Poems: Return is Inevitable and Love Under Apartheid

Return is Inevitable

They wanted you
Tried to take you, make you submit
But you would not
They took you by force
Then they pretend they never knew you,
you never were, they say, you don’t exist,
renamed your destruction redemption
“We made the desert bloom”

They did the same to me.
Maybe, that is why, I see you.
I see ghosts walking through your orchards, caressing every tree, wandering through your streets, in your ruins, still tending the land.
They can not erase, the sharp metallic taste of absence of the hands that terraced these mountains and planted cacti and olives, the heart’s left behind
I will sing your name from the minarets, even after they transformed the mosques into bars, until
the inevitable, Return.


Love Under Apartheid

Under covers
toes touch
I open
my mouth

Under Fire
You go down
I stand
between you
and the bullet

Under ground
We come

Source Article from http://mondoweiss.net/2016/06/return-inevitable-apartheid/

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