Police were aware months in advance of biker gang meeting which left 9 dead

By Shepard Ambellas

WACO, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Nine individuals have been declared dead after an altercation took place early Sunday afternoon in the bathroom of Twin Peaks which soon progresses into the restaurant’s parking lot.

Reports say that the altercation started out with bare fists, chains, and even a club but quickly progressed to firearms.

Sgt. Patrick Swanton told KXXV 25, after the incident, that authorities were aware, several months prior, that biker gang members were going to be meeting at the restaurant where the shootout took place on May 17.

In addition Sgt. Swanton pointed out that the management of the Twin Peaks establishment was not as cooperative as they should have been in handling the issue with law enforcement and actually continued to let gang members into the establishment against warnings provided by law enforcement.

“Our officers moved in. Our officers did fire. So we have officers that are involved as well in shooting some of the biker gang members.”, said Sgt. Swanton.

S.W.A.T. was reported to have been on scene ahead of any arriving biker gang members.

Numerous agencies are investigating the matter.

The “Bandidos and the Cossacks” are among the five biker gangs involved, according to the New York Times who also reported Monday that 170 individuals connected to the incident may be charged with organized crime.

“This is a criminal element that came in here […] and killed people. They’re not here to drink beer and eat barbeque. They came with violence in mind”, Sgt. Swanton told NBC/KXAN.

Three suspects named by NBC/KXAN are Jim Harris, Jimmy Pond, and Jimmy Spencer.

KXAN also reported that at least one police department was sent a bulletin on May 1 which pointed out the dangers of local biker gangs.

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