“People Died Because Fauci Lied”: Attorney Tom Renz Testifies to the Ohio State Senate

• “They told us we have to social distance because it’ll keep us safe. Several years later, we found out that it wasn’t based on science. It was arbitrary.”

• “They told us that ivermectin is horse paste. It is? It’s been used globally for years. It saved billions of lives. It’s one of the safest things out there.”

• “Budesonide, as the good doctor testified, saved countless lives.”

• “‘Trust the science,’ said Anthony Fauci. Remember masks? One mask, two masks, four masks. Maybe you put pantyhose over your head to keep the mask safe. Do you all remember that? This wasn’t science. This was corruption.”

As such, Attorney Tom Renz is advocating for Ohio House Bill 73, the “Dave and Angie Patient and Health Provider Protection Act,” which allows healthcare providers to prescribe off-label medications, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and protects their right to express independent medical opinions.

It also ensures patients are not denied basic care if they refuse specific treatments, such as remdesivir and ventilators.

Click here to watch the full testimony.

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