PROOF: FDA Concealing Adverse Reactions

PROOF: FDA Concealing Adverse Reactions EcEZQgYd8l

PROOF: FDA Concealing Adverse Reactions
November 10, 2021

Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters to discuss revelations of fraud at a research company contracted to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial and how the FDA stepped in to conceal the high frequency of adverse reactions by removing these patients from the vaccine data.
Kingston says this is criminal. “This is conspiring to commit aggravated assault against minors and adults in America. There’s no gray area, anymore.”
On November 2nd, the British Medical Journal put out a report in which they announced that a whistleblower named Brooke Jackson, who works for the contract research organization, Ventavia had come forward to say that during one Pfizer trial of 1,000 vaccinated patients, nearly half were coached to alter the descriptions of their adverse events in their test diaries after 407 came down with COVID-19, versus 287 in the placebo group, which Karen describes as “A serious adverse event.”

“They came down with it, Stew within a week of their first or second dose and they define COVID-19 as not just the mild or moderate symptoms, they define it as severe liver, kidney and neurological disorders, they define it as death and ICU admissions. 
“So there could have been 407 people who experienced any one of those from the injections and they never reported it! And in the FDA document, they specifically say this could be attributed to the vaccines – reactogenicity from the vaccines…The side effects of the vaccines overlap directly with COVID-19.”
One wonders if this study’s sample is representative and whether 41% of all vaccinated people in the US might be similarly affected and that this, too is not being reported?

Stew asks, “When we know people who have been inoculated and we don’t see them experiencing adverse events (intended consequences), side effects, injury, death, paralysis, Guillain-Barré, feeding tubes, what do we to assume is going on with these people?”
“They didn’t get the 30 micrograms of the mRNA,” she replies. “They got, maybe a placebo, they maybe got 10 micrograms of mRNA. That would be a reasonable hypothesis to develop.”
She says it’s really important to note that, “On January 27th of last year, Secretary Azar from HHS said that because of confirmed cases in the United States, COVID was a ‘Public Health Crisis’ and a threat to National Security.
“We didn’t have a test, Stew in January of last year. We didn’t have one in February, we didn’t have on in March. So that Declaration, in and of itself is an issue, because it’s based on ‘confirmed tests’.
“Now, they’ve changed it. The last Declaration on October 18th, says it’s based on ‘COVID-19’.
“Here’s the problem with that. Regarding the last study from the CDC, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, they show that of people in the hospital with COVID-19, only 5%-10% test positive for SARS-CoV-2 or the Delta Variant.
“That data also shows if you have a PCR test and it has over a 90% failure rate in diagnosing people who are so symptomatic, they’re hospitalized, there’s no attribution. There never was attribution between the virus and COVID-19!
“And now, Secretary Becerra has said, ‘COVID-19 is the cause of the public health emergency and threat to National Security’…
“The virus, apparently, is humans. Because, if you’re alive, you’re ‘at risk’ of infecting other people or of dying from COVID-19.
“The whole thing has been nothing but a PSYOP and if you look at the data, it clearly shows that.
“If you have over a 90% failure rate from a PCR test, there’s no correlation between the virus and COVID-19 and if you can have COVID-19 and be in the hospital dying from respiratory or heart failure or you can be a perfectly healthy 17 year old teenage boy who can run a 6-minute mile, what does that tell you about COVID-19, Stew?”
“OK,” he says, “If the whole thing is a PSYOP, the PSYOP, then you’re suggesting was intended to bring in the bioweapon, which is these shots. right?”
“That’s right. The whole thing is a PSYOP, because what they’re saying is COVID-19 is a threat to National Security. Well, here’s my question: There’s a vaccine mandate, you had people on this week talking about it. If the vaccine mandate is going to make 200,000 thousand enlisted men and women resign and and another 176,000 Reserve or who are contractors resign, so we lose almost 400,000 people in our military, is COVID-19 a threat to National Security or is it our government making a mandate?
“If there’s a mandate for everyone who’s employed in the United States (over 100 employees) and we’re going to lose 84 million more jobs to an already crippled economy, does that make COVID-19 the threat to National Security or does that make the Government, who’s making a mandate, we’re going to lose 84,000,000 jobs – the threat to National Security?”
Stew asks her what she makes of Trump not coming out and warning people that the vaxx is dangerous.
“The whole thing is an act of war. Everything that’s going on with COVID-19 has been an act of war against the American People, including the theft of the election. Those who are in power now were not put in power by the American People, they were put in power by a enemy state. That is what’s going on right now.
“In regards to President Trump, should he come forward and say the vaccines are dangerous? Well, if you take this from behavioral and psychological warfare, based on history, it doesn’t look like that would achieve anything.
“The American People need to come forward and say this, Stew, that’s my point. We need to fight to win. It’s not up to Trump to save this country. It’s up to us to save the country.”
“That, I agree with 100%,” Stew says, “However, psychologically, he does hold sway over at least a hundred million people in this country and others around the world. So his acknowledgement would have an impact, in my opinion.”
“I had thought about that, as well, but these people, are they psychologically strong enough to then, when Trump’s attacked by the media and they’re saying, ‘No, there is no evidence that these vaccines are dangerous,’ because they’re sticking to their lie, OK, they’re sticking to their lie.
“Are they going to rally and fight behind Trump and fight for America? We need to show up and start fighting and fighting to win before we start expecting someone to come in and quote, unquote save us.”
“I agree. Nobody’s going do that. We need to step up and do this, ourselves and facing the truth, oftentimes is not very comfortable and trusting in the people you previously thought you could trust in.
“You may find, when using your discernment and actually looking at the truth and facts for what they are, you may find that those people are not as trustworthy as you once thought that they were. Matt Gaetz, perfect example. Marjorie Taylor Greene, another example. I’ll never apologize for holding these people accountable. They have deceived, they have pulled the wool over the eyes of people who previously celebrated them as prolific fighters and indeed, they are not.”
The Vaxx Kills.
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