Police illegal speeding fines withdrawn before court action, a cause for concern!

Australia’s state and territory police forces are less than ‘honourable’ to say the least but unfortunately for the serfs that’s hardly an illegal act.

The police deceive and con many people from the general population pool, generally with the support of the court system which is subservient to its ‘stakeholders’ that being banks and financial services institutions in order to act for the court’s financial success.

See link to document: https://corpau.blogspot.com/2022/05/more-to-come-soon.html

Victoria Police have been conning motorists for decades with regards to issuing speeding fines measured by either a mobile or fixed camera vehicles, but you will not hear about it via the mainstream media.

Velocity or rather distance over time must be measured within a very narrow boundary, a boundary that is set out at law which the police do not follow, therefore issuing the fines illegally, as opposed to ‘unlawfully’ which would be a question of law, like the fines under dictation of a Chief Health Officer, which are public policy but that is another topic altogether.

A much prized source of income for the government is the alleged road traffic offence of speeding, where even the courts are in on it conning serfs out of their hard earned cash where the police and courts are in a conspiracy against the general population.

Police knowingly setup either camera cars or take measurements via a mobile speed reading device not in accordance to the way the device must take the measurements.

If you by chance have caught on to their scam and challenge the fine, they withdraw it.


There’s little worse for the police than exposing their (huge) scam in a ‘court of public record’ (except maybe on social media), albeit that the court being the Magistrates’ (or District) the lowest level where your matter might ‘technically’ be on the record, where for others to find it will be an arduous task.

In the above official letter from Victoria Police,

  1. Notice that in the withdrawal, an ‘Official Warning’ is issued, where you are placed on a good behaviour bond for 2 years, where you are unlawfully STILL considered guilty of the alleged offence WITHOUT being heard in a so called court of law.

  2. Victoria Police stated in that letter “… in consideration of all the matters raised…”.

    There were no “matters” raised by the accused or anyone where the standard template was followed, on the back of the Infringement Notice, in order for the allegation to be heard in a court.


1). Victoria Police FALSELY accuse your ‘person’ of committing an offence without any lawful justification, i.e. court order.

2). In the letter it is stated I am satisfied that the offence was committed, with reference to a person/human, BUT there is no ‘legal person’s’ signature that is responsible for this letter, where in reality it is a computer generated one, just like in the illegal ‘Robodebt’ Centrelink scam against the good people of Australia, which caused many suicides.

No one really cares until you go to court.

Therefore a strong recommendation would be to organise a class action lawsuit against the police for this kind of  unlawful action which has been going on for nearly 40 years.

In Australia it is a myth that you are “innocent until proven otherwise”, as shown in this document. 

The system is not “broken” it’s functioning perfectly, the way they want it to.


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