Proof the BBC is trying to gaslight the UK

I think this is self explanatory.
Please send it to your resistant friends and relatives.
Don’t give up.
There’s no political solution. I don’t think they’ll ever stop, unless the people stop them, and that’s only going to happen when enough people rebel.
This is very difficult but it’s down to each of us, including you.
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Mike Yeadon

They are lying and I can prove it. The numbers are clear. The numbers don’t lie.

Steve Kirsch

Jan 19 2023

The BBC just published an article claiming that the record high excess deaths in the UK are due to limited access to healthcare.

This is false and I can prove it. The data doesn’t show that at all.

Method #1: UK ONS data

The UK data shows that by April 2022, in every age range, the vaccinated were dying at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. This is why the UK government stopped reporting these statistics because the numbers were showing that the shots were killing people:

These are the official UK numbers plotted out in a way that makes it very clear that the vaccinated are dying more often than the unvaxxed (line is above 1.0).

Method #2: Analysis by UK Professors Martin Neil and Norman Fenton

And we also have the Neil/Fenton analysis which shows that the only thing correlated to the excess deaths is the vaccine. Uh oh.

Hey, maybe the BBC can show us THEIR analysis that they used for their story? Or was it just a hand-waving argument? Can we see the data?

Method #3: The annotated worldwide death records

And we also have annotated death records worldwide where we can see that more than 15% of the deaths of the vaccinated are associated with the vaccine (symptoms started shortly after vaccine and/or consistent with vaccine injury). If anyone at the BCC wants to verify these records, I have the full contact information of the reporters.

All you really need to do is read the Notes field. Nobody died because they couldn’t get their statin prescription.

Method #4: The Cleveland Clinic study

Finally, consider Table 2 of the Cleveland Clinic study. It shows that the more vaccines you get, the more likely you are to get COVID. This is because each dose of the vaccine reduces your overall immunity to everything, especially cancer.

That’s the opposite of what the government told you. They lied about that too.

Method #5: Your own experience

Think about all the people you know who died in 2022. Collaborate with friends you trust. You’ll find that all the “unusual” deaths were among the vaccinated and associated with the vaccine. You will find a very high percentage of vaccine injured.

Method #6: You show how the BBC misled people by not telling the whole story

On their Substack Trust The Evidence, Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson from the Oxford University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine debunked this weeks ago. They show, from the NHS’s own data, statin prescriptions never dropped and related consultations for heart conditions were back to normal no later than December 2021.

How embarrassing for the BBC.

Method #7: Listening to the UK doctors who were courageous enough to tell the truth (risking loss of their license to practice medicine)

Somehow, the BBC forgot to talk to doctors who weren’t censored.

See the transcript.


All five methods listed above come to the same answer: the BBC is gaslighting the UK.

I want to make it crystal clear that NOBODY in the UK is fooled by the BBC story.

To that end, I’m willing to wager up to $1M (minimum $50,000) that the most likely cause of all the excess deaths is the COVID vaccine.

Will anyone take my bet?

If not, I think I’ve made my point. The confidence in the BBC story is extremely low. Not even people who work at the BBC will take my bet. It’s really sad when the employees of the BBC recognize that the BBC is just a government propaganda operation.

The bottom line is this: the BBC is happy to sacrifice your life on these vaccines, but they are not going to risk losing their money on challenging me.

Their money is way more important than your life. And that’s just the way it is.


The Time for Silence is Over

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