Possible MH370 Debris in Madagascar Uninvestigated, Personal Belongings “Irrelevant”

nsnbc : Potential debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and possible personal belongings of those who disappeared along with the Boeing 777-200, found in Madagascar about 6 – 8 weeks ago has not been claimed by Malaysian investigators. Meanwhile, the Malaysian government is closing down the investigation.

Previously found alleged "probable" wreckage of MAS MH370.

Previously found alleged “probable” wreckage of MAS MH370.

The possible debris and personal effects from the airliner and the persons on board the plane that vanished under unexplained circumstances on Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia two years ago has according to Voice370 not been claimed by investigators. Voice370 is the advocacy group that represents the next of kin of those who disappeared along with the plane.

Voice370 stressed that to the best of their knowledge these items have not been claimed by Malaysia and taken to approved laboratories in Malaysia or Australia for rigorous examination, testing, analysis. Voice370 stresses that:

What is truly distressing and most baffling is that debris located in Madagascar has been left there now for more than 6 weeks with no information made available to families as to the next steps with regards to its shipment to Malaysia and / or Australia for further investigation. … To make matters worse we then learnt from reports that Malaysia’s Minister for Transport has already pronounced that the personal effects are not relevant to MH370. For such a declaration without even a preliminary examination, what to speak of stringent forensic studies, seems odd, certainly out of place, and prejudicial to a thorough investigation. Given that they have been found on the coast of Madagascar, in Riake Beach, where potential aircraft debris has also been located suggests that they deserve a more careful assessment than the prefunctory treatment received thus far.

Days after the disappearance of Flight MH370, and people continue to write encouraging messages to display at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.  Newzulu, Zaki Sulfadi.

Days after the disappearance of Flight MH370, and people continue to write encouraging messages to display at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Newzulu, Zaki Sulfadi.

The next of kin stress that this situation raised concerns that the delay in collecting the debris may have tainted the investigation of the presence of marine life that could yield vital clues regarding the origins and the drift of the debris.

Voice 370 also stresses that the next of kin and the public have the right to be informed if there has been any change in policy concerning the gathering of evidence and obstacles that the investigation team may be facing. The statement issued by Voice370 has been sent to the Malaysian government, the investigative team, the ICAO and others, and stresses that:

In the context of MH370, there remain severe doubts and credibility gaps vis-à-vis the Government of Malaysia. Our best hopes lie with the Investigation team that has representation from institutions such as yours. Given your expertise and record of meticulous investigation, your participation lends assurance of a professional, expeditious and uncompromising attention to facts, circumstances and evidence. The inexplicable and prolonged delay in dealing with the debris found along and off the coast of Africa has not only severely compromised the investigation but will ultimately leave the investigation team open to accusations of complicity in delay, inaction and cover-up, and undermine the faith that the public reposes in your professionalism, and the commitment of your institutions to aviation safety.

The next of kin also note that it is unfortunate that this situation makes the involved institutions susceptible to the charge of being ineffectual and pliable to vested interests. The next of kin state:

We believe the time has come for Institutions such as yours, and the Investigation team as a whole to visibly appear in charge of the investigation, and to restore confidence that the investigation is serious, committed and independent. The families are tired of being dealt with as a non-actor, an after-thought and worse, as an irritant. While aircrafts can be replaced, while money lost can be made good, lives lost are forever gone and only pain and scars remain. We are confident that this is not lost on you and we hope that something can be done to assure us that no stone is left unturned in search for the still missing MH370. The Search must go On.

It is also noteworthy that non of the debris that previously has been found has not been positively identified by typical identifiers such as serial numbers or that such positive evidence, should it exist, has not been made available to the next of kin, their advocates or investigative journalists.

The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 that disappeared on Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing two years ago is one out of four airliners that either disappeared or crashed within two years, while flying above a region where either an international military exercise or a conflict was known to be in progress.

The other three are Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 that was brought down in Ukraine over an area where a conflict was in progress, the Russian Kogalmaviya (Metrojet) Flight KGL9268 that crashed in Egypt’s Northern Sinai while a conflict between the military and insurgents was in progress, and Egypt Air Flight MS804 that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea when it was flying above an area with a USAFRICOM led military exercise in progress.

The disappearance of MH370 and subsequent air disasters have led to international calls to change ICAO regulations according to which independently verifiable evidence is not made available for the next of kin, independent journalists, and the general public. This would, as a minimum requirement, have to include certified passenger and cargo manifests, certified copies of CVR and FDR data, radar data, and certified audio copies (not transcripts) of communications between the airliner and air traffic control. In the absence of independently testable evidence, “alleging or reporting” what data a “Black Box” contains translates into keeping the next of kin and the global flying public “in the dark”.

CH/L – nsnbc 19.07.2016

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