Pfizer responds to the most recent Project Veritas disclosures

Jan 28 2023

I must make it clear that I’m a huge fan of PV. They’ve broken important stories.

However, I’m more than a little suspicious about this disclosure. The Pfizer employee has a background that makes him a very unlikely leader of cutting edge molecular biology and immunology. He’s a medic (a urologist) who’s quite young and doesn’t have the background training, let alone “wet” research experience to make a credible person merely on ability, let alone judgement & leadership generally required for senior positions. Frankly, he comes across as a bit of an arse. Excuse me.

Finally, what he’s claiming doesn’t actually make sense scientifically. We don’t indeed can’t adequately test vaccines in vitro. This is because most of the response is “black box” in nature. We can characterise but do not fully understand the interaction of “vaccine” and human subject. Among other reasons, this backdrop is why it’s essential to conduct formal, empirical clinical safety studies.

Here’s the core problem. Almost everyone & all in pharma and public health positions go on endlessly about antibodies. But antibody responses cannot be & are demonstrably not central to acquired immunity to respiratory pathogens. Why? Because antibodies are huge molecules and virtually unable to leave the blood & blood vessels. Yet respiratory pathogens are in most people most of the time restricted to lung tissue. In brief, the pathogen & antibodies do not meet.
I hasten to add an important distinction. Most blood borne antibodies are IgG classes and early on, IgM. That’s what they’ve been measuring & crowing about.
SECRETORY IgA is an exception & is very important to mucosal immunity. Yet these mRNA agents are poor at prompting mucosal immunity. So it’s NOT reasonable to claim “We know that the antibody response isn’t responsible for host protection, but it’s a good surrogate for those harder to measure factors”.
Not only is the subject of PV’s secret recording (good on them!) wrong about how they evaluate their product, I think he didn’t even understand the underlying molecular biology or immunology.
So is he & Pfizer Research doing what he claims? I worry he’s a distraction which will be proven not to be what they’re doing, he’ll get thrown under a metaphorical bus, and we’ll be damaged reputationally.
Yet, please allow me to point out that Pfizer’s still lying. Look at the highlighted remarks.
Best wishes
Mike Yeadon

Ps: I don’t know what they’re actually doing, but I don’t believe it’s as described or for the reasons claimed.


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