Poland Considers Ending Israeli Annual Youth Trips To Auschwitz Because They ‘Instill Hatred’ Of Poland

Poland is considering the possibility of blocking future “March of the Living” trips by Israeli students who make an annual trip to visit the country’s World War II-era concentration camps, Ynet reported Monday:

“The trips do not take place in a proper manner,” said Poland’s Foreign Minister, Pawel Jablonski. “They sometimes instill hatred for Poland in the heads of young Israelis.

“We will make the right decisions about these trips,” Jablonski added.

We deal with anti-Polish sentiment in Israel, and one of the reasons for this is the way in which Israeli youth are educated and raised.”

Israeli youth on these annual indoctrination trips to Auschwitz have a well-deserved reputation for their hostile, unruly and arrogant behavior — walking around as if they own the place.

One Israeli youth urinated on a memorial at Auschwitz, while others were talking on their cellphones inside the post-war reconstructed Gas Chambers™.

In fact, these Israeli youth have such a bad reputation among local Poles that many local hotels refuse to accept reservations from them — but, of course, the Jews claim that the Poles are overreacting.

But Poland’s President Duda has publicly blamed Israel’s “racism” on the rise of so-called antisemitism in Poland.

And despite continually viciously attacking the Poles for their alleged “antisemtism,” Poland is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination for Israelis.

Ironically, as more Israelis are visiting Poland, fewer and fewer of them are choosing to visit their “holiest of holies” — Auschwitz — apparently the camp is a buzz kill for Jews looking to have fun on their vacation.

And, yes, the Polish government has reason to believe that Israelis are taught to hate Poles — in 2019, during a visit to Israel, an Israeli spat in the face of the Polish Ambassador because he didn’t like Poland’s attitude about “reparations” to the Jews.

The slander of Poles and Poland by Jews became so bad that Poland considered making it illegal to accuse Poland of collaborating with the Germans during WWII — in fact, there’s a new genre among historians to dig up any “evidence” that the Poles participated in the so-called Holocaust™.

Two Jewish “historians” were recently sued and ordered by the Polish Court to apologize for slandering a mayor whom they accused of “murdering” Jews in WWII.

Although it will never happen, it would the greatest of ironies if Poland did ban Israeli youth from visiting the camps — after all, according to British historian, David Irving, it was Jewish behavior that got them sent to Auschwitz in the first place.

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