unvaccinated — which means he’s left out of all activities as he doesn’t have COVID like his vaccinated friends. Thoughts and prayers.

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Right Wing Round-Up: Seditious Conspiracy


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For 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country.

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Assassinations in the Pulpit


For 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country.

As their influence grows, our work becomes even more important – as does your support. Please make a year-end donation to keep this critical work going.

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For 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country.

As their influence grows, our work becomes even more important – as does your support. Please make a year-end donation to keep this critical work going.

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Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath

Jan 11 2021,

Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the gain of function research moratorium.

• The main report regarding the EcoHealth Alliance proposal leaked on the internet a couple of months ago, it has remained unverified until now. Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

• “The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research,” a direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter.
• Project Veritas reached out to DARPA for comment regarding the hidden documents and spoke with the Chief of Communications, Jared Adams, who said, “It doesn’t sound normal to me,” when asked about the way the documents were buried.

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jan. 10, 2022] Project Veritas has obtained startling never-before-seen documents regarding the origins of COVID-19, gain of function research, vaccines, potential treatments which have been suppressed, and the government’s effort to conceal all of this.

The documents in question stem from a report at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, which were hidden in a top secret shared drive.

DARPA is an agency under the U.S. Department of Defense in charge of facilitating research in technology with potential military applications.

Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.



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Covid Hoaxers Admit It’s Just the Flu

Covid Hoaxers Admit It’s Just the Flu
Henry Makow


Why are media dialing back on the Covid hysteria?
Is it because the “pandemic” is really over?

No, they are just adjusting for a permanent house guest.

That’s how conquest works, from the days of ancient Rome and beyond.
A cycle of aggression followed by fortification.”

What they REALLY mean by “living with Covid”

by Kit Knightly

The past few days, even weeks, have seen a definite alteration in the media’s attitude to the Covid “pandemic”.

There have been numerous examples of what, if the media were not so tightly controlled, might be referred to as “dissent”.

But, since the media is tightly controlled, we must call it an apparent change in the message.

Famously, Dr Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist, confronted UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid over the weakness of the science supporting vaccine mandates.

Note this was actually aired on Sky News:

Sky News
“The science isn’t strong enough”.

Watch the moment an unvaccinated hospital consultant challenges Health Secretary Sajid Javid over the government’s policy of compulsory COVID jabs for NHS staff.

A few days ago Dr Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, went on Good Morning America to discuss the “Omicron” wave, and ended up pointing out that most “omicron deaths” have multiple co-morbidities.

In another interview, with Fox News, Dr Walenksy said the CDC was going to publish data on how many people had died of Covid, and how many died with it.

This begs a series of important questions.

  1. Why is the director of the CDC (seemingly) engaging with these Covid skeptic arguments after two years of pretending they don’t exist?
  2. Why would Sky News air, and then tweet out, the video clip of a doctor challenging the health secretary?
  3. Why is the Guardian running headlines like “End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce” and quoting medical personnel who say we need to “treat Covid like the flu”?
  4. Why are new studies being promoted that claim T cells from ordinary colds can “protect you from Covid”?

There’s no denying the messaging, the deceleration of the narrative. There’s a new thread being woven into the story: “living with Covid”.

For over a month that has been a popular buzz phrase all over the Western press.

On December 1st, Forbes headlined:

Why Endemic Covid-19 Will Be Cause For Celebration

An article which argued, among other things, that “Endemic Covid-19 will be no worse than seasonal flu”. This sentiment has been repeated ad nauseum across multiple outlets.

We already mentioned the Guardian article from January 8th, there’s also an earlier one from Dec 5th titled “From pandemic to endemic: this is how we might get back to normal”.

CNBC ran three almost identical stories on this topic in the space of two weeks:

On New Year’s Day, Vox had a piece titled:

Despite omicron, Covid-19 will become endemic. Here’s how.

Bloomberg is reporting that Omicron signals the end “of the acute phase of the pandemic”.

Just yesterday the New York Post headlined: “COVID will become endemic by later this year, ex-Biden task-force head predicts”, and USA Today asked The pandemic is changing. Will omicron bring a ‘new normal’ for COVID-19?

And earlier today Channel 4 opined that “Covid in 2022” means “learning to live with the virus”.

The messaging isn’t just media-based, either. Reports are coming out that “living with Covid” is going to be the UK government’s strategy moving into 2022, with an official publication on this topic expected “within weeks”.

So, “living with the virus” is going to be added to the Covid phrasebook alongside “flatten the curve” and “the new normal”. But what does it actually entail?


Well, firstly, let’s not make the mistake of trusting any government, media, or “expert”, just because they start telling 20% of the truth.

They are liars, they have an agenda, this is always true, you should always be aware of it, even when – or especially when – they are suddenly telling you what you want to hear.

They have not seen the light, they are not correcting their mistakes, they not finally seeing sense, and they are not switching sides.

There have been no Damascene conversions. There is no wave of guilty consciences sweeping through the elite.

They have an agenda. They always have an agenda.

You should also dispel all notions of “getting back to normal” from your mind. That isn’t happening.

How do we know? Because they said so.

Half the articles talking about “living with Covid” go into detail about how things won’t really change. Take this one, from the Guardian yesterday:

‘Living with Covid’ does not have to mean ditching all protective measures

It outlines that Covid could become endemic soon, that the mass testing of asymptomatic people may be counter-productive and possibly should stop, but it doesn’t reverse course on masks or vaccines and leaves the door wide open for a new “variant” to jump-start more lock downs in the future:

“Living with Covid” does not have to mean reversing every protective measure. If better ventilation and face masks reduce the impact of winter respiratory illnesses, that is a positive, even if the NHS is no longer under imminent threat of being overwhelmed. We will also need to remain vigilant about the threat from new variants, which could still cause big setbacks. There is no guarantee that another variant, more infectious and more virulent than Omicron, could emerge in the future. Scientists say that supporting global vaccination efforts will be crucial to securing the path to normality.

Masks, working from home, and social distancing in crowded settings could all be “sticking around”, according to one of the above CNBC articles.

And “Covid Boosters could become like annual flu shots”.

Meanwhile, “experts” are warning that even once Covid is endemic we should prepare for “surges” every three or four months.

It seems “living with the virus” means maintaining the status quo, loosening a few restrictions, but leaving the path clear for new waves of fear porn should the need arise.

But why? Why are they doing this now?

It could be that there are splits and factions, fractures along the floors of the corridors of power. Perhaps some members of the great big club want to halt the Pandemic where it is, afraid that any more progress along the “Great Reset” path may imperil their own position or their own wealth.


What I see as more likely is that they sense they have over-extended themselves already, and that stretching further could break their entire story to pieces.

To use an apt metaphor, imagine the “Great Reset” agenda as an invading army, marching through town after town, winning battle after battle and burning as they go.

There comes a point where you have to stop. Your supply lines are pulled taut, your men are tired and numbers dwindling, and the occupied citizens are putting up more and more resistance. Push on now, and your entire campaign could crumble.

What you do in that situation is withdraw to a defensible position and fortify it. You don’t give back the land you’ve taken, or not much of it at least, but you stop pushing forward.

The people whose land you have invaded will be so glad the war is over, so tired of fighting, they’ll be so relieved by the respite before realizing how much of their land you’ve taken away. They may even say “let them keep it, as long as they stop attacking us”.

That’s how conquest works, from the days of ancient Rome and beyond. A cycle of aggression followed by fortification.

When we switch from “pandemic” to “endemic”, we won’t be getting our rights back, the vaccine passes and surveillance and the culture of paranoia and fear will remain, but people will be so relieved at the pause in the campaign of fear and propaganda, they will stop resisting.

They won’t push back, and the “New Normal” will literally become just that, normal.

Hell, they’ll probably greenlight funding for anything Bill Gates wants to do make sure “Covid is the last pandemic”.

And then, one day when people are nice and docile again, a new variant will come back, or we’ll need a “climate lockdown”, and the push for control of every aspect of our lives will start up again in earnest.

The best thing we can do is not fall into the trap.

The press politicians and Big Pharma didn’t all just realize the truth, they’re just using some small parts of truth they’ve been ignoring for two years to fortify their position.

But that doesn’t make it a bad thing.

The very fact they feel the need to do so shows that the resistance is building, and that they’re are trying to lull us into relaxing.

Now would be the worst time to stop fighting.


Archaeologists Find Ultra-Rare Roman-Era Wooden Statue in Britain

In a waterlogged ditch in a field near the village of Twyford, Buckinghamshire, a team of experts working for the HS2 archaeological contractor Fusion JV were stunned but delighted to discover an exceptionally rare early Roman-era wooden statue. The Roman-era wooden statue was partially degraded but still a recognizable carved wooden statue of a male figure dressed in a tunic. The 26-inch (67-centimeter) tall and seven-inch (18-centimeter) wide statue is unmistakably Roman, which is shown by its unique clothing and distinctively Roman hat and hairstyle, among other revealing details.

Based on the style of dress, plus the carving procedures that were used, the archaeologists have tentatively dated the Roman-era wooden statue to sometime in the first century AD (the Roman conquest of Britain began in 43 AD and was completed by the year 87 AD). A few shards of pottery were found near the statue in the ditch, and their characteristics also suggest they came from a piece that was manufactured sometime in the mid-first century.

Views of the exceptionally rare Roman-era wooden statue found at the Twyford Buckinghamshire HS2 dig site. (HS2)

Views of the exceptionally rare Roman-era wooden statue found at the Twyford Buckinghamshire HS2 dig site. (HS2)

Rare Roman-era Wooden Statue Found in the Strangest Place

England’s ongoing HS2 light-rail construction project has opened new doorways of opportunity for archaeologists, who’ve been given free reign to launch excavations in areas of interest along the railway’s intended path. Dozens of fascinating sites have been uncovered and unearthed as a result of this activity, although the latest discovery definitely caught HS2 archaeologists by surprise.

Needless to say, HS2 archaeologists weren’t expecting to find such a rare and valuable artifact laying exposed in an open field. When they first spotted it in the ditch, they thought it was simply a degraded chunk of wood. Only on closer examination did they realize it was a carved wooden statue and that is was probably quite old.

“The amazing discovery of this wooden figure was totally unexpected, and the team did a great job of recovering it intact,” Fusion JV archaeologist Iain Williamson stated in an HS2 press release . “The preservation of details carved into the wood such as the hair and tunic really start to bring the individual depicted to life.”

Part of the surprise comes from the fact that such an ancient artifact was so well-preserved. Many of the finest features of the wooden statue were intact, defying the forces of nature that would normally have been expected to destroy it over such a long period time, nearly 2,000 years!

The cleaned Buckinghamshire HS2 Roman-era wooden statue. (HS2)

The cleaned Buckinghamshire HS2 Roman-era wooden statue. ( HS2)

The secret to the ancient artifact’s preservation can be found in the Buckinghamshire soil, which is quite rich in clay. Because clay-laded earth is largely impenetrable to oxygen, the rotting of wood trapped inside such soil is dramatically slowed, and that is why the 2,000-year-old Roman-era wooden statue retained most of its original features.

During Roman times, wooden figures of this type were often prepared as burial goods, or as gifts to the gods. That may be what this statue was intended to be, but since the artifact was found in isolation and not in a Roman cemetery the HS2 archaeologists aren’t sure what to make of it just yet.

“Not only is the survival of a wooden figure like this extremely rare for the Roman period in Britain , but it also raises new questions about this site,” Williamson explained. “Who does the wooden figure represent, what was it used for, and why was it significant to the people living in this part of Buckinghamshire during the first century AD?”

The current estimate of the statue’s age will be either verified or disproven soon. A small piece of the statue was found broken off in the ditch, and this piece has been sent to a laboratory for radiocarbon dating . Isotope analysis will also be performed, which may be able to identify where the wood used to make the statue originated.

The Dagenham idol is a wooden statue of a naked human figure, found in Dagenham, a town in East London, England in 1922. The statue has been carbon dated to around 2250 BC, during the late Neolithic period or early Bronze Age, making it one of the oldest human representations found in Europe. This image shows a replica of the Dagenham Idol in the Museum of London. (Ethan Doyle White / CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Dagenham idol is a wooden statue of a naked human figure, found in Dagenham, a town in East London, England in 1922. The statue has been carbon dated to around 2250 BC, during the late Neolithic period or early Bronze Age, making it one of the oldest human representations found in Europe. This image shows a replica of the Dagenham Idol in the Museum of London. (Ethan Doyle White / CC BY-SA 4.0 )

Finding Wooden Needles in Archaeological Haystacks

While it is just a single artifact, the British archaeological community is delighted by this find.

“This is a truly remarkable find which brings us face to face with our past,” exclaimed Jim Williams, a senior science advisor with Historic England who was asked to comment on the discovery. “The quality of the carving is exquisite and the figure is all the more exciting because organic objects from this period rarely survive.”

The forces of nature are generally not kind to ancient wooden relics. They can be preserved only under certain special conditions, and even then they have to be discovered to be studied. Consequently, carved wooden figures from British prehistory and Roman-era Britain are exceptionally difficult to recover, although a few have been unearthed.

In 2019, a wooden limb identified as a sacred Roman offering to the gods was found at the bottom of a well in Northamptonshire. More than a century earlier, in 1866, archaeologists found a carved human figure made from wood at an early Iron Age (800 to 600 BC) site along the banks of the River Teign in Devon County . In 1922, a Neolithic period (circa 4,000 BC) wooden carving known as the Dagenham idol was recovered during a dig on the north bank of the River Thames.

Excavations will continue in the area of Buckinghamshire where the Roman statue was discovered, to see if the site will produce more items from Roman times. Previous archaeological work has already provided important details about Roman influence in the Buckinghamshire region, which borders the London metropolitan area on its eastern side.

“In Buckinghamshire, our careful work has enabled us to build a much greater understanding of how the landscape was used by our ancestors, especially during the Roman period, and is brought to life further through incredible artefacts like this figure,” said Helen Wass, the head of heritage at HS2 Ltd.

Top image: The Roman era wooden statue found at the Twyford Buckinghamshire HS2 rail project dig site in England submerged for cleaning.  Source: HS2

By Nathan Falde


Interview 1685 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee or Download the mp4

Story #1: Kazakhstan Declares Calm Restored; Russian Troops to Leave in Two Days

Kazakhstan: Russia-Led Troops to Start Leaving In 2 Days

Kazakhstan President Says Russian Troops Will Begin Leaving In Two Days

U.S. Welcomes Completion of Russian-Led Mission in Kazakhstan -State Dept

Troops Told to Fire Without Warning In Kazakhstan

Dozens of Protesters Dead, 12 Police Dead In Kazakhstan Protests;

National Endowment for Democracy Provided $1.2 Million to Kazakhstan to Help Spark Color Revolution Against Pro-Russian and Pro-China Regime

The Open Society Foundations In Kazakhstan

Episode 338 – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

Kazakhstan: The Price of Insurgency

Kazakhstan and the CSTO: Putin Calmly Reads the Riot Act

Former Kazakhstan Intelligence Chief and ‘Close Friend’ of Bidens is Arrested for Treason

Kazakhstan: People’s Revolt, Covid1984 Pushback, Color Revolution, Coup, and/or False Flag?

Kazakhstan Becomes Toxic Graveyard for US Diplomacy

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EXCLUSIVE: Human Smugglers Earn $1B from U.S.-Mexico Border in December 2021

Internal U.S. Customs and Border protection documents reviewed by Breitbart Texas report that human smugglers received up to $1 billion in December 2021 alone. On average, migrants claimed to have paid smugglers more than $5,000 per person – with more than 170,000 apprehended in the month.

The number is likely much higher considering more than 400,000 migrants are believed to have eluded Border Patrol apprehension in 2021. The document shows migrants, on average, paid more than $8,000.00 each to human traffickers in the San Diego sector. Migrants interviewed in the Del Rio Sector admitted to paying slightly more than $4,000 per person.

BIG BEND SECTOR No data provided
EL PASO SECTOR $6,236.05
YUMA SECTOR $4372.47
Southwest Border Total Average $5,528.09

The source says not all migrants admit to paying the fees. The source says there are many reasons why the fees vary across the southwest border, depending on the barriers in place.

A 2010 report commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security notes that distances traveled to and into the United States can also affect prices.

The fees may also increase based on the nationality of a particular migrant. Traffickers fear the attention brought by smuggling migrants from significant interest countries or terrorist havens.

The increase in human trafficking along the southwest border by larger organizations is not a positive development for migrants when combined with a shortage of smuggler options. According to the DHS study, larger smuggling organizations have a greater tendency to violate agreements and abandon or extort their clientele.

Randy Clark is a 32-year veteran of the United States Border Patrol.  Prior to his retirement, he served as the Division Chief for Law Enforcement Operations, directing operations for nine Border Patrol Stations within the Del Rio, Texas, Sector. Follow him on Twitter @RandyClarkBBTX.


Russian diplomat refuses to rule out military deployment to Latin America

A top Russian diplomat on Thursday refused to rule out a military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela if the US and allies don’t stop military activities on Russia’s doorstep.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said he could “neither confirm nor exclude” the possibility of Russia sending military assets to Latin America.

“It all depends on the action by our US counterparts,” the minister said in an interview with Russian television network RTVI, citing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning that Moscow could take unspecified “military-technical measures” if the US and its allies fail to heed its demands.

There are ongoing talks between the US and Russia over a troop buildup near Ukraine.

Western countries have warned Russia of severe consequences if it invades the neighbouring country while Russia has placed demands on NATO not to accept ex-Soviet nations as new members.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan dismissed Ryabkov’s statements on Thursday about a possible Russian deployment to Latin America as “bluster”.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Sullivan noted that no further talks have been scheduled, but “we’re prepared to continue with diplomacy to advance security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic.”

Ryabkov said a refusal by the US and its allies to consider the key Russian demand for guarantees against NATO’s expansion to Ukraine and other former Soviet states makes it hard to discuss the confidence-building steps that Washington says it’s ready to negotiate.

“The US wants to conduct a dialogue on some elements of the security situation … to ease the tensions and then continue the process of geopolitical and military development of the new territories, coming closer to Moscow,” he said. “We have nowhere to retreat.”

Ryabkov described US and NATO military deployments and drills near Russia’s territory as extremely destabilising.

He said US nuclear-capable strategic bombers flew just 15 kilometres from Russia’s border.

“We are constantly facing a provocative military pressure intended to test our strength,” he said, adding that he wondered how Americans would react “if our bombers fly within 15 kilometres off some US bases on the East or the West Coast.”

The high-stakes diplomacy took place as an estimated 100,000 Russian troops with tanks and other heavy weapons are massed near Ukraine’s eastern border. On Thursday, Sullivan reiterated concerns that Moscow may be laying the groundwork for invading Ukraine by fabricating allegations that Kyiv is preparing to act against Russia.

He said the US would be making public some of the reasons for that assessment in the coming days.

In 2014, Russia seized the Crimean Peninsula after the ouster of Ukraine’s Moscow-friendly leader, throwing its weight behind a separatist insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

More than 14,000 people have been killed in nearly eight years of fighting between the Russia-backed rebels and Ukrainian forces.


New Czech governing coalition wins confidence vote

The Czech Republic’s new conservative-led government won a vote of confidence in the lower house of parliament on Thursday in a mandatory ballot that every administration must win to govern.

Lawmakers voted 106-87 in favour of the government led by Prime Minister Petr Fiala, which was formed after October’s general election, ending the reign of populist billionaire Andrej Babis.

“We’re not populists,” Fiala told lawmakers during a debate that ended with the vote on Thursday. “We’re not promising anything that we’re not sure we can fulfil.”

The coalition government holds 108 of the lower house’s 200 seats, relegating Babis and his centrist ANO (YES) movement to the opposition.

A three-party, liberal-conservative coalition known as Together, composed of the Civic Democratic Party, the Christian Democrats and the TOP 09 party, came in first in the election with 27.8% of the vote.

It has formed a government with a centre-left liberal coalition made up of the Pirate Party and STAN — a group of mayors and independent candidates — which placed third.

ANO narrowly lost the election with 27.1% of the vote.

Despite their differences on many issues, including climate change, same-sex marriage and the adoption of the euro, the coalition parties all support the Czech Republic’s membership of the European Union and NATO.

The government, which was sworn in on 17 December has focused on adopting measures to address an anticipated surge of the new highly contagious Omicron variant that has become dominant in the country.

It has cut isolation restrictions for people testing positive and shortened quarantine for close contacts.

The Cabinet has made it mandatory for all employees to get tested for the coronavirus twice a week and is considering allowing people in some professions who are infected with COVID-19 but display no symptoms to work.

New infections had been declining since a record high in late November but started growing again last week.

The country has registered over 2.5 million infections and 36,765 deaths.

The new government also pledged to work to phase out coal in energy production by 2033 while increasing the country’s reliance on nuclear and renewable sources.

It has approved a plan to help residents affected by high energy prices, one of the factors behind high inflation that reached 6.6% in November.


British PM Johnson has become a threat

British PM Johnson has become a threat – Tehran%20Times

Calls are growing for the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to resign over his involvement in a Downing Street party that broke the government’s own lockdown rules. 

Under intense pressure, Johnson had previously kept silent since a leaked email emerged last week over the scandal and his lack of comment to either confirm or deny the attendance has infuriated opposition parties and British public further. 

However, addressing Parliament for the first time on Wednesday afternoon in a weekly session the PM had to attend, Johnson has admitted he attended the party and issued an apology; despite saying he believed it was “a work event.”

Acknowledging the “rage [the public] feel with me and with the government” the PM says “with hindsight, I should have sent everyone back inside”. 

Responding to the prime minister’s admission, the main opposition Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer, called on Johnson to “do the decent thing and resign”, describing his defense as “so ridiculous that it is actually offensive to the British people”.

Starmer added Johnson is a “pathetic spectacle of a man who has run out of road. The party is over prime minister”. 

He further said “When the prime minister’s former health secretary broke the rules, he resigned and the prime minister said he was right to do so.

“When the prime minister’s spokesperson laughed about the rules being broken, she resigned, and the prime minister accepted that resignation. Why does the prime minister still think that the rules don’t apply to him?”

Conservative Party Members of Parliament have also expressed their anger over the Prime Minister’s failure to address the allegations until now.

Tory MP Roger Gale says the PM is on “very thin ice indeed”, saying Johnson misled parliament and politically is a “dead man walking”.

Gale says “unfortunately what the Prime Minister has said today leaves people like me in an impossible situation. We now know that the prime minister spent 25 minutes at what was quite clearly a party. That means that he misled the House”.

He adds “I fear that it is now going to have to be the work of the 1922 [Committee] to determine precisely how we proceed. If you look at the Twittersphere after prime minister’s question time today, it sounds to me I am afraid very much as though politically the prime minister is a dead man walking”. 

This is while the Metropolitan Police faces legal action for its failure to investigate the Downing Street Party Scandal. 

The Good Law Project says it has started legal proceedings over the police’s refusal to investigate reports of the Downing Street Party last year. 

According to British media, the campaign group says the metropolitan police told them it had “relied on the government’s assurances that no rules had been broken” and “there would have been no point in interviewing Number 10 staff about the parties because they would have refused to answer questions that exposed them to a risk of prosecution”.

The Good Law Project has hit back saying: “You can have the rule of law, or you can defer to the powerful. But you can’t have both. 

The campaign group says the police “will know that multiple criminal offenses were committed. It shames the Met, and ultimately all of us, that [the Met chief] refuses to investigate.”

Analysts say allegations of the Metropolitan police “deferring to the powerful” will be met with anger by the British public. 

Data from the National Police Chiefs’ Council shows police fined hundreds of people for breaking lockdown rules during the week of the Downing Street garden party. There were 807 fixed penalty notices issued for in England and Wales from 15 May and 21 May 2020.

The Metropolitan Police face further questions about whether its officers knew of the gathering at the time it took place and why it did not take any action then.

The Green party pointed out how troublesome the May 2020 party was for the police force saying “this garden party raises big questions for the Met police, as their officers must surely have monitored this gathering via their security cameras and been aware of the rules in place at the time”

“The police are losing public trust with their attitude that there are lots of rules for us and no rules for Conservative ministers. Did Martin Reynolds consult with Met police officers about the Covid restrictions, or inform them of the event?” the party added.

The fluid developments and outrage come following the leak of an email from one of the prime minister’s top officials inviting more than 100 Downing Street staff to a party during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has warned Johnson’s position is “completely untenable” saying he “not only broke the rules but he’s lied to the British public” adding the fact Johnson has yet to come forward to explain his account of the event “shows the measure of the man”.

The Liberal Democrat Party is calling for the PM to resign, saying he has “become a threat to the health of our nation”.

In a statement, the party’s leader Ed Davey said “Boris Johnson is now incapable of leading our country through this public health crisis – I actually think he is a threat to the health of the nation because no-one will do anything he says because he has now shown to have been deceitful, so Boris Johnson must now resign”

“He said to parliament and to the country before Christmas when he was apologizing that he didn’t know about the parties, and now we know he was at least one of those parties”.

“So, he has clearly lied, he has broken the ministerial code, he has broken the law, he’s misled parliament – any prime minister in the past would resign for just one of those offenses.

“If he has a shred of decency left in him, I think he must resign today”.

This is while, the Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, asked by British media if the PM should step down, Ross replied: “yes, because you cannot put in place these rules, you cannot be the head of the government that is asking people to follow these rules and then breaking those rules yourself.”

According to legal scholars, Johnson could be prosecuted as an “accessory to the crime” if he is found to have attended a rule-breaking Downing Street party. 

Meanwhile, in a sign of the British public turning on their Prime Minister, for the first time, more than 50% of the public has called on Johnson to resign.

A YouGov poll showed 56% of respondents believed Mr. Johnson should resign over the fresh allegations, with 27% saying he should remain.

This is while a Savanta ComRes study found 66% of British adults thought he should quit as prime minister, with 24% saying he should stay.

Given the similar results, it is more difficult to understate the potential significance of the latest snap survey from Savanta ComRes.

This indicates two-thirds of the population believe Boris Johnson should resign over the scandal.
But perhaps more importantly, 42% of Conservative voters also think he should quit. The Prime Minister has become an electoral liability for the ruling party.

The double standards in government rules can be highlighted by the campaign group ‘COVID-19 Bereaved Families for Justice’, which has written to Johnson urging him to “do the right thing” and apologize for attending the Downing Street garden party.

The letter was signed by Hannah Brady, who said her father’s death certificate was being signed on the day of the Number 10 gathering.  
It stated: “It is now clear that whilst my dad’s death certificate was being signed and me and my younger sister were grieving alone, dozens of people were gathered, clutching a bottle they had been invited to bring, in the same place you told me you had done everything you could”

“You can only imagine the pain, anguish and anger this news has brought to me and those of us lost a loved one to COVID-19. To make matters worse, when asked about this event you laughed, smirked and seemed to treat it as one big joke.”


East German Stasi kept records on Scholz during 1970s, 80s

East Germany’s secret police kept extensive records on Chancellor Olaf Scholz when he was a senior member of the West German Social Democratic Party’s youth wing in the 1970s and 80s, German tabloid Bild reported Thursday.

Files obtained by the newspaper showed the Stasi closely followed his visits to the communist country at a time when he was deputy leader of the Young Socialists, describing him as a “seasoned political professional who has a lot of influence in the organisation.”

The Stasi gathered vast amounts of information on East Germany’s citizens and influential people abroad, both through its own agents and with the help of informants.

Many of the files were destroyed before German reunification in 1990, but some have survived and can be accessed by those concerned or for research purposes.

Asked about the files Thursday, Scholz said they “weren’t nice, but that’s just the way it is.”

The 63-year-old was elected chancellor last month, succeeding Angela Merkel, who grew up in East Germany.


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