Poland Invokes NATO Article 4 Over Alleged Russian Missile Attack Which Will Likely Turn Out To Be A Ukraine Screw up or False Flag

While the Queer Khazarian Jew Comedian masquerading as a “president” of USA’s puppet “government” in Ukraine started screaming for NATO to start WW 3 over the Ukraine screw up or false flag in Poland, Poland remembering the English using Poland to instigate WW 2 and what Poland got out of the whole mess, decided to wait till all the evidence was in before falling into Ukraine’s, USA’s and NATO’s trap this time.

My question is thus.
If it turns out this was a Ukraine act, screw up or false flag, will article 5 of NATO be activated with all NATO countries attacking Ukraine?

As it was probably a USA provided missile which Ukraine used, Will NATO attack Washington DC also?

The Ole Dog!


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