Phasing out fossil fuels and replacing them with “green” energy is a “dangerous delusion,” report warns

(Natural News) Mark Mills of the conservative Manhattan Institute published a report highlighting how the anti-fossil fuel agenda is a misguided recipe for disaster.

If there is anything the “lessons of the recent decade” make clear, Mills writes, it is that SWB technologies – meaning solar, wind, and battery – “cannot be surged in times of need.”

So-called “green” energy is also not even close to being “clean” like its proponents claim. They are not “independent of hydrocarbons,” Mills explains, “and are not cheap.”

Mills’ report comes at the same time that the European energy crisis has taken center stage as an emergency of serious concern. Leftists want to blame Russia and Vladimir Putin for it while ignoring the green agenda that landed the continent in this predicament.

Had countries like Germany not phased out their fossil fuel production plants and replaced them with wind and solar farms, it would be more energy independent and less prone to shock during geopolitical events such as this.

Western sanctions against Russia and its cheap and abundant fuels are another culprit that leftists are choosing to ignore. (Related: Because of the energy crisis in Europe, the European Union parliament recently declared fossil fuels to be “green” after all.)

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says electricity use in Europe must be cut during peak hours to “flatten the curve”

In a speech she gave about a week after Mills published his report, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen used Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic rhetoric to talk about the energy crisis.

Rather than admit that she and her fellow globalists’ policies are to blame for the crisis, von der Leyen instead laid all responsibility on the European citizenry, whom she expects to live like paupers in the freezing cold this winter.

In order to “flatten the curve” of electricity use – yes, von der Leyen actually used those exact words – European energy will need to be rationed, much like the bread lines during the last Great Depression.

In the United Kingdom, newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss is taking a slightly more rational approach by ending her country’s moratorium on natural gas fracking, starting on September 8, the same day von der Leyen gave her “flatten the curve” speech.

While solar and wind technology has somewhat improved over the years, Truss admitted that a complete departure from hydrocarbons is simply not possible – at least not if nations want to survive.

It is also difficult, expensive and very polluting to the planet to harvest the materials needed for green energy “solutions” like electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The environmental destruction involved with all the mining and refining of EV batteries is far worse for the planet than simply taking advantage of cheap and abundant fossil fuels such as natural gas.

“When politicians and petulant children (Greta Thunberg) are used to make policy, what could go wrong?” asked an Epoch Times commenter sarcastically.

“Most of the idiots running Europe are about to discover what it’s really like to depend on solar and wind,” wrote another.

“The intelligent life that visits our planet from time to time are looking at these Green New Deal morons and saying to themselves: ‘well, nothing to worry about here. We can take over this planet whenever we want to,’” joked another.

“Liberals are heavily invested in restricting the movements of we lesser citizens,” wrote another, making a very good point about how somebody is profiting from all this green tyranny.

“Geniuses are the stupidest people you will ever know,” added another about the ignorant green crusaders who think of themselves as being the smartest of the smart.

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