Pentagon approves Hollywood scripts

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Aug 12, 2011

Bin Laden’s death has not stopped the war on terror nor has it kept Hollywood from working on a movie featuring the raid that led to the al-Qaeda leader’s death. The team that was behind The Hurt Locker will be releasing the flick right before the next presidential election. This issue has the head of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King, so upset that allegedly the White House is sending national security secrets to Hollywood. King is saying that this propaganda needs to be looked into by Congress. David Sirota, author of Back to Our Future, tells us about the bigger issue.

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10 Responses to “Pentagon approves Hollywood scripts”

  1. Obummer is such a rookie. This film is all about his re-election. Look “the emperor has no clothes” . They will brand anything they think will help them cling to power. Obummer needs to take a hike Ron Paul needs to be the next leader of our nation. Thanks

  2. Pentagon approves Hollywood scripts

    Its their lie, so, they can tell it how they want to.


    sauque madique Reply:
    August 12th, 2011 at 10:06 am

    and those that did not keep the script now rest for a frame work they refused to build

  3. ziss iss approoft by ze ministree uf ze propaganda you vill vatch diss moovee!!

    these lying SOB’s.. OSAMA was DEAD 9 years ago with kidney failure.

    the financial fraud investigations by the SEC,
    housed in building 7 of the WTC that wasnt hit by a plane,
    werent going to send OSAMA BIN LADEN to jail.
    it might have been a threat to DC, Wall Street, and the banksters..

    how many FAKE Bin Laden video’s have they clobbered us with now?
    real convenient how “seal team six” all DIED isnt it..
    what was that? operation Seal Team Forever Unquestioned? aka STFU?

    these nazi SOB’s are out of control.

    captain obvious Reply:
    August 12th, 2011 at 8:23 am

    oh btw, theyre also wanting us to believe that with all the technology we have today, some of which can damn near read a license plate from orbit.. that they couldnt find OSAMA BIN LADEN for over NINE FUGGEN YEARS… then top it off they demand we have faith in them and believe everything they tell us!! so which is it?! the claims of the great technology are complete BS? or is it the technology is as good as ya’ll say and you’re completely incompetent and incapable with it?

    shall we judge by the deliberate and treasonous economic sabotage completely facilitated by DC? it makes perfect sense to me!! maybe we oughtta judge by how well DC is looking out for our best interests and upholding our GOD given Constitutionally reminded RIGHTS?

    on the 8th day did GOD say “let there be TSA in your underwear” ?!
    or was it “the govt giveth and the bank taketh away” ?!

    real cute ya’ll call it a “criminal justice system”,
    seems only criminals are allowed to run the mofo.

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  5. An even bigger question is not how much the Hollywood scripts are censored by the Gov. but how much of the Gov. stories is scripted by the Hollywood .

  6. fiction writers scripted 9/11. It isn’t thier fault the Bush was such a bad actor and couldn’t sell it. Their lies have been exposed. They’ll be able to have a double billing with reefer maddness.

  7. RT: Pentagon approves Hollywood scripts..Bin Laden’s death has not stopped the war on terror nor has it kept Hollywood from working on a movie featuring the raid that led to the al-Qaeda leader’s death.

    “US SEALS kill evil Bin Laden in his lair in Pakistan” was a Hollywood movie and the Pentagon approved the script! ☺
    Actually Osama Bin Laden was a CIA employee, the son of the Bush family’s biggest partner in the oil business, and OBL died in 2001 of kindney failure. The whole Pakistan thing was a Hollywood production. And all the SEALS who played in the movie it have been disposed of lest somone let the cat out of the bag.

  8. A Make-Believe, Hollywood, Jew scripted movie about a contrived fantasy that never happened???……………really????

    Just in time for Barry’s Lying ass final desperate, begging plea in the 2012 Campaign???…………..really????

    Bin Dead Laden w/ Bullshit

    We all know Barry has a snowball’s chance @ the equator of winning any kind of a so-called “re-election” next year, Just remember the Bush voting scams of 2000 2004 people when it gets too close to call immediately.

    Diebold, We’re on to your evil electronic vote scam

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