Poor Britons pay for queen’s jubilee

This could be seen as the hypocrisy of the middle classes and wealthy celebrating the monarchy whilst those who are less fortunate starve.

Poor Britons are not alone in wondering why so much public money is being wasted on something that is both anachronistic and irrelevant in a modern world.

It also has to be said that neither the Queen herself nor any members of her family have the slightest idea of what it is like to live on a sink estate or to be in a position where one has to choose between eating and heating during the winter months because there is insufficient money to go

This comes as no amount of expensive pageantry or flag waving is going to help the homeless.

With local councils across the country spending an average of £500,000 on the celebrations, it is right to ask whether that money could and should have been spent on something more worthwhile.

However, the UK government is not the only institution keeping quiet about the diamond jubilee’s costs to the public purse. Other organisations such as the BBC are also reluctant to come clean over how much taxpayer’s money they are spending on the royal coverage.


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