Peter Nolan’s “Peoples Court of Australia”

Peter Nolan’s “Peoples Court of Australia”


—–Original Message—–
From: John Wilson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 15 March 2011 11:59
To: xxxxx

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,
Because of amazing generosity by some good souls, the hiring fee for the Parramatta Leagues Club’s Wentworth Room for the April 15 launch of the Common Law Courts of Australia is covered… plus the printing of programmes for the day…. those costs have been $550 and $505, respectively.
I have send a cheque to a wax seal manufacturer for $187-50 to get a wax seal kit and a small box of green wax with a gas torch to melt the wax.
A rubber stamp of the Seal cost $35-50.
I have just received quotes for bumper stickers of the Seal and for 100 A5 size stickers will cost $188-33 inc gst.
Michael still has to get quotes for T-shirts.
Hopefully, the bumper stickers, and possibly T-shirts, will be ready for the 15th.
As I’ve said, those who sign the Proclamation (already beautiful on parchment paper) will be sent a copy, as a keep-sake of the occasion.
Actually, at church on Sunday morning, the sermon featured a bit from Ephesians which said that a seal is the guarantee of our inheritance … which I thought most appropriate for our Common Law Courts.
The meeting is only a month away… and we must not hide our light under a bushel …. we’ve got to get out there and shine!
Therefore, I got to pass the hat around to fund the promotion of what is so absolutely vital a cause …. what ought to be our courts have been taken from us by pirates who have come ashore …. we must cry, “Stop, thief!”… and we’re going to do that by our lawful rebellion …. a rebellion to exercise our rights and form Common Law Courts.
The banks and judges are our enemies … and, because the national media is under their control, unless we communicate and broadcast through the internet.. and put on a good show that will make the dozy people of Australia asking questions…. we might as well link hands and walk into the sea.
But that’s not going to happen.
Spread the word!
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Sounds all very warm, fuzzy and idealistic, doesn’t it?
Well, we can reveal exclusively here that John Wilson and his cohorts are a front for a radical totalitarian regime proposed by Peter that will make the despotic Taliban look like benevolent feminists!
We have been leaked paper work from the Parramatta Leagues Club where John Wilson and his neo-Nazi women hating mates will be “establishing the rule of law” in Australia on April 15 that confirms the venue hire for the event was paid for by the credit card of a certain “Peter Nolan” from Germany.
Meanwhile, it seems that Peter has declared the totalitarian wannabe fascist regime to be the “Peoples Court of Australia” (Peter, learn to use apostrophes … it will make you appear less moronic).
John claims that Peter is a “raving loony” who has somehow hijacked this idealistic event, but if you go to Mein Fuhrer’s website HERE, you will see that Peter and his closet Fascists have a dedicated thread in their forum titled News from John.
Let’s Google “Peoples Court of Australia” to see who is really pulling John Wilson’s strings, as well as funding him …
Surprise, surprise, just about every one of the 20 or so links that appear to the April 15 meeting at Parramatta Leagues Club originate from Peter Andrew Nolan, and most are links to PDFs to extensive manifestoes drafted on behalf of John Wilson’s “court” by Peter.
John Wilson claims to be a benevolent and inclusive campaigner for all Australians, but in reality he is a corrupted, subverted and vicious sexist being funded by an internet Nazi and mentally ill menace in Peter Andrew Nolan and his Brown Shirt bovver boys Maniacal Mark Stephen Flowers and xxxxxxxxxxxx.
But let’s take a look at the first draft of the “Procedure Manual” of this shameful court, to be proclaimed by John Wilson on behalf of Peter Andrew Nolan at Parramatta Leagues Club on Friday, April 15:

Jailhouse John Wilson will swear black and blue that Peter Andrew Nolan is not the puppet master pulling his strings, yet in the document Lawful Notice to Sworn Police Officers in Australia comes this little snippet of information:

So, Jailhouse John … Peter’s “nothing to do” with your loopy court, but he just happens to be inviting the Australian cops to YOUR function and demanding they take a Hitler Youth style vow to your proposed Fascist Regime, upon pain of being hung in Martin Place Sydney?
What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s all pretty self explanatory, this dodgy “court” fronted by John Wilson, funded and organised by Peter Andrew Nolan and actively prosecuted by Ricky Partington and Mark Stephen Flowers as its Australian agents is the beginnings of the formalisation of a totalitarion Nazi Supremist organisation that seeks to disempower and subjugate women as serfs to a Fascist Regime.

Like the Nazis, the sooner these decepetive and subversive scum are stamped out, the better a place the world will be!

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