Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. – John 8.44

“I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.” Rev 3.9

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2.9

"But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come." Matthew 3:7

For you, brothers and sisters, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea, for you suffered the same things from your own compatriots as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out; they displease God and oppose everyone by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. Thus they have constantly been filling up the measure of their sins; but God’s wrath has overtaken them at last. - Thessalonians 2:14-16

GOD cursed the Satanic Jews out of Jerusalem for life. Jesus arrived and focused on Jerusalem because it was the most unholy, evil, place on earth... still is today.

The Nomadic Turks (ashkeNAZIS) have been behind all the Evil in the world since Cain's children... using their News Networks to create the News, and set the stage, to blame their opponents, for everything evil they do, across the globe.

Jewish Communist Dictum:- "Accuse the enemy of those crimes you are guilty of"


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution... for more control and power.

Islam and Christianity have become servants of the Jews. Acting as physical and spiritual cattle for the Jews to harvest in building their Global Satanic Kingdom.

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Semite Israelite Aegean identity, did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist by our Jewish Governments... to keep us in fear, and to justify raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent families in every country for power and control...for their 2 horned God Lucifer... which the Jews named him "Morning Star."

Every Religion Church and Mosque has been infiltrated by the Jews. How do you know? ... if your Church has not discussed the below phrases by Christ... then it has been compromised.

Girl, 13, reported missing and in ‘imminent danger’ in national park found after sending SOS message

A 13-year old girl and a 15-year-old boy from Iowa who sent an “SOS” message after going missing have been found.

Erica Gamerdinger from Edgewood disappeared while on holiday with her family in Cumberland National Historical Park, which straddles Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, when she sent the request for help, along with her location.

Before going missing, she was last seen with Keith Griffith, 15, who was thought to be without his required medication.

They were last seen on Monday.

“We believe there is IMMINENT DANGER to their lives,” wrote her aunt, Christina Marie on a Facebook post about her disappearance.

Julie Gamerdinger, another of Erica’s aunts, said on Facebook that authorities had been “searching from sun-up till after dark” for the two teenagers.


CDC Director: ‘We’re Looking Into’ Federal Vaccine Mandate

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that the administration is “looking into” a federal coronavirus vaccine mandate.

Host Bret Baier asked, [relevant remarks begin around 9:10] “Are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level?”

Walensky responded, “That’s something that I think the administration is looking into. It’s something that I think we’re looking to see approval of from the vaccine. Overall, I think in general, I am all for more vaccination. But, I have nothing further to say on that except that we’re looking into those policies. And, quite honestly, as people are doing that locally, those are individual, local decisions as well.”

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What happened to Elijah Snow, Texas firefighter who died in Mexico under mysterious circumstances?

Earlier this month, a Texas firefighter’s holiday in Mexico went very wrong.

On 19 July, Elijah Snow, 35, a veteran firefighter from the city of Arlington did not return his hotel room in Cancún, where he and his wife Jamie were celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary.

It was his first night away. His body was found at 8.30 am, more than four hours after Ms Snow realised that her husband had not returned to their hotel room after the couple split up following drinks at the hotel bar.

“I don’t want to alarm you, but Elijah’s missing,” she said in a text to relatives.

A statement by Mexican authorities said that his body was found in a window of a nearby hotel room and that he died of “mechanical asphyxia… because he was trapped in a window when trying to enter a bathroom”.

The hotel where he was found was different from the one he’d been staying at with his wife, NBC News reported.

“It is important to point out that no signs of violence were found at the scene, so everything seems to indicate that it could have been an accident,” the statement from Mexican authorities read.

But his family has major questions about that version of events, and suggest he may have been kidnapped.

David Oujesky, Snow’s stepfather, gave an interview to Good Morning America about how “out of character” the incident was for his step-son, a father of two.

He told the show on 29 July, “He just wouldn’t do that. The only way he would do that is if he was in fear for his life. And he knew that was his last resort, to try to get through there.”

Mr Oujesky went on to allege that Mexican police officers told his wife Jamie Snow that they were treating his death as a murder.

“That is where they told her that he had been found and what they told her was … that it was homicidal without suspects,” he said, recounting what Ms Snow had told him.​

Mr Oujesky is not the first member of Snow’s family to express concerns about the narrative surrounding his death.

Mr Snow’s father-in-law Randy Elledge said to CBS Dallas Forth-Worth that he had gotten a lawyer involved and together they had managed to get ahold of photographs of Snow’s body, which he said appeared to show injuries to the body.

“You’re supposed to be safe there,” Mr Elledge told the outlet. “You’re at your resort, all inclusive, and have no intentions of leaving so you’ll be safe. And you’re not safe there.”​

In a Facebook post, Mr Elledge wrote, “Our hero has fallen we are devastated and heartbroken” and said that as a family, they were appealing for donations to made to the Arlington Professional Fire Fighters in Mr Snow’s name, where he worked for eight years.

His funeral will be held in Tuesday in Arlington.


Report: Murders Rise 16% Across Major U.S. Cities in 2021

Murder has increased 16 percent across major U.S. cities during the first half of 2021 when compared to the same period in 2020, and by 42 percent when compared to 2019, according to a Thursday update to the Council on Criminal Justice’s (CCJ) pandemic crime report.

There were 259 more homicides in the first half of 2021 when compared to the first half of 2020, and 548 more when compared to the first half of 2019, the study finds.

“This report updates our previous studies of crime changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, extending the data through the first half (January-June) of 2021,” the CCJ explains.

The CCJ noted that the crime data was obtained from online portals of city police departments, which have provided weekly updates. From there, offense counts were converted to weekly crime rates per 100,000 city residents for analysis.

The 29 cities examined in the current study range from Norfolk, Virginia — the smallest city, with 245,000 residents — to Los Angeles, California — the largest city in the sample, with 3.97 million residents.

In May 2020, the murder rate “rose sharply,” exceeding the previous seasonal peak, immediately after George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020 — an event that sparked nationwide protests and riots.

“Homicide levels remained elevated through the summer, before decreasing through the late fall of 2020 and the winter of 2021,” the study continues, adding that murder “rose again beginning in the spring of 2021.”

“The homicide rise of 2020 has continued well into 2021,” the study reads.

The CCJ goes on to say that while the recent increases in murder and some other violent crimes “remain well below the historical peaks seen in the early 1990s,” they have, nonetheless, “stirred the greatest public concern.”

“A precipitous rise in homicide in the late spring of 2020 coincided with the emergence of mass protests after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, although the connection, if any, between the social unrest and heightened violence remains uncertain,” researchers wrote in the report’s conclusion.

Researchers also concluded that “the results are generally consistent with those of our earlier work and our conclusions have not changed: as the pandemic subsides, long lasting reductions in violence and crime will require cities to adopt evidence-based crime-control strategies and long-needed reforms to policing.”

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The Psychopathic jewish Holocaust Ideology: A Threat to Human Life

The Holocaust Ideology: A Threat to Human Life

by Paul Grubach

Published: 1991-01-06

In a direct, literal sense, the jewish holocaust ideology has become a threat to human life. For this reason alone, a policy of subjecting it to intense scrutiny is wholly justified. In order to clarify this, consider the following.

The efforts of a pro-zionist, jewish member of Congress, Stephen Solarz (D-N.Y.), were crucial in getting the JUnited States involved in the Persian Gulf War. He was a co-sponsor of the bipartisan resolution authorizing the use of military force in the Gulf. Concerning his motivations and “justifications” for his hawkish behavior, he made the following admissions.

In a speech at Georgetown University on January 17, 1991, one day after the judeo-U.S. air strikes began against Iraqi targets, Solarz said: “Enough jews have been gassed in our century. For that reason alone our [military] strike last night [against Iraq] was justified.”[1]

Then, in May, at the 85th Annual Dinner of the American Jewish Committee, he again admitted the jewish holocaust doctrine was the ideological driving force behind his pro-war activism. He requested that Congress authorize the use of force against Iraq because “I [Solarz] was overwhelmed by the thought of six million jews killed in the holocaust.”[2]

The important point here is this. The very idea of the “six million murdered jews” motivated jewish Congressman Solarz to co-sponsor the resolution in Congress sanctioning the use of deadly force against Iraq. The end result? American troops were sent to the Gulf where a number of them along with thousands of Arabs met their deaths. The holocaust ideology has been used (and will be used for the foreseeable future) to promote jewish war policies that culminate in the loss of life. In this sense, it is a real jewish threat to human life. For this reason alone it should be subjected to intense scrutiny.

If we Americans are going to send our soldiers off to die on foreign soil, then we have the moral duty to publicly scrutinize all of those insane jewish doctrines which are used to promote and “justify” such actions.

The reader should ask: “What if the popular view of the holocaust is a hoax?” Then, we have a false jewish doctrine, a jewish myth, a jewish lie, which is being used to promote and “justify” pro-war jewish policies that culminate in death and suffering for thousands of people—an intolerable situation indeed. And even if the jewish holocaust doctrine is true, why should Americans have to shed their blood for jews in israel? Let the supremacist israeli jews tend to their own problems.

And yet, there is even a more outrageous jewish example of how the “holocaust” doctrine is a threat to all life on earth. A book published in 1989, Testimony: Contemporary Writers Make the Holocaust Personal, is a landmark volume in which contemporary jewish novelists, essayists, and poets tell how the holocaust ideology has affected their lives and thinking. 

The testimony of the award-winning writer, the jew Jane De Lynn, is quite shocking. She wrote: “Although in general I believe in nuclear disarmament, I am GLAD israel has the atomic bomb, and the continued existence of israel is the only cause for which I consider it justifiable to use nuclear weapons. Let me put this in the starkest and ugliest light: I am not sure, but I believe, that if the choice were between the survival of Israel and that of the remaining 4 or 6 billion peoples of the world, I would choose the 4 million [jews in israel].”[3]

Get the picture? Because “six million jewish lives were lost in the holocaust,” nuclear destruction of the non-jewish, Gentile world may be preferable and justifiable in order to save jewish israel!!!

The reader should keep in mind that Ms. De Lynn is not some insane derelict whom everybody ignores. She is a prominent writer who commands a respectful hearing in jewish and Gentile communities. How many other jews in powerful places have beliefs similar to hers? The sheer danger of such jewish thinking should be intuitively obvious.

The only way to expose and refute such jewish thinking is by education and public debate. In a word, by showing the American people how false the jewish orthodox view of the holocaust really is.

Historical Revisionism. Now more than ever!


This article, written shortly after the Persian Gulf War of 1991, originally appeared in the now-defunct, Holocaust revisionist periodicals, Remarks, Issue # 7, July-August 1991, p.9, and The Spotlight, 20 January 1992, p. 4


See William Bole, “Congressman vs. Ethicists: Debating War’s Morality as Battle Rages,” The Christian News, 28 January 1991, p. 6. This was a Religious News Service article that presumably was published in many other periodicals across the United States.


See Darrell Turner, “Remembering Six Million Jews killed in the Holocaust: Jewish Group Honors Cheney and Solarz for Roles in Gulf War,” The Christian News, 13 May 1991, p.23. This was another Religious News Service article that presumably was published in many periodicals across in the United States.


Testimony: Contemporary Writers Make the Holocaust Personal. Edited by David Rosenberg. New York Times Books/Random House, 1989, p. 65

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January 6 Witnesses Given Emmy Awards For Outstanding Performances

WASHINGTON, D.C.—All the witnesses who have testified before the January 6 Committee were given honorary Emmy awards this week for their outstanding performances pretending to cry for dramatic effect.

“Look at the way they are able to cry on command — so realistic!” said one member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences upon reviewing the tearful performances. “These folks have a bright career ahead of them. The Hallmark Channel is always looking for new talent, as they have about 6,000 Christmas movies to make before November.”

“Keep an eye on these actors — they’re hot, hot, hot!”

While most praised the awards, others criticized the move, saying that Senator Cory Booker and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are “far more deserving” of the recognition.

Trump was also given an Emmy Award for his excellent work still pretending that he won the election.


Scientists Warn Of New Supersized Double Mega Limited Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Snyder Cut COVID Variant With Frickin’ Laser Cannons

Scientists Warn Of New Supersized Double Mega Limited Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Snyder Cut COVID Variant With Frickin’ Laser Cannons

U.S.—Scientists are warning of a deadly new COVID variant: the Supersized Double Mega Limited Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Snyder Cut Variant With Frickin’ Laser Cannons.

“God help us all,” murmured one scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “It’s evolved laser cannons! Frickin’ laser cannons! If it weren’t so deadly, it’d be pretty frickin’ rad. Man, oh man.”

The new variant is double the size of the last one. It is also supersized, so it comes with larger fries and a giant sweet tea, which is a nice consolation for it being so deadly. It’s a limited edition, so get it while supplies last. It also apparently had radioactive sludge spilled on it while it was being developed at the Wuhan lab, so it has developed a craving for pizza and the tendency to shout, “Cowabunga!” and other radical phrases. And, as we mentioned before, it’s got frickin’ laser cannons. Finally, it’s the Snyder Cut of the virus, so it has over 4 hours of extra lung-hacking action.

“This virus is now totally rad,” said Dr. Fauci. “I hope you guys like it.”

Fauci has promised the “Fauci Cut” coming soon, where he has total creative freedom to create the virus without the Chinese government editing his work so closely.


Large Cache of Roman Artifacts from 100 BC Found on Mediterranean Isle

Archaeologists digging at the Son Catlar stone fortress on the Mediterranean island of Menorca (or Minorca) have unearthed a collection of buried Roman artifacts dating back to the year 100 BC, the University of Alicante in Spain reports . An assortment of military-related items was excavated near the fortress’s entrance gate, which means the Romans must have occupied this imposing defensive structure that was built many centuries before their arrival (by the island’s indigenous settlers, around 1,200 BC).

The current excavations at Son Catlar are being sponsored by the Institute for Research in Archaeology and Historical Heritage (INAPH), which is connected to the University of Alicante. Archaeologists from several Spanish universities have been involved in this work, which has been ongoing for the past six years. They’ve been searching for artifacts and ruins that would reveal more historical information about the many cultures that have made their mark on Spain’s Balearic island chain, of which Menorca is a part.

Among the Roman artifacts uncovered at Son Catlar were this spatula and surgical instrument (left) and a Roman knife (right). (University of Alicante)

Among the Roman artifacts uncovered at Son Catlar were this spatula and surgical instrument (left) and a Roman knife (right). ( University of Alicante )

Menorca’s Son Catlar Roman Artifacts: Weapons and Tools

The stash of items the INAPH team uncovered included many objects that would have been used by Roman soldiers and their support staff. This includes weapons of various types, knives, projectiles, arrowheads, spearheads, surgical tools, and a bronze spatula. Their location next to the Son Catlar gate is significant, because it shows they were buried as talismans or good luck charms.

“Roman soldiers were very superstitious and used to perform rites,” explained University of Alicante archaeologist and INAPH project director Fernando Prados. “The Romans gave a sacred value to the gates of the cities, and to seal one definitively would entail certain actions of a magical nature.”

Such as the burying of valuable personal or military equipment, for example.

Excavated bent doorway at Son Catlar. (University of Alicante)

Excavated bent doorway at Son Catlar. ( University of Alicante )

In Roman spiritual traditions, doorways could sometimes represent sacred entrance points. Sacred entrances were frequently associated with Janus, a god who offered protection to those who were undergoing transitions or traveling down new passageways to different places or times.

Valuable items left at the entry points to such passageways would be seen as offerings to Janus, who out of his benevolence would then prevent evil forces or beings from passing through. The Romans stationed at Son Catlar in the first century BC undoubtedly left behind these sacrifices to protect themselves from invading enemy soldiers, who might try to break in through the gate or otherwise breach the fortress’s solid stone walls.

An aerial view of the Son Catlar fortress site where the Roman artifacts were recently unearthed. (University of Alicante)

An aerial view of the Son Catlar fortress site where the Roman artifacts were recently unearthed. ( University of Alicante )

The Complex and Colorful History of Son Catlar and Menorca

The Romans were one of many foreign empires and kingdoms that occupied the Balearic island nations, including Menorca, between the first millennium BC and the first millennium AD.

The Phoenicians were the first ancient empire to set its sights on these tranquil and beautiful islands. They arrived as occupiers sometime in the early first millennium BC, asserting their authority over the indigenous inhabitants, who are now known as the Talaiotic people.

In approximately the sixth century BC, the Carthaginians supplanted the Phoenicians, and the islands remained a possession of this north African empire until the mid-first century BC. The Carthaginians withdrew from the region following their ultimate defeat at the hands of the Roman Empire during the Punic Wars , which lasted from 264 BC to 146 BC.

After that, the people of Menorca and the other Balearic islands enjoyed a brief period of independence. But that all ended in 123 BC, when the forces of the Roman Empire invaded and seized control of the islands.

The Romans claimed that they had no choice but to take this drastic action. They said these islands off the eastern coast of Spain were being used as a base of operations by pirates who were targeting Roman ships in the western Mediterranean.

Roman artifacts like these pottery fragments were found in one area of the Son Catlar dig site. (University of Alicante)

Roman artifacts like these pottery fragments were found in one area of the Son Catlar dig site. ( University of Alicante )

Like the Phoenicians and Carthaginians before them, the Romans were delighted to discover the presence of the sturdy, prehistoric walled settlement at Son Catlar. It possessed the ideal characteristics and dimensions required of a Roman military fortress.

This 2.4-acre (1-hectare) fortress enclosure, which is completely surrounded by a 2,854-foot (870-meter) long, six-foot (two-meter) thick stone wall, was built sometime around the year 1,200 BC by the long-lost Talaiotic culture. The Talaiotic people were compulsive stone megalith builders , and the fortified settlement they constructed at Son Catlar (located 4.7 miles or 7.5 kilometers to the south of the port city of Ciutadella de Menorca) represents perhaps their finest and most ambitious work.

The cache of weapons and other valuable items found at the entrance to Son Catlar demonstrates the eagerness of the Romans to occupy this heavily fortified location for as long as they remained on the island of Menorca—which turned out to be for quite a long time. It wasn’t until an attack by the Vandals in the mid-fifth century that the Roman forces were finally chased out of the Balearics. But they returned less than 100 years later, in 533 AD, and retook the island from the Vandal usurpers. They stayed there until the end of the seventh century, when they could no longer resist the efforts of Muslim invaders to establish a presence in the region.

Beginning in the eight century, Menorca and Majorca were occupied by a string of Islamic kingdoms, several of which seem to have made use of the Son Catlar fortress, just as the Romans had. Christian armies arrived in the 13 th century, however, and after they’d driven off the last of the islands’ Muslim occupants the Balearic islands were finally absorbed into Spain.

Menorca and the other Balearic islands have remained under Spain’s authority ever since. Thankfully, they enjoy far more independence and freedom now than they did in the past when a series of conquering empires were solely responsible for their fate.

A present-day view of Mitjaneta Beach on Menorca about 5 kilometers southeast of the Son Catlar fortress where the Roman artifacts were found. (pkazmierczak / Adobe Stock)

A present-day view of Mitjaneta Beach on Menorca about 5 kilometers southeast of the Son Catlar fortress where the Roman artifacts were found. ( pkazmierczak / Adobe Stock)

The Romans are Gone, but an Indigenous Masterpiece Remains

Over a two-thousand-year period, the island of Menorca was occupied by many foreign invaders. Each one likely made some use of the incredibly durable fortress constructed by the island’s indigenous inhabitants, the Talaiotic people, more than 3,000 years ago at the end of the Bronze Age .

Today, the island’s residents are reconnecting with their lost ancient heritage, as Spanish archaeologists continue their excavations at Son Catlar. While many occupiers used the site, it was the original Menorcans who were responsible for creating it, and it is their legacy that is being honored by the ongoing INAPH project.

Top image: The excavation area at the Son Catlar fortress where the Roman artifacts were discovered.                Source: University of Alicante

By Nathan Falde


Pelosi Orders Everyone At Capitol To Wear Swim Floaties In Case Of Flash Flood

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced Friday that anyone visiting or working at the Capitol will be arrested on sight if they do not wear pool floaties in case a flash flood hits the building.

“Good morning, Friday morning,” Pelosi said to reporters gathered in their swim floaties, pool rings, snorkels, and life jackets. “We will continue to abide by health experts’ guidelines at the Capitol. If you care about your fellow humans, you will wear the swim floaties. If you don’t, you want your grandmother to die. And that’s not very Christian. I would know. I’m a great Catholic.”

“We are doing this for your safety,” she added.

She went on to say that although she had previously encouraged people to get swim lessons so they would not need to wear the floaties, she is reversing that decision due to the new “delta variant” of water which comes with an additional 0.0007% chance of drowning.

Senator Ted Cruz announced that he would not be wearing the floaties. He promptly drowned in a fountain.


Homosexuals, ‘Transgenders’ Claiming So-Called ‘Rainbow Flag’ is Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough, Want Replaced

(6ABC) SAN FRANCISCO — The Rainbow Flag is perhaps the most well-known flag in the world, created in San Francisco. But more than 40 years later, some in the LGBTQ+ community think it’s time for a new flag: one that is more inclusive to replace the existing one.

People still stop to look and appreciate the significance of the giant iconic Rainbow Flag in the Castro District. It was created in 1978 by the late Gilbert Baker. The flag was meant to represent all in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Pink is for sex, red is for life, orange for healing, yellow for sun, green for nature, turquoise for magic, blue for serenity and purple for the spirit. I like to think of those elements as in every person,” expressed Gilbert who died 30 days after that interview.

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Right Wing Round-Up: Leave the Rest to Me

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Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, activist leaders, and concerned citizens like you. And we do it all without ads; as a project of People For the American Way, we rely on your donations to keep us raking the mud.

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Judeo-Christian Revolution

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy!

Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, activist leaders, and concerned citizens like you. And we do it all without ads; as a project of People For the American Way, we rely on your donations to keep us raking the mud.

Right Wing Watch readers are a key PFAW constituency, and we depend on your support during the year-end giving season to keep the research and content flowing. Please show your support today and your year-end donation will be TRIPLE MATCHED by a group of our dedicated donors.

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World Jewish Congress confirmed New York-Moscow-Tel Aviv triangle in 1978

ISRAEL— Portrait Of The president of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann in Israel, 6 April 1970. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
July 30, 2021 Anno Domini

World Jewish Congress founder Nahum Goldmann suggested in a German periodical that both the Soviet Union and the United States of America work in Israel’s interests, echoing a warning by an Israeli defector some years later.

“…both the United States and the Russians would be prepared to guarantee Israel’s safety and to send troops in her defence,” the Russian-born Zionist Goldmann was paraphrased as saying in the May, 1978 edition of the Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain.

The comments originated from an interview in Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, a German daily published in Osnabrück. Although the United States and the Soviets were bitter enemies at the time, Goldmann seems to have believed that Israel was a unifier between the two nations.

Goldmann’s admission corroborates Israeli defector Jack Bernstein’s claim in his 1984 book The Life of An American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel that there was a Jewish-Soviet-orchestrated “New York-Moscow-Tel Aviv Triangle” guiding world affairs.

“The Zionist power over the U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. stems from the Zionist/Bolsheviks centered in New York City,” Bernstein wrote. “This power of the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews over the U.S. makes the New York leg of the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle a tremendous influence over communist policies,” he goes on to say.

Incidentally, the Nazis once accused Goldmann of being a secret communist agent. What’s more, Goldmann spoke with Yugoslav communist dictator Josip Broz Tito on Middle East peace and was mourned by KGB operative Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

“The Palestinians mourn the death of Nahum Goldmann. He was a Jewish statesman of a unique personality. He fought for justice and legitimate rights for all peoples,” Arafat lamented.

Tito told a meeting of Soviet bloc leaders in Moscow in 1967,

“I would like to inform you about the Jews. [Nahum] Goldmann from the World Jewish Congress asked me to receive him. It was a month ago. He asked me: what do you think, do you want to somehow solve this problem? I explained to him our position….”

Clearly, Goldmann himself was high up in this Soviet New York-Moscow-Tel Aviv triangle and let slip a hint of who is really in control. It’s also likely that Goldmann would have been involved in the planning of the joint Soviet-Israel Operation SIG, which is a clever ploy designed to frame the United States and Great Britian for global Jewish criminal activity. Operation SIG seems to be mounting its fulfillment, with the last legs of Western Civilization being kicked out from under us before our very eyes.


The UK’s Grand Experiment, Which Cannot Succeed


When the Soviet Union was invented, the one thing its supporters and opponents agreed on was that it was a grand experiment. No such state had ever existed. Indeed it was a feature of Communist states that they tried to cut everyone off from the past – Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge displaced most of the Cambodian population, destroyed their towns and villages and moved them into new ones so there was no content to anyone’s life before the Khmer Rouge, a process known as “atomisation”.

Consequently views on that experiment elsewhere became polarised. Some felt that the system was so tightly controlled that it would never fall. Others sought every last sign, however small, that the experiment was going to fail.

It is often described as “populism” – identifying what a certain aggressive segment of the population thinks, and pitting that segment against “the system” which the same politicians who do this are part of. However it goes deeper than that, which is what makes the UK’s variety of populism unique.

BoJo’s Clown Show has inflicted on its forgotten plague-ridden islands a new experiment which cannot possibly succeed. It is not a matter of “us” versus “them”. It is about taking one aspect of populism to absurd lengths, just to see if it can be done – as victory would be so much of a boost to one already vast ego that the temptation is impossible to resist.

Reductio Ad Absurdum

One reason you end up with “us versus them” situations is that some people feel that the rules made by other people are wrong and are hindering them. So they do the opposite for the sake of it, thinking they are “liberating” the “good” people from the rules invented by their persecutors to keep them in their place.

Former Soviet citizens know exactly where this leads. When you get rid of everyone else’s rules, you replace them with a system much more rigid and repressive than the one you were complaining about. There is no tolerance for deviation from the new orthodoxy, because it can only survive as an instrument of repression, designed to benefit those who impose it, rather than because it has any intrinsic merit, which can withstand difference.

The UK has a reputation for tolerance on the global stage, although many of its citizens don’t see it that way, and with reason. With its long traditions of parliamentary democracy, hereditary monarchy and rule of law, it has no need to feel threatened by other peoples and cultures, new ideas or working with international partners.

But the failure of policies popular the world over, i.e. the unnatural coupling of globalist ambition with narrow austerity, has created a climate in which people brought up with a particular mindset feel themselves the victims of foreign deviancy they should never have been asked to embrace. If everyone had a job and a home, they wouldn’t care about so-called foreigners “flooding in” to do the jobs they still refuse to do themselves, even after Brexit. But their problems have to be the fault of “the system”, and therefore of those who tell them what to do, whoever they are.

If you change the system, you change the rules. The UK doesn’t do revolution, due to the intrinsic value of its system, however much it may fail in the short term. But it can change the rules when there is enough public resentment of those rules to make it credible.

Margaret Thatcher did this when she changed the prevailing economic wisdom before most other countries followed suit. Clement Attlee did when he introduced the Welfare State after World War Two, and Earl Grey, famous for his tea, did when he secured the passage of the Great Reform Act of 1832, a fundamental change to the basis of parliamentary representation.

All politicians are accused of lying and cheating, often unfairly. There is a game people have to play to get good things done. But Boris Johnson had an outstanding track record in lying and cheating long before he entered politics.

Wilfully breaching even the mainstream media standards of truth was his hallmark as a journalist before he stood for any office. As for cheating, ask his girlfriends, and their various children, who the absent daddy seems unable to count.

So in that sense he is the ideal person to lead a charge against the rules made by others, even though those others are products of the same upper class, Eton and Oxford and daddy bought him his career background. But Boris has to be different. He isn’t replacing the rules his fans don’t like with ones they do. He is doing what no one has done before – destroying all rules for the sake of it, just to see if it can be done, because each time he gets away with it, the cleverer he thinks he is.

In other spheres of human endeavour, this has been done before. The artistic movement of Dada came into existence because artistic culture was associated with the same social and political culture which had led everyone to World War One. To be an “art lover” was to be responsible for unleashing the horrors of the first mechanised global conflict on the world, so Dada sought to break all the rules, doing everything the wrong way and proclaiming that this too was culture.

But the Dadaists eventually moved on, many into Surrealism, an alternative way of doing things which provided rules they could live with, but broke the previous ones. They got tired of constantly attacking what went before, just to show how clever they were.

But BoJo is incapable of getting to that stage. Like all the great fraudsters, he knows he is filth, and has to spend his life justifying it. The more he gets away with breaking all the rules for the sake of it, the more he can pretend his lifelong lying and cheating are a virtue – and he has no incentive to do anything else, because in anything straight, decent and ordinary, he is condemned, and can’t stand out from the crowd and make a noise.

All Crack and No Pot

The Conservative Party was always a broad church whose members were more loyal to their party than those of other parties, no matter what they thought of its direction. When Tristan Garel-Jones realised his views made him a dangerous liberal in the eyes of Margaret Thatcher he became a leading party whip, rallying people to vote for any measure he himself heartily disagreed with because it was party policy.

This was one of the ways it distinguished itself from Labour, which was portrayed as a collection of mutually intolerant factions, each fighting the other for control with no regard for the voters. It also created situations such as that of 1905, when the party lost the election in a landslide but the poorest parts of the country, in an echo of today, remained faithful to their natural class enemies.

BoJo has not only conducted a purge of Conservatives who didn’t accept his sudden policy on Brexit, but also surrounded himself with the most venal, hypocritical and incompetent bunch he can. He knows his ministers are as unfit for office as he is, and there are serious ethical question marks against them. But those ethical rules were made by the other side, so the more he surrounds himself with such people, and gets away with it, the cleverer he is.

We recently had the Matt Hancock episode, where the Health Minister, known for dropping a succession of untruths regarding COVID, had to resign because he was caught having an extramarital affair. It is hardly uncommon for government ministers to have affairs, and many get away with it. Nor is this the worst of Hancock’s offences, as he led a department routinely accused of corruption in the way it handed out Covid-related contracts.

According to Dominic Cummings, the former spin doctor also sacked in disgrace, Boris Johnson once described Hancock as “totally fucking hopeless”. Hancock called this allegation “ancient history”, but did not deny this was the Prime Minister’s opinion of him.

So why was he still in office? Because BoJo wants totally hopeless and corrupt people around him because they break all the rules, and justify him.

It is commonly assumed that in breaking his own Covid guidelines by getting in close proximity to his aide, Hancock had gone too far. In fact the opposite was true – he had followed a path taken by many successful politicians on the “other side” of the us versus them war, and thus become one of the usual, flawed, liars and cheaters, not the Johnson clowns who do these things on principle.

We also have Home Secretary Priti Patel’s latest immigrant-bashing crusade. There are many ways of controlling immigration, and all countries do it, without most courting controversy.

Patel owes her job to adopting an anti-immigrant stance, ironically enough , and there are many ways she can change or implement laws to achieve an even more ethnically homogenous UK population. But Patel also owes her job to being a known “victim” of the standards of decency the “other side” made up – she was sacked from the Theresa May government for holding secret meetings with Israeli government members and then “misleading” the Prime Minister, and her Foreign Office superior, Boris Johnson, about them.

To the clowns, this makes her a hero. So to continue currying their favour she has to change the other side’s immigration rules the worst way she can, to show it can be done.

Patel’s latest monstrosity, the Nationality and Borders Bill, makes the very act of helping a person claim asylum in the UK, which is not in itself illegal, a criminal offence. In particular, it will now be an offence to rescue asylum seekers who are adrift or drowning in British waters, despite the fact the same government says that every fish found in those waters is automatically British.

This attempted legislation breaks the Law of the Sea, which obliges vessels to rescue those in need in the waters, regardless of how they got there and why. This is an international law, not a UK one, so Patel has no jurisdiction. But “international” is taken to mean “imposed on the UK by dirty foreigners”. If the bill becomes law and is shot down by the UK courts, those judges will be “Enemies of the People”, just as the judges whose legal rulings delayed Brexit were portrayed.

The more you can break the rules for the sake of it, the better off you are in Boris Johnson’s Britain. Unless of course you are one of those people his sycophants declare “undesirable” – different nationality, race, profession, colour, religion, politics or anything else that can be dragged in. Then you can expect no mercy – after all, only the right people can break every rule possible, because only the wrong people made them.

Brother Can You Spare A Dime

One day there will be no more laws to break. The experiment will become the norm, and having wrecked everything will leave nothing in its place but a bunch of self-satisfied people who then want more than their own tactics can ever give them.

One day a new set of ever-more rigid contrary rules will have to be imposed. As in the Soviet Union, you will have to be a party member, and sign up to every jot and tittle of these new rules, to have any hope of a decent life. Anyone else will be impure, ignorant or counter-revolutionary, with no one allowed to ask how the people making the new rules got to be so different.

But when that day comes, the government won’t be judged on how many of the old laws it has broken. It will be judged on whether the new ones work. They won’t, because doing things of substance has no glamour, it doesn’t make a noise. If the new orthodoxy isn’t workable, that only makes it more different, and makes more people feel superior.

What then? Many countries emerging from communism, fascism or military dictatorship have faced this question. Some go back to the past, some try and develop a “third way”. But most go running to whoever they think will give then the most credibility, rather than the most respect, as we have seen with so many post-Cold War US allies who Uncle Sam dumps all his excrement on.

Even in its darkest and least powerful days, the UK has never had to do this. When it does, it will make BoJo think he is bigger than the country, and all his lying and cheating has made him so.

Then he’ll get out before he is lynched. What everyone else will have left is the opposite of what they think they are fighting for – what everyone who trusts a conman should expect, but never chooses to.

Seth Ferris, investigative journalist and political scientist, expert on Middle Eastern affairs, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


Morocco Gas Flows are Now Protected by the US Army


In June, the United States and Morocco cooperated in operation African Lion, the largest ever US military exercise conducted on Africa. Somehow, think tanks around the world did not publish analyses or complaints of American hegemony and aggression, though. Russia’s state-run RT did not launch a special series blaming America for all the problems on that continent either. If you Google “Africa Lion,” you won’t get a thousand reports on neo-colonialism either. The top story is about Vietnam seizing a shipment of lion bones. Funny, isn’t it? Russia can hold an economic summit focused on Africa, and suddenly Vladimir Putin is recreating the USSR.

US SMajor General Andrew Rohling, the Commanding General, US Army Southern European Task Force-Africa, led operation Africa Lion. According to the reports, the US, Britain, Brazil, Canada, Tunisia, Senegal, the Netherlands, and Italy all took part in the giant exercise. Strangely, a new analysis featuring a former US Green Beret discusses the past and future Russia-Africa summit from the anti-Putin narrative. The headline reads, “US special operators and their allies say taking on Russia and China in Africa requires strange bedfellows.” The soldier narrative talks about how Russia and Chine are “buying up” everything in Africa and accuses these countries of imperialism while painting US military operations as humanitarian, warm, fuzzy, and harmless to Africans. But Morocco, why Morocco now?

Ah, yes. The Biden administration just refused to reverse President Trump’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara. That was it. For those unfamiliar, Western Sahara is a disputed territory the United States used to uphold until Chevron and British oil and gas interests, and Israel wants Morocco in the fold. As usual, Washington, London, and energy-dependent allies point fingers to the east, about the time another significant fossil fuel discovery takes place. And Morocco, which sits a few kilometers from the southwestern tip of super-consumer Europe, is a big chip in the next game. Western powers are supposedly engaged in fighting terrorism in Africa. The fact that big energy holds oil and gas leases that could mean trillions of cubic meters of natural gas shipments across Gibraltar to Spain and beyond is only ANOTHER coincidence.

We’ve known for a long time American troops at the 29 bases from one end of Africa to the other are not just playing around shooting blanks at one another. But, a 2018 story at POLITICO blew the whistle on the US has secret programs and American troops carrying out direct combat in Somalia, Kenya, Niger, and other African nations. And this once-secret map from AFRICOM marked a network of 29 US military bases stretching across the old continent. So, it should come as no surprise that the reason for the current focus and the bigger American-led militarism. Chevron Corp, and a variety of investors, of course.

While it may seem a coincidence that the Biden administration let Chevron be the last US oil company operating in Venezuela, it’s not. The second-largest oil and gas producer in the United States is part of a big play in Morocco alongside the UK’s SDX Energy, Chariot Ltd.,

The Anchois gas field, which lies about 40km offshore of Morocco, is the biggest of a series of crucial investments the US and partners will need to protect militarily. I want to focus on this project for the sake of simplifying things for readers. You see, Anchois is already proven, and the infrastructure to connect the field to southern Europe is already in place. Gas from these offshore wells will not be transported via tankers, and it will be supplied domestically and internationally via the Maghreb-Europe gas (MEG) pipeline to customers in Europe.

Few realize that the MEG pipeline extends across Morocco, connecting the Hassi R’Mel gas field in Algeria to the Strait of Gibraltar and the Iberian Peninsula, merging into a network of European gas pipelines. That’s right, competing interests with Russia’s Gazprom are already in place to offer cheap gas to the energy guzzlers in the EU. Chariot Oil & Gas is extracting and delivering the trillion cubic meters of high-grade methane to customers. What’s interesting here, or I should say “who,” are the people associated with these various companies. Take the CEO of Chariot Adonis Pouroulis, for instance.

Pouroulis is the man who founded Petra Diamonds, the company accused of human rights abuses and killings in Tanzania. Security guards working for this company were said to have torturing, killing, and inhuman treatment. Pouroulis’ business partner is Robert Sinclair, who is closely associated with former BP boss Tony Hayward (through Genel Energy Plc). The real money standing behind these energy operations is hidden underneath trusts like Sinclair’s Artemis Trustees Limited, the fund through which the elites work the profit levers. The fact that Artemis has been the bookkeepers of Nathanial Rothschild for some years may not come as a huge surprise to some readers. Remember, Nat financed Genel Energy, and Tony Hayward ran the elite order’s bet in Syria that Assad would be overthrown with US help. So imagine my smile at digging down to find familiar world order worms.

Also in the Morocco can of colonialist worms are UAE Sheiks, Sandhurst graduates turned asset managers, Robert A. Case of Ingalls & Snyder in New York, and a laundry list of puppets doing the bidding of the banking elites in the west. In short, the US military parade in Morocco is just the latest in a long line of demonstrations for the big boys, the wester oligarchs we refer to as business Titans in America. Though I wonder, each time I did, why Russia’s shady billionaires are deemed so scandalous? How many military bases do Russia or China have in Africa, by the way?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


Old and New Scandals Surrounding the South Korean Intelligence Service


The Republic of Korea’s intelligence agency has changed its name and motto several times, but this has not boosted its reputation.  The scandals associated with its previous leadership have not gone away, and new ones have piled on top of those.

Let’s start with the old ones, because the “case of trolls in uniform”, and other stories about how the intelligence services were involved in collecting information illegally, are still reaping what they sowed in the form of news about the latest verdict delivered by the courts.

The author would like to briefly touch upon what the case was about. The main story is about how Won Sei-hoon, the director of the National Intelligence Service from 2009-2013 under then President Lee Myung-bak, gave direct instructions to his subordinates to manipulate Internet comments to influence public opinion in the run-up to the presidential elections held in 2012. Won Sei-hoon is currently serving a prison sentence on several charges, including organizing smear campaigns against liberal politicians (most notably incumbent President Moon Jae-in) and siphoning agency funds to bribe Lee’s entourage and help lend support to right-wing NGOs. What this means is an established practice, and one in which the intelligence agency paid the presidential aides so that whenever the first person tried to check the veracity of incoming information they all nodded in agreement, thereby putting the president in an information cocoon.

And then, in South Korea registering a smartphone requires the owner to have a registration number, and this allows all activities to be tracked. And the authorities have been caught repeatedly using this data to accomplish political ends. In 2014, the police collected personal information from thousands of social security recipients to track down the graffiti artist who sprayed messages directed against Park Geun-hye. That same year, a military intelligence unit spied on the families of victims in the Sewol ferry disaster after they criticized the government’s response to the vessel’s sinking. Using military spyware, the intelligence services eavesdropped on their private conversations.

In 2015, the NIS came under fire for purchasing digital spyware that is secretly installed on a target’s phone or computer to gain access to messages, calls, and location data. Although the agency stated that it only used it against North Korean spies, several media outlets reported that there was evidence that the spyware was bought for purposes inside the country.

In July 2019, a UN special rapporteur even visited South Korea to investigate allegations of intelligence organizations conducting surveillance on citizens and illegally collecting data on them, as well as other breaches of confidentiality – so the issue of reforming the intelligence services was pressing and, when speaking about this, President Moon Jae-in did not set only political/populist objectives for himself.

Reforming the intelligence services was one of Moon’s principal campaign promises. In conformance with the changes made to the law governing the NIS at the end of 2020, the intelligence agency is prohibited from doing any work domestically. Instead, it is supposed to focus its resources on gathering information related to North Korea and foreign policy interests. Regarding the obligation to transfer the power to investigate any illegal pro-Pyongyang activities to the police, this year the two agencies are conducting a joint investigation that has the aim of completing the transition by the end of 2023.

Those who made trouble for Moon, and vilified him, were naturally punished. On February 7, 2020, Won Sei-hoon was sentenced to seven years in prison for spending taxpayer money to meddle in domestic politics, and to pay government funds to civilians to write comments on the Internet that put conservatives in a favorable light.  In April 2018, the Supreme Court upheld his four-year prison sentence, but the investigation was reopened after an internal investigation at the NIS revealed documents that suggest that the espionage agency was running 30 teams of hackers, and spent billions of taxpayers’ won to pay civilians and intelligence service retirees who were hired to write disparaging comments online about liberal public figures.

On September 28, 2020, former deputy intelligence director Lee Jong-myung was handed a prison sentence for illegally spending taxpayer money on political projects for the conservative administration of former president Lee Myung-bak. A Seoul court found him guilty of embezzling approximately 570 million won ($485,436) in budgetary funds to hold two banned political campaigns between 2011 and 2012 under the Lee administration.

On instructions from Won Sei-hoon, Lee launched projects aimed at inflicting damage on the predecessors of former presidents Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-Hyun by revealing their sources of illicit funding.

On August 31, 2020, a court of appeals upheld the seven-year prison sentence given to Won Sei-hoon, and increased the amount of money that had been misappropriated to 15.6 billion won ($13.14 million). The court also found him guilty of receiving about 200 million won in bribes. Along with that, Won was acquitted of 13 charges involving the abuse of power and interfering with people exercising their rights owing to his attempts to put liberal broadcasters in a disadvantageous position.

On October 22, 2020, a court of appeals sentenced Kim Kwang-jin, who served as defense minister from 2010 to 2014, to 28 months in prison on charges that he put in orders for nearly 9,000 online comments in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election that were favorable for the government – and critical of the opposition party.

In February 2021, then leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea Lee Nak-yon said that from 2008-2013 the National Intelligence Service conducted illegal surveillance of 1,000 people, including 299 lawmakers, judges, prosecutors, journalists, civic activists, and television celebrities. The petition also required the intelligence agency to help bring the truth about these allegations to light, and develop measures to prevent these kinds of illegal espionage practices from occurring again.

After that, the current director of the NIS, Park Jie-won, announced that he would report the details of the case to the National Assembly’s Intelligence Committee, and called upon parliament to pass a special law to end 60 years of illegal surveillance on civilians by the espionage agency. The intelligence chief pointed out that illegal surveillance continued during Park Geun-hye’s reign, and then the process of gathering inside information stopped under Moon.

On March 11, 2021, the Supreme Court ordered a retrial for Won Sei-hoon’s case, and called for a stricter verdict, given his special legal status and power.  However, the Supreme Court overturned part of a ruling delivered by the court of appeals that upheld his seven-year prison sentence in August, but did acknowledge that he did not abuse his power when he ordered that an eye be kept on then president Roh Moo-hyun and then Seoul mayor Park Won-soon during their foreign travels.

On July 8, 2021, the Supreme Court upheld the rulings made against three former NIS directors convicted of providing illegal funds to the administration of then President Park Geun-hye. Generals Nam Jae-joon, Lee Byung-kee, and Lee Byung-ho were charged with sending employees working at the Blue House 3.5 billion won ($3.1 million) on a monthly basis during their tenure taken from special event funds for the agency: that was also the practice under Won Sei-hoon. For this, Nam was sentenced to one-and-a-half years in prison, Lee Byung-kee was given three years, and Lee Byung-ho was given three-and-a-half years.

In June 2018, the Seoul Central District Court found them guilty of illegally providing funds to the Blue House, but then ruled that the money could not be fully considered to be bribes since no services were provided in exchange. But in November 2019 the high court sent the case back for review, stating that they should be found guilty of inflicting harm on the government treasury, and that some of the money should be treated as a bribe.

President Moon does not visit the intelligence agency frequently, but experts have repeatedly pointed out the fact that Moon Jae-in’s government has increased the budget allocated to the intelligence services and the Ministry of Defense much more than the government under Park Geun-hye. For example, for 2021 the government is asking for 746 billion won (about $700 million), and if that is true, then over the three years Park Geun-hye was in power the intelligence services’ budget grew by only 4.6%, and over the three years of Moon Jae-in’s rule (2018-2021) it will increase by 61%.

On June 4, 2021, Moon Jae-in visited the headquarters of the espionage agency, and on Friday received a briefing on the reform measures. This was Moon’s second visit to the National Intelligence Service since taking office.

Park Jie-won reported to the president how he reorganized the system to focus more on areas such as counterterrorism, cyber security, etc., underscoring in particular that “the agency’s ability to collect and analyze scientific information has been improved through a dedicated training program for ‘white hackers’.” This phrase is worth remembering both in relation to stories about how Pyongyang hackers steal scientific secrets and bogus narratives about Moon’s entourage that the Republic of Korea will soon present an innovative vaccine.

In response to the report, the president stated that the NIS “has come back as an intelligence agency for the state and the people,” and urged it to become an agency oriented toward the future, and remain true to its duty. Moon noted that the intelligence services monitored other countries’ responses to COVID-19, protected South Koreans overseas, and supported vaccine procurement activities while playing a key role in protecting the workforce and technology in high-tech industries such as semiconductors, biomedical sciences, energy storage devices, and 5G networks.

Then Moon attended the opening ceremony for a stone that bears the agency’s new motto – the new inscription was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary since the intelligence services were established. The motto “silent devotion, only for the protection and glory of the Republic of Korea”, used since the time of President Park Geun-hye, was replaced by the phrase “boundless loyalty and devotion to the country and its people”.

However, not everybody liked the inscription. On June 21, 2021, a number of former members of the South Korean National Intelligence Service held a protest at the building of the intelligence agency. According to them, the new inscription was done in the likeness of the handwriting of the late Professor Shin Young-bok, who in 1968 was sentenced to life in prison on charges of violating national security laws. The protestors thought this fact was irrelevant.

Now let’s talk about the new NIS director, since this man has his own trail of scandals. The author has written more than once about how, as the intelligence chief, Park has either “reinvented the wheel”, or come out declaring unconfirmed sensations. Gyeongnam National University professor Kim Geun-sik noted that “the director of the nation’s espionage agency still behaves like a politician”. But that is not the point right now.

When Park Jie-won was just about to be appointed as the NIS director, conservatives posed the direct question about whether Moon’s protégé had the right to head the espionage agency, given his “close ties to the enemy”.  This is taken to mean the fact that Park played a key role in the historic 2000 summit between Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong-il, and the fact that in 2003 Park was sentenced to three years in prison for participating in the illegal transfer of $500 million to the DPRK directly before the summit. Officially, it was charitable activity on the part of the Hyundai company, conservatives launched the “case of the bought summit”, and Roh Moo-hyun, who needed to get rid of the former president’s old guard, played along with them.

This time, conservatives went even further, and said that half a billion was only the first payment, and in exchange for organizing the meeting Park had agreed to pay North Korea $3 billion over three years.

This is allegedly evidenced by a secret inter-Korean agreement signed by Park as a special envoy on April 8, 2000 in preparation for the summit. Conservatives even produced a copy of the agreement, which Park said had been fabricated and promised to file a lawsuit.   Fortunately, none of the participants in the event remembered about the existence of a document like this, and when asked how the conservatives got ahold of it, deputy Chu Ho-young, who released it, said that “a former high-ranking government official visited his office and provided a document, and asked him to raise this issue”.

On July 20, 2020, President Moon Jae-in declared that it is very inappropriate to accuse his candidate for the post of intelligence chief of colluding with North Korea. And on July 29, 2020, citing the results of an internal investigation involving the Ministry of Unification and the National Intelligence Service, the Blue House said that the government did not have any document that had been signed by Park relating to an alleged secret agreement with North Korea in 2000.

Even though something similar periodically occurs in the Blue House. For example, on December 10, 2020, the Supreme Court ordered a lower court to reconsider its acquittal of those accused of destroying the transcript of the 2007 inter-Korean summit to hide the alleged proposal by the then President of South Korea to shift the western maritime border to a position that favored the DPRK.

Returning to Park Jie-won, the latest story – which is just starting to unfold – involves a swindler named Kim who is currently facing trial with seven people on charges of fraud amounting to 11.6 billion won ($10.2 million). Kim, an ex-convict, started his scam in June 2018 after he was released from prison on a presidential pardon in December 2017. Kim had connections with politicians, lawmakers, prosecutors, police officers, journalists, and other influential figures. Kim allegedly offered Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo, who was investigating a corruption scandal involving former President Park Geun-hye, a Porsche as a rental car. Although Park said he returned the car after two days of driving it, and later allegedly paid 2.5 million won in rent, he resigned on July 7, 2021. Some pointed out that he made the payment only after the police launched a full-fledged investigation into Kim.

Other recipients of various gifts include a prosecutor named Lee from the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, and Lee Dong-hoon, a former editor with The Chosun Ilbo newspaper who briefly served as the press secretary for former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl.

When it rains, it pours: On June 29, 2021 Park Jie-won’s son-in-law was tried on drug smuggling charges. The 45-year-old senior executive director of Samsung Electronics Co. was charged with bringing ecstasy and cannabis from the United States in May 2019, and using drugs in a variety of ways in July and August of that same year.

And the author is sure that the scandals surrounding the NIS will not end there – something will certainly come up before the presidential elections.

Konstantin Asmolov, PhD in History, leading research fellow at the Center for Korean Studies of the Institute of the Far East at the Russian Academy of Sciences, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


Occult Mysteries of Parallel 33

We all know that the number 33 is not JUST a number, and we cannot help but relate it to many interesting facts that provide a bit of mystery to it.

mysteries of parallel 33

For example, 33 was the age of Jesus at his death, it is the most important degree that Freemasonry gives and it is the number of vertebrae that make up the human spine, and the human foot has 33 joints, among other things.

The parallels 33 North and 33 South are another interesting topic of discussion. Scholars often refer to the circles of latitude as parallels because they are parallel to each other – that is, any two parallels are everywhere the same distance apart.

Many argue that the location of buildings on this line has close links with Freemasonry, religious communities, and secret societies, but there are numerous historical facts that attributed to mysterious places like these.

In the northern hemisphere, the parallel in question makes its way through major US cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas or the town of Roswell, an area known for its history with UFO related subjects.

Curiously, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on parallel 33, in the city of Dallas. Some believe that his parallel was specifically chosen for the assassination of Kennedy.

Curiously, his brother Robert was also assassinated on parallel 33, in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt also died near parallel 33. At Caesarea Philippi, in the vicinity of the 33rd Parallel, Jesus Christ predicted his own death.

The Phoenix Lights which were reported by thousands of people in the skies above the city were one of the most massive UFO sightings in history, according to witnesses in two separate ufo events. The city of Phoenix is located on Parallel 33.

But there is a lot of more mystery surrounding parallel 33. The first nuclear explosion took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico on parallel 33.

On the African continent, in the town of Casablanca located in Morocco, a large square and hexagonal pyramidal construction are located on the 33rd parallel.

Did you know that it was the 33rd US President who targeted two Japanese cities with nuclear bombs? Both these cities straddled the parallel 33.

The Persian Gulf has a few interesting qualities, in ancient Mesopotamia now modern-day Iraq, where the cradle of the Sumerian civilization was, is the place where the 33rd parallel north acts as a junction of two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates.

Some biblical texts suggest that it was at this location where the Garden of Eden was located. Currently, the area doesn’t look like Eden’s grade due to the many conflicts of the area.

Did you know that Baghdad is located at latitude 33 ° 33’N and the palace of Saddam Hussein was built exactly on this position? The ancient city of Damascus, Syria also corresponds to that parallel. Countries like Iran and Afghanistan are traversed by parallel 33.

Cape Town, South Africa and Sydney in Australia also correspond to the mysteries.

What, no Pyramids? Well… there are, if we travel along the 33rd parallel from the Middle East all the way to the Far East, we can actually find the fabulous White Pyramid which is located about 60 miles southwest of X’ian.

The Bermuda Triangle has also a mysterious connection to Parallel 33.



Good Samaritans break car windows with strollers to save sick man

The scene appears to be playing out in slow motion: a truck rolls leisurely down an Atlanta highway as passing motorists get out of their vehicles and try to attract the driver’s attention.

Inside, the driver is unconscious after suffering a suspected seizure.

“The truck was still moving, but the driver’s head was leaned over and his eyes were closed,” Juordin Carter, who filmed the drama as it unfolded, told Inside Edition.

The truck eventually comes to a stop, and passers-by join the effort to rescue the driver.

They grab anything they can get their hands on, a sledgehammer, a tire iron, even a baby stroller, to try to break into the locked truck.

One eventually breaks in through the rear windscreen of the cab and help the driver, who is still passed out inside.

The extraordinary act of heroism last Sunday, July 25, was captured on video and quickly went viral online.

A fellow Good Samaritan, Jelani Campbell, leapt onto the back of the truck and smashed the rear windscreen with a sledgehammer.

He was able to reach inside and unlock the door, in order for others to render assistance to the unconscious driver.

“I immediately got on the truck, started kicking the rest of the windshield down. That is when I slid in and unlocked the door.”

Mr Carter said he stayed with the man until an ambulance arrived.

“All of us were a team out there. We’re just proud that we all could come together like that,” he told Inside Edition.

When the video began to get attention online, people got the wrong idea and thought they had been trying to carjack the vehicle.

“[They said] people were fighting in the street, people were trying to break into his car. So that’s what made us decide, OK, well we gotta get the truth out there,” Mr Carter said.

Atlanta Police said the man had suffered a medical event and was recovering in hospital.

Another person involved in the rescue attempt, Qua Tucker, told Inside Edition had been on his way home from church when he came across the scene.

“It brought joy to my heart to see people who did not know each other to come together.”



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Protesters Rage, NATO Expands, Big Pharma Recalls – New World Next Week

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Odysee

This week on the New World Next Week: global protests against vaxx passports and lockdowns step up as the global civil war heats up; NATO gains an operational command in the US as they grease the skids in Afghanistan; and the same Big Pharma companies making the injections are recalling their other killer products.

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Simone Biles Awarded Non-Participation Trophy

TOKYO—Members of the International Olympic Committee voted Thursday to award Simone Biles the first-ever Olympic Non-Participation Trophy for her decision to pull out of this week’s gymnastics competition. 

“It takes a great deal of courage and dedication to participate in the Olympics,” a spokesman for the IOC said. “However, it takes even MORE courage and MORE dedication not to participate. Thus, we have decided to give Ms. Biles this prestigious award for non-participation in our sport.”

CNN’s Don Lemon called Biles’s decision not to compete stunning and brave. “Ms. Biles is truly an American hero for stepping down to focus on her mental health,” he noted. “I’ve endured similar emotional struggles myself, but I have not been in a position to step down because of my important role as the 1,864th most trusted news anchor in America.” 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said there is no greater honor for an athlete than to not represent their country at the Olympics. “Quitting is the bravest thing anyone can possibly do, and we should all strive to follow Ms. Biles’ example,” she said. She then quickly added, “I mean that for athletes. That statement does not apply to aging politicians who may or may not have advanced cognitive decline.”

Despite praise from most sources, Biles’ award did attract some scrutiny as well. Former NFL star Colin Kaepernick blamed Biles for ripping him off. “Simone is no big deal,” Kaepernick told reporters. “I was refusing to participate in sports long before it was cool. I want a trophy too!” 


White House Bails on Coronavirus Briefings After Public Revolts Against CDC Guidance

The White House on Friday struggled to explain to reporters why it suddenly stopped holding coronavirus briefings after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its latest masking guidance.

“Why are the doctors not here in the briefing to take our questions?” asked NBC reporter Kelly O’Donnell during the White House press briefing on Friday.

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended not having a briefing with the federal health officials, noting President Joe Biden himself spoke to the American people about the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday.

“He gave a more than 30-minute speech,” Jean-Pierre argued, adding Biden was “a trusted voice” and “the leader of our country.”

“But he is not a scientist,” O’Donnell protested.

“No, but we heard from him,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Since President Joe Biden took office, he promised regular public briefings with federal health officials to talk about the ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

The briefings are typically led by White House COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] Response Coordinator Jeff Zients and feature Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC.

But the briefings stopped after the CDC announced new masking guidelines on Tuesday, even for fully vaccinated Americans.

“Of all the weeks not to hold have a COVID briefing, why this week?” asked CBS reporter Weijia Jiang.

Jean-Pierre defended the White House’s handling of the situation, noting both Walensky and Fauci had appeared on cable news networks to detail their new guidance.

“They’ve been out there on your networks; they aren’t hiding,” she said.


The Art Of Noh: 14th-Century Japanese Dance Drama

Since the 14th century AD, Noh has been a major form of classical Japanese dance-drama. It is the oldest major theatre art form that is still performed on a regular basis to this day. Noh, which is written in late-middle Japanese, incorporates masks, costumes, and various props in a dance-based performance. The masks represent roles such as ghosts, women, deities, and demons as the actors employ highly-stylized gestures to convey emotions. Each Noh performance requires advanced performance and technical abilities from its actors and musicians as it involves a complex combination of acting, dance, music, and other skills. Modern players are also required to be fluent in the language of the original scripts, which is an old version of the Japanese language familiar to us today. Not surprising, then, that in this context the kanji for Noh (能) means “skill,” “craft,” or “talent,” particularly in the field of performing arts.

Lord Yoritomoku Watches a Noh Performance (Public Domain)

Lord Yoritomoku Watches a Noh Performance ( Public Domain )

The Noh Stage

The traditional Noh stage is completely open, allowing the performers and audience to share an experience throughout the performance. With no proscenium or curtains to obstruct the view, the audience can see each actor even before and after they enter and exit the central stage. One of the most distinguishing features of a Noh stage is its independent roof which hangs over the stage even in indoor theaters. The roof, which is supported by four columns, represents the sanctity of the stage, and is inspired by the haiden (worship pavilion) or kagura-den (sacred dance pavilion) of Shinto shrines.  The Noh stage is entirely constructed of unfinished hinoki (Japanese cypress) with few decorative elements. The hashigakari (“suspension bridge”), a narrow bridge at upstage right used by actors to enter the stage, is another distinguishing feature of the stage. The bridge represents the mythic nature of Noh plays, which frequently feature otherworldly ghosts and spirits.

A demonstration of Mai-bayashi/Shimai at Dōgō Noh Stage in Dōgo Onsen, Matsuyama, Japan. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A demonstration of Mai-bayashi/Shimai at Dōgō Noh Stage in Dōgo Onsen, Matsuyama, Japan. ( CC BY-SA 2.0)

Masks Of The Greeks

For thousands of years, countless cultures, ethnic groups and faiths have worn masks. The stage has always been one of the most popular places to discover masks as it continues to play an important part in cultural norms, references, and historical relevance to this day, reflecting not only the emotion an actor is attempting to communicate, but also societal conventions and expectations.


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Top Image : Noh-Arashiyama by KOMPARU Zempo ( Public Domain )

By   Martini Fisher


US mission in Russia ‘forced’ to let go of over 200 staff

The US mission in Russia announced on Friday it is letting go of more than 200 staff after Moscow banned Washington from contracting non-American on its soil.

“Starting in August, the Russian government is prohibiting the United States from retaining, hiring, or contracting Russian or third-country staff, except our guard force,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explained in a statement.

“We are deeply saddened that this action will force us to let go of 182 local employees and dozens of contractors at our diplomatic facilities in Moscow, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg.

“These unfortunate measures will severely impact the US mission to Russia’s operations, potentially including the safety of our personnel as well as our ability to enagage in diplomacy with the russian government,” it added.

The Russian ban on non-American staff at the US mission facilities was announced earlier this year in response to Washington’s expulsion of Russian diplomats and tit-for-tat closures of numerous diplomatic facilities in each country.

Those expulsions and closures came in the context of U.S. sanctions imposed over Russian interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, and the arrest of opposition figure Alexei Navalny and crackdown on his supporters, as well as involvement in the SolarWind hack of U.S. federal agencies. All are activities that Russia has denied.

After the announcement of the ban, the embassy suspended routine consular services and since May has been processing immigrant visas only in the case of life-or-death emergencies.

The suspension of consular services has also left Russian businessmen, exchange students and romantic partners adrift because they are no longer able to obtain U.S. visas in Russia.

Blinken said that “the United States is immensely grateful for the tireless dedication and commitment of our locally employed staff and contractors at U.S. Mission Russia.”

“We thank them for their contributions to the overall operations and their work to improve relations between our two countries. Their dedication, expertise and friendship have been a mainstay of Mission Russia for decades,” he added.


U.S. Economic Growth Falls Short as Supply Chain Disruptions Stunt Recovery

U.S. Economic Growth Falls Short as Supply Chain Disruptions Stunt Recovery
Date: July 30, 2021Author: Nwo Report

U.S. Economic Growth Falls Short as Supply Chain Disruptions Stunt Recovery Image-2081

Source: John Carney
The U.S. economy grew at a disappointing 6.5 percent annual rate second quarter in another sign that the effect of government stimulus spending has fallen short of expectations even while inflation has been hotter than anticipated.
Thursday’s report from the Commerce Department estimated that the nation’s gross domestic product — its total output of goods and services — failed to accelerate significantly in the April-June quarter from the 6.3 annual growth rate recorded for the first quarter of the year. The first quarter was revised down by a tenth of a percentage point from earlier reports.
The annualized figure was far less than analysts had expected, but the economy was likely held back mainly by supply shortages in goods, components, and labor. According to Econoday, the median forecast was for eight percent growth. Other surveys had penciled in far more growth. The surveys by Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal had growth at 8.4 percent. On Wall Street, some analysts were saying growth could come in at a nearly 10 percent rate.
On a quarter-to-quarter basis, GDP grew 1.6 percent in the second quarter and 1.5 percent in the first three months of the year.
Personal consumption, the biggest part of the economy, grew at an annualized rate of 11.8 percent, exceeding forecasts. Spending on goods rose at an annualized rate of 11.8 percent and spending on services rose 12 percent.
But business inventories and home building lagged expectations, dragging down the overall number. Inventories subtracted 1.1 percentage points from quarterly growth. Residential investment fell by 9.8 percent, taking a 0.5 percentage point bite out of overall GDP. Investment in non-residential structures, which spans hotels to drilling rigs, fell seven percent.
The personal consumption expenditures price index, the inflation gauge followed closely by Federal Reserve officials, jumped an annualized 6.4 percent in the second quarter, the biggest gain since the era of Paul Volcker, up from 3.9 percent. Excluding food and energy, volatile categories that economists say do not represent the overall price level, the price index climbed 6.1 percent, compared with 2.7 percent in the first quarter.
Huge levels of government stimulus have buffeted the economy over the past year and a half. Personal income decreased $1.32 trillion in the second quarter, or 22.0 percent, in contrast to an increase of $2.33 trillion, or 56.8 percent, in the first quarter, largely because of the pandemic stimulus checks. The personal saving rate fell to 10.9 percent in the second quarter from 20.8 percent in the first quarter.
Overhanging the rosy economic forecasts for this year is the possibility of a resurgent coronavirus in the form of the highly contagious delta variant. The U.S. is now averaging more than 60,000 confirmed new cases a day, up from only about 12,000 a month ago. Should a surge in viral infections cause many consumers to hunker down again and pull back on spending, it would weaken the recovery.
Consumer confidence has reached its highest level since the pandemic struck in March 2020, a key reason why retail sales remain solid as Americans shift their spending back to services — from restaurant meals and airline trips to entertainment events and shopping sprees. Businesses are also showing renewed faith in the economy, with orders for manufactured goods pointing to solid corporate investment.
Underpinning the recovery have been trillions in federal rescue money, ranging from stimulus checks to expanded unemployment benefits to small business aid to just-distributed child tax credit payments. And millions of affluent households have benefited from a vast increase in their wealth resulting from surging home equity and stock market gains.
The economy is also receiving substantial support from the Federal Reserve. On Wednesday, the Fed reaffirmed that it will maintain its key short-term interest rate at a record low near zero to keep short-term borrowing costs low. It will also continue to buy government-backed bonds to put downward pressure on long-term loan rates to encourage borrowing and spending.
The recovery, in fact, has been so rapid, with pent-up demand from consumers driving growth after a year of lockdowns, that one looming risk is a potential spike in inflation that could get out of control. Consumer prices jumped 5.4 percent in June from a year ago, the sharpest spike in 13 years and the fourth straight month of sizable price jumps.
Some economists have warned that by choosing not to begin withdrawing its extraordinary support for the economy, the Fed may end up responding too late and too aggressively to high inflation by quickly jacking up rates and perhaps causing another recession.
But at a news conference Wednesday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell underscored his belief that recent inflation readings reflect price spikes in a narrow range of categories — from used cars and airline tickets to hotel rooms and auto rentals — that have been distorted by temporary supply shortages related to the economy’s swift reopening. Those shortages involve items like furniture, appliances, clothing, and computer chips, among others.
Magnifying the supply bottlenecks is a rise in viral cases at transportation ports in Asia that have caused some manufacturing plants to shut down. Those bottlenecks could, in turn, continue to obstruct the flow of goods to retailers in the United States.
A shortage of workers, too, has made it harder for restaurants, retailers, and many other service-industry employers to fill jobs as consumer demand surges — even employers that have been raising wages. Despite the job market’s steady gains, unemployment, at 5.9 percent, is still well above the 3.5 percent rate that prevailed before the pandemic struck. And the economy remains 6.8 million jobs short of its pre-pandemic total.
Should the economy’s shortages persist well into the future, the economy would likely struggle to maintain its current robust pace of growth.

U.S. Economic Growth Falls Short as Supply Chain Disruptions Stunt Recovery

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Bezos offers NASA $2 billion for moon mission contract

Bezos offers NASA $2 billion for moon mission contract
Date: July 30, 2021Author: Nwo Report 

Bezos offers NASA $2 billion for moon mission contract Image-2079

Source: Nworeport
SEATTLE, Washington: Blue Origin owner Jeff Bezos has offered to pay up to $2 billion in NASA costs if the space agency awards his company a contract to develop a spacecraft to land astronauts on the moon.

In April, Elon Musk’s SpaceX received a $2.9 billion contract to build a spacecraft to fly astronauts to the moon as early as 2024, rejecting bids from Blue Origin and defense contractor Dynetics.

The space agency said SpaceX was less expensive than competitors, noting its proven record of orbital missions and other factors, in a contract decision that senior NASA official Kathy Lueders called “the best value to the government.”

However, in a letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Bezos now promises that Blue Origin would waive payments in the government’s current fiscal year and the next one, up to $2 billion, and also pay for an orbital mission to test its technology.
As part of a lunar contract, Blue Origin would also accept a fixed-priced contract and pay for any system development cost overruns, Bezos said.

“NASA veered from its original dual-source acquisition strategy due to perceived near-term budgetary issues, and this offer removes that obstacle,” Bezos wrote.

“Without competition, NASA’s short-term and long-term lunar ambitions will be delayed, will ultimately cost more, and won’t serve the national interest,” Bezos added.

Earlier, Blue Origin filed a protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, accusing NASA of giving SpaceX an unfair advantage by allowing it to revise its pricing.

The GAO’s decision is expected by early August, though it is unlikely that NASA will reverse itself.

Before choosing SpaceX, NASA sought proposals for a spacecraft that would send astronauts to the lunar surface and return them to Earth.

Bezos offers NASA $2 billion for moon mission contract

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Names of Gods Tabooed

Renegade Editor’s Note: This reminds me of the 216 letter long hidden name of Yahweh.

By Sir James George Frazer
From The Golden Bough [1922]

PRIMITIVE man creates his gods in his own image. Xenophanes remarked long ago that the complexion of negro gods was black and their noses flat; that Thracian gods were ruddy and blue-eyed; and that if horses, oxen, and lions only believed in gods and had hands wherewith to portray them, they would doubtless fashion their deities in the form of horses, and oxen, and lions.

Hence just as the furtive savage conceals his real name because he fears that sorcerers might make an evil use of it, so he fancies that his gods must likewise keep their true name secret, lest other gods or even men should learn the mystic sounds and thus be able to conjure with them. Nowhere was this crude conception of the secrecy and magical virtue of the divine name more firmly held or more fully developed than in ancient Egypt, where the superstitions of a dateless past were embalmed in the hearts of the people hardly less effectually than the bodies of cats and crocodiles and the rest of the divine menagerie in their rock-cut tombs.

The conception is well illustrated by a story which tells how the subtle Isis wormed his secret name from Ra, the great Egyptian god of the sun. Isis, so runs the tale, was a woman mighty in words, and she was weary of the world of men, and yearned after the world of the gods. And she meditated in her heart, saying, “Cannot I by virtue of the great name of Ra make myself a goddess and reign like him in heaven and earth?” For Ra had many names, but the great name which gave him all power over gods and men was known to none but himself. Now the god was by this time grown old; he slobbered at the mouth and his spittle fell upon the ground. So Isis gathered up the spittle and the earth with it, and kneaded thereof a serpent and laid it in the path where the great god passed every day to his double kingdom after his heart’s desire. And when he came forth according to his wont, attended by all his company of gods, the sacred serpent stung him, and the god opened his mouth and cried, and his cry went up to heaven. And the company of gods cried, “What aileth thee?” and the gods shouted, “Lo and behold!” But he could not answer; his jaws rattled, his limbs shook, the poison ran through his flesh as the Nile floweth over the land. When the great god had stilled his heart, he cried to his followers, “Come to me, O my children, offspring of my body. I am a prince, the son of a prince, the divine seed of a god. My father devised my name; my father and my mother gave me my name, and it remained hidden in my body since my birth, that no magician might have magic power over me. I went out to behold that which I have made, I walked in the two lands which I have created, and lo! something stung me. What it was, I know not. Was it fire? was it water? My heart is on fire, my flesh trembleth, all my limbs do quake. Bring me the children of the gods with healing words and understanding lips, whose power reacheth to heaven.” Then came to him the children of the gods, and they were very sorrowful. And Isis came with her craft, whose mouth is full of the breath of life, whose spells chase pain away, whose word maketh the dead to live. She said, “What is it, divine Father? what is it?” The holy god opened his mouth, he spake and said, “I went upon my way, I walked after my heart’s desire in the two regions which I have made to behold that which I have created, and lo! a serpent that I saw not stung me. Is it fire? is it water? I am colder than water, I am hotter than fire, all my limbs sweat, I tremble, mine eye is not steadfast, I behold not the sky, the moisture bedeweth my face as in summer-time.” Then spake Isis, “Tell me thy name, divine Father, for the man shall live who is called by his name.” Then answered Ra, “I created the heavens and the earth, I ordered the mountains, I made the great and wide sea, I stretched out the two horizons like a curtain. I am he who openeth his eyes and it is light, and who shutteth them and it is dark. At his command the Nile riseth, but the gods know not his name. I am Khepera in the morning, I am Ra at noon, I am Tum at eve.” But the poison was not taken away from him; it pierced deeper, and the great god could no longer walk. Then said Isis to him, “That was not thy name that thou spakest unto me. Oh tell it me, that the poison may depart; for he shall live whose name is named.” Now the poison burned like fire, it was hotter than the flame of fire. The god said, “I consent that Isis shall search into me, and that my name shall pass from my breast into hers.” Then the god hid himself from the gods, and his place in the ship of eternity was empty. Thus was the name of the great god taken from him, and Isis, the witch, spake, “Flow away, poison, depart from Ra. It is I, even I, who overcome the poison and cast it to the earth; for the name of the great god hath been taken away from him. Let Ra live and let the poison die.” Thus spake great Isis, the queen of the gods, she who knows Ra and his true name.

From this story it appears that the real name of the god, with which his power was inextricably bound up, was supposed to be lodged, in an almost physical sense, somewhere in his breast, from which Isis extracted it by a sort of surgical operation and transferred it with all its supernatural powers to herself. In Egypt attempts like that of Isis to appropriate the power of a high god by possessing herself of his name were not mere legends told of the mythical beings of a remote past; every Egyptian magician aspired to wield like powers by similar means. For it was believed that he who possessed the true name possessed the very being of god or man, and could force even a deity to obey him as a slave obeys his master. Thus the art of the magician consisted in obtaining from the gods a revelation of their sacred names, and he left no stone unturned to accomplish his end. When once a god in a moment of weakness or forgetfulness had imparted to the wizard the wondrous lore, the deity had no choice but to submit humbly to the man or pay the penalty of his contumacy.

The belief in the magic virtue of divine names was shared by the Romans. When they sat down before a city, the priests addressed the guardian deity of the place in a set form of prayer or incantation, inviting him to abandon the beleaguered city and come over to the Romans, who would treat him as well as or better than he had ever been treated in his old home. Hence the name of the guardian deity of Rome was kept a profound secret, lest the enemies of the republic might lure him away, even as the Romans themselves had induced many gods to desert, like rats, the falling fortunes of cities that had sheltered them in happier days. Nay, the real name, not merely of its guardian deity, but of the city itself, was wrapt in mystery and might never be uttered, not even in the sacred rites. A certain Valerius Soranus, who dared to divulge the priceless secret, was put to death or came to a bad end. In like manner, it seems, the ancient Assyrians were forbidden to mention the mystic names of their cities; and down to modern times the Cheremiss of the Caucasus keep the names of their communal villages secret from motives of superstition.

If the reader has had the patience to follow this examination of the superstitions attaching to personal names, he will probably agree that the mystery in which the names of royal personages are so often shrouded is no isolated phenomenon, no arbitrary expression of courtly servility and adulation, but merely the particular application of a general law of primitive thought, which includes within its scope common folk and gods as well as kings and priests.

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Persepolis claim IPL title for fifth successive time

TEHRAN – Persepolis football team defeated Paykan 2-0 to win Iran Professional League (IPL) for the fifth successive time.

Mehdi Abdi and Ahmad Nourollahi scored twice in the first half at the Shahr-e Qods Stadium in Tehran.

 In Tehran’s Azadi Stadium, Sepahan defeated Esteghlal 2-1. Reza Mirzaei and Sajad Shahbazzadeh scored for Sepahan. Mehdi Mehdipour pulled a goal back in the added time.

Also, Sanat Naft defeated already-relegated Machine Sazi 2-1 in Abadan.

Aluminum lost to Naft Masjed Soleyman 1-0 in Arak.

Gol Gohar shared the spoils in a 2-2 draw with Nassaji in Sirjan.

Zob Ahan suffered a 1-0 home defeat to Mes in Isfahan.

Padideh and Foolad played out a goalless draw in Mashhad.

And in Tabriz, Saipa lost to Tractor 5-1 and were relegated from IPL.

Persepolis finished the 20th edition of the IPL with 67 points, two points above Sepahan. Esteghlal came third with 56 points.

Reporting by Masoud Hossein


Czech workers given extra holiday for having COVID jab

Fully vaccinated Czech state workers will be able to claim an additional two days in paid holiday before the end of the year, the Prime Minister has announced. Source

Russia Blames Space Station Thruster Mishap On Software Failure

MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian space official on Friday blamed a software problem on a newly docked science lab for briefly knocking the International Space Station out of position.

The space station lost control of its orientation for 47 minutes on Thursday, when Russia’s Nauka science lab accidentally fired its thrusters a few hours after docking, pushing the orbiting complex from its normal configuration. The station’s position is key for getting power from solar panels and for communications with space support teams back on Earth. The space station’s communications with ground controllers also blipped out twice for a few minutes on Thursday.

Vladimir Solovyov, flight director of the space station’s Russian segment, blamed the incident on a “short-term software failure.” In a statement released Friday by the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Solovyov said because of the failure, a direct command to turn on the lab’s engines was mistakenly implemented.

He added the incident was “quickly countered by the propulsion system” of another Russian component at the station and “at the moment, the station is in its normal orientation” and all its systems “are operating normally.”

Roscosmos director Dmitry Rogozin later Friday suggested that “human factor” may have been at play.

“There was such euphoria (after Nauka successfully docked with the space station), people relaxed to some extent,” Rogozin said in a radio interview. “Perhaps one of the operators didn’t take into account that the control system of the block will continue to adjust itself in space. And it determined a moment three hours after (the docking) and turned on the engines.”

NASA said Thursday that the incident moved the station 45 degrees out of attitude, about one-eighth of a complete circle, but the complex was never spinning, there was no immediate damage or danger to the crew.

In this photo taken by Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky the Nauka module is seen prior to docking with the International Space

In this photo taken by Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky the Nauka module is seen prior to docking with the International Space Station on Thursday, July 29, 2021. (Roscosmos Space Agency Press Service photo via AP)

The incident caused NASA to postpone a repeat test flight for Boeing’s crew capsule that had been set for Friday afternoon from Florida. It will be Boeing’s second attempt to reach the 250-mile-high (400-kilometer-high) station before putting astronauts on board. Software problems botched the first test.

Russia’s long-delayed 22-ton (20-metric-ton) lab called Nauka arrived earlier Thursday, eight days after it launched from the Russian launch facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

The launch of Nauka, which will provide more room for scientific experiments and space for the crew, had been repeatedly delayed because of technical problems. It was initially scheduled to go up in 2007.

In 2013, experts found contamination in its fuel system, resulting in a long and costly replacement. Other Nauka systems also underwent modernization or repairs.

Stretching 43 feet (13 meters) long, Nauka became the first new compartment for the Russian segment of the outpost since 2010. On Monday, one of the older Russian units, the Pirs spacewalking compartment, undocked from the station to free up room for the new lab.

Nauka will require many maneuvers, including up to 11 spacewalks beginning in early September, to prepare it for operation.

According to Solovyov, on Friday the crew was busy equalizing the pressure in Nauka and planned to open the hatch to the lab later in the day.

The space station is currently operated by NASA astronauts Mark Vande Hei, Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur; Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubrov of Russia’s Roscosmos space corporation; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Akihiko Hoshide and European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

In 1998, Russia launched the station’s first compartment, Zarya, which was followed in 2000 by another big piece, Zvezda, and three smaller modules in the following years. The last of them, Rassvet, arrived at the station in 2010.

Seth Borenstein in Kensington, Maryland, and Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow, contributed to this report.


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