Pfizer Kill Shots Designed to Harm

Pfizer Kill Shots Designed to Harm
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Professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD and scientist, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Former Chair, Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, earlier explained what MSM consistently suppress as follows:

Pfizer/Moderna “(g)ene-based (kill shots) are an absolute danger to (humanity), and their use…violates the Nuremberg (Code), such that everyone who is propagating their use should be put before (a) tribunal” for prosecution.

“Especially the (jabbing) of children is something that is so criminal that I have no words to express my horror.”

“We are horribly worried that there’s going to be an impact on fertility.”

“And this will be seen in years or decades from now.”

“And this is potentially one of the greatest crimes, simply one of the greatest crimes imaginable.”

Separately he said the following:

“Your immune system is your best defense against” viral infections.

“If you have been infected, even if you experienced no symptoms at all, you are immune to all variants” — including the more scariant than variant delta and omicron.

“We have already reached herd immunity.”

“There is no scientific reason to” jab for protection against flu/covid not provided by kill shots.

“There is simply no benefit (to mass-jabbing that) must be stopped.”

Together with other medical and scientific experts, he also called use of experimental jabs “premature and reckless…human experimentation” on an unprecedented scale — a flagrant Nuremberg Code breach.

In late November, he explained that widespread numbers of breakthrough infections following kill shots keep occurring because fundamental principles of immunology were ignored in their design, adding:

Focus was on antibodies, not cellular immunity, the latter more important to anti-viral immunity.

The distinction between two major categories of antibodies was unaddressed.

Jabs injected into the muscle of an arm cannot effectively protect mucous membranes from infection.

When unjabbed individuals contract seasonal flu/now deceptively called covid, the viral infection stays in the respiratory track.

The spike protein in kill shots invade and damage bodily organs and cells.

Harm is most severe in the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, bladder, brain, and other key organs needed to survive.

Kill shots (including J & J’s) are responsible for widespread numbers of myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis, arrhythmias, and other forms of heart disease.

Bhakdi also explained jab-induced immune attack on blood vessels.

When occurring anywhere in the body, they risk potentially fatal heart attacks and/or disabling strokes.

Jabs are notably responsible for large numbers of potentially fatal blood clots and other serious diseases.

Nothing about them and all else flu/covid related benefits health.

Everything mandated, otherwise required and urged aims to irreparably harm it.

On Tuesday, UK-based eminent physician Vernon Coleman MD, now retired, explained that the Boris Johnson regime now admits that masks “are part of the psy-op war to force citizens into compliance…”

Their aim is part of “persuading” people to obey orders by their ruling authorities — no matter how wrongheaded or harmful.

“Everyone knows that wearing a mask does far more harm than good, but they are promoted because they are training wheels for the new world order,” Coleman explained.

He also noted that director general of UK-owned and controlled BBC, Tim Davie, got a pay raise to around $700,000, adding:

His job is “oversee(ing) the world’s most evil and hated broadcasting empire” — state-approved propaganda featured exclusively.

A personal note:

Twice earlier I was invited on beeb TV.

Ahead of my scheduled interviews live, I was vetted to screen me in or out based on answers I gave to questions asked.

Both times, disinvitation followed because I answered honestly, said what I mean, and mean what I say at all times.

Coleman noted that truth-telling “has never been so unpopular.”

Looking ahead in the UK, US, West overall and elsewhere, will truth and full disclosure about kill shots and all else flu/covid related be criminalized?

Will “offenders” face stiff fines and/or prison terms?

Is that where things are heading, and one more thing?

Austria mandated kill shots for its citizens, refuseniks to be fined or imprisoned for protecting their health.

Is that a glimpse of the future in the US, throughout the West and elsewhere?

Now is the time to rise up and drive a stake through the heart of the diabolical plot to destroy public health and freedom.


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