Pfizer and The Government Concealed Thousands of Deaths, Mass Injuries Caused By Experimental Covid Jabs

The same Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that tried to conceal a live, fetal organ trafficking operation, is the same agency that tried to conceal widespread vaccine injury and death from Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. Under Title 21, sub-chapter F of the FDA’s own regulations, the agency “is to make ‘immediately available’ all documents underlying licensure of a vaccine.”

Instead of following their own regulations and being transparent with the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the FDA petitioned the courts to withhold all data on Pfizer’s vaccine until 2076. That’s right, the FDA conspired to withhold critical data on the vaccine for 55 years!

FDA, Pfizer knew that the experimental vaccine was killing people, in criminal conspiracy of the century

At least 30 professors and scientists from Yale, Harvard, UCLA and Brown are seeking expedited access to the records, calling for greater transparency of the data. Thankfully, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the 329,000 documents from Pfizer must be released at a rate of 500-page-per-month, albeit with redactions. This process of transparency is being forced by a court and will occur at a snail’s pace. Meanwhile, people’s lives are being ruined over vaccine injury and vaccine coercion, as the data is slowly released, the truth painstakingly exposed.

The definition of a “vaccine” had to be completely changed in order to market and license these new mRNA injections. The clinical trials did not use proper diagnostic standards, did not study viral transmission, all-cause mortality, nor compare rates of severe illness. The process also ignored the myriad of health issues imparted by the vaccines, some of which are deliberately life threatening. The clinical trials relied on positive PCR testing rates (that have been proven fraudulent) and non-specific symptoms of mild illness in a small time period. This is how the vaccine makers came up with their flimsy vaccine efficacy rates, which have fallen into negative territory, when real world vaccine effectiveness is configured.

Pfizer received over 1,200 reports of DEATH from their vaccine in 3 months, but refused to pull it from market

The first 500 Pfizer EUA documents have been released, and now the world knows why this information was set to be concealed until 2076. In the first three months of the vaccine’s rollout, there were voluntary reports of 1,223 deaths and over 42,000 adverse reports spanning a total of 158,893 adverse reactions. One of every 37 reports was DEATH! This data was only from vaccines that were administered between December 1st to February 28. The data was collected from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain and a host of other nations.

Pfizer knew that their vaccine was killing and injuring people at rates never seen before in the history of vaccinology, yet the FDA helped the fully-indemnified pharmaceutical cartel conceal this information and achieve full licensure with their Comirnaty mRNA vaccine. The two entities conspired to withhold critical, life-and-death medical information that is essential for informed consent, and continue to allow dangerous inoculations to cause unprecedented levels of nervous system disorders, cardiovascular events and autoimmune reactions.

Even worse, these unredacted adverse events are just the voluntary reports that Pfizer and the FDA received. The true number of vaccine injuries and deaths that occurred in this three-month time span and thereafter is unknown. In the documents, Pfizer admitted there was no data on the vaccine’s effectiveness or evidence of safety for children and pregnant and lactating women, but the government pushed the vaccine for pregnant women and children anyway. According to the documents, the FDA also knew in advance that the vaccine could sicken and kill patients who were later infected with covid — in what was referred to as “Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease, including Vaccine-associated Enhanced Respiratory Disease.”

This is the greatest criminal conspiracy of the century. Not only should the vaccines be pulled from the market, but ARRESTS must be made.

Sources include: [PDF]

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