Pay Up Whitey! U.N. Human Rights Chief Calls for Reparations Because of “Racism”

The United Nations was founded in the wake of World War II, as the Allied empires cemented their control over the whole world after defeating the small countries who dared to stand up to the jew World Order. Now the United Nations is openly Communist and doing everything possible to further the White genocide agenda.

From AP:

The U.N. human rights chief, in a landmark report launched after the killing of George Floyd in the United States, is urging countries worldwide to do more to help end discrimination, violence and systemic racism against people of African descent and “make amends” to them — including through reparations.

The U.N. does not acknowledge the systemic racism White people face on a daily basis, where we are demonized simply because of our race and denied job opportunities, higher education, and government aid just because because other races are deemed more worthy. They are also not speaking out about the systemic racism that is the basis of the terrorist state of Israel, where the “master race” of jews make it clear they are unabashed supremacists.

Nope, the focus must always be on Whitey as the ultimate evil, even though it was White people who fought to end slavery worldwide.

Since slavery is one of the main justifications for reparations, why is the U.N. not doing anything to end the slavery that exists in the world TODAY? Well, this is because non-Whites are the ones doing the enslaving. And the U.N. really does not care about the plight of the poor people of the world, which is why U.N. “peacekeepers” are able to go around raping young children where they are stationed and not ever facing punishment.

The report, a year in the making, hopes to build on momentum around the recent, intensified scrutiny worldwide about the blight of racism and its impact on people of African descent as epitomized by the high-profile killings of unarmed Black people in the United States and elsewhere.

I just love how Black people deserve all sorts of reparations because a policeman supposedly killed a drugged out Black pornographer, who had pointed a loaded weapon at the belly of a pregnant woman. Don’t you just feel so guilty about his death at the hands of White racism?

The report aims to speed up action by countries to end racial injustice; end impunity for rights violations by police; ensure that people of African descent and those who speak out against racism are heard; and face up to past wrongs through accountability and redress.

“I am calling on all states to stop denying — and start dismantling — racism; to end impunity and build trust; to listen to the voices of people of African descent; and to confront past legacies and deliver redress,” Bachelet said in a video statement.

Yup, we are just not hearing enough about White racism and the poor plight of Black victims these days. We just need more White guilt! More browbeating. But that only goes so far, these Blacks need money and more!

While broaching the issue of reparation in her most explicit way yet, Bachelet suggested that monetary compensation alone is not enough and would be part of an array of measures to help rectify or make up for the injustices.

“Reparations should not only be equated with financial compensation,” she wrote, adding that it should include restitution, rehabilitation, acknowledgement of injustices, apologies, memorialization, educational reforms and “guarantees” that such injustices won’t happen again.

Welfare, housing, affirmative action, etc. – it’s just not enough! Not only should we be saying “so sorry” and turn the other cheek when we are violently attacked, White people also need to make reparations! 1.4% of White Americans owned slaves at the height of slavery, but every White person must make amends today. White people need some more collective punishment (trans-generational), and although it is a crime under the Geneva Convention, we know that such crimes (like genocide) simply do not apply when they are done to White people.

Do not hold your breath waiting for the U.N. to make any declarations about how White people need reparations for centuries of enslavement and abuse in the American colonies, in the Barbary slave trade, under the rule of the Muslims who conquered Spain, and at the hands of the Mongols, in the gulags, etc.

White people do not even deserve the right to free speech according to the U.N.

At the same time, the U.N. kvetches about how unfairly Antifa is treated.

White lives do not matter to the United Nations.

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