Proof the US Government Is A Criminal Enterprise Organization

The CIA Mafia

The CIA Mafia

The American government is a criminal enterprise organization, not an alleged criminal enterprise operation, a proven criminal enterprise operation. Meanwhile, you and I are treated like the real criminals as we are detained,

In this article I have chosen to provie one example of how the government has been corrupted beyond belief, while at the same time the government is engaged in destroying our traditional freedoms and liberties.


The Duplicity of the Border Patrol

Every day in America, our citizens are subject to unconstitutional searches of their vehicles and their persons by Border Patrol. The main purpose of the Border Patrol appears to be to eliminate competition in the drug business from anyone else except for CIA approved drug trafficking cartels.

The CIA runs drugs on our Southern border. The CIA has run drugs, for profit, to fund their illicit criminal enterprises for a very long time. Even the former head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Robert Bonner, acknowledges the fact that the CIA runs drugs into the United States. Yet, the 60 Minutes interview with Bonner listed below is the only mainstream media reference to this fact.


Even a much younger Ron Paul named George H. W. Bush as co-conspirator in government sponsored drug trafficking.


Below is the testimony of top law enforcement, governmental and agency personnel and what they have to say about the CIA running drugs into this country.


 The Border Patrol Protection Racket

The United States clearly has an immigration problem. The sheer number of immigrants have overwhelmed our hospitals and schools with unreimbursed expense. Some estimates place the number of illegal aliens in the United States as high as 30 million. That means that literally, one in ten people walking the streets of our country are illegal aliens. The federal government would have the public believe that they are powerless in stopping the human tidal wave from coming into our country. The government even sanctions television shows to further this myth  in their thinly veiled propaganda pieces such as the TV show, Border Wars.

In actuality, the government possesses satellites so sensitive, so accurate, that they can read the inscription on a dime dropped on the ground in the midst of a violent sandstorm in Iraq. Yet, the American public is expected to believe that our federal government is powerless in defending against this onslaught and that the people should accept the unconstitutional practices being carried out by Border Patrol personnel dozens to hundreds of miles inside the United States.

Have you ever wondered why the Border Patrol checkpoints are 50 to 100 miles from the border? Have you ever wondered why we have these warrantless checkpoints in places like Indiana, Minnesota and Tennessee?

The entire immigration check point issue is a smokescreen. When you and your family are pulled over and asked if you are U.S. citizens, the Border Patrol agent is not interested in your citizenship, he is interested in whether or not, you are transporting narcotics. The prime directive of the Border Patrol is to run interference for the CIA sponsored drug cartels and to eliminate the competition. The border enforcement issue should also be viewed as a Trojan horse in order to continue the installation of a totalitarian government bent on the destruction of United States sovereignty, its culture, and most importantly, its time-honored civil liberties in this “papers please” totalitarian government. But most of all, the Border Patrol exists to permit the free flow of drugs into the country while eliminating any competition to the status quo.

While, as former DEA chief Bonner suggests, the CIA conducts illicit drug trafficking criminal enterprise, American citizens are abused by the thousands at these illegal checkpoints.

Border Patrol Abuse of American Citizens

Perhaps you may recall Pastor Steven Anderson’s story as he was returning home to Phoenix from a business trip in San Diego, in 2009, in which he was the victim of an illegal search, physical abuse and an unwarranted arrest at the hands of the United States Border Patrol and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. While in the custody of the United States Border Patrol, Anderson had his face repeatedly rubbed in broken glass, was repeatedly struck and tasered multiple times simply because he refused to show his “citizenship” papers and for his willful failure to submit to a suspicion less search of his vehicle. Following is the video account of the Anderson story. Viewer discretion is advised.




After the smoke cleared and 11 stitches were removed from Anderson’s face, he found himself charged with (1) Arizona Revised Statute 13-2906-A (Obstructing a highway or other public thoroughfare (a class 3 misdemeanor); and, (2) Arizona Revised Statute 13-2509-A (Resisting an order directing, regulating or controlling a motor vehicle [which is a class 2 misdemeanor]). What exactly these two alleged offenses had to do with Anderson’s encounter with border patrol agents and the related constitutional issues is baffling and certainly defies all common sense.  

On August 13, 2010, Pastor Steven Anderson’s trial came to a speedy conclusion in Arizona Superior Court in Yuma, Arizona. The six person jury deliberated a mere 90 minutes before rendering a not guilty verdict on both counts. Despite Anderson’s not guilty verdict, the criminal federal government has not yet returned his private property seized in the arrest.
The Fourth, Fifth and Eighth Amendments to the United States Constitution contain specific prohibitions unwarranted searches and seizures, unlawful detentions and addresses the general treatment of American citizens while in the custody of law enforcement officials. Yet, increasingly, Americans are being subjected to blatant constitutional violations resulting from the proliferation of these illegal traffic stops. Meanwhile, the drug cartels under the auspices of the CIA continue their drug trafficking unabated into our neighborhoods and the CIA has been strongly implicated by former top officials. How long are the citizens of this country going to accept Nazi checkpoints as part of the American fabric?

It should be clear that when we look at the TSA and the Border Patrol together, they are also serving another agenda. Namely, we are permitting the government to violate the Constitution by groping us, illegally detaining us and often seizing our property without any probable cause. America, you are being conditioned to accept total tyranny. The government mafia has changed the American government into a criminal enterprise operation.

civil disobedienceThe time for civil disobedience is right now. We need to stop submitting to unconstitutional searches of our bodies and our properties. Further, we also need to begin working towards the deconstruction of the governmental mafia and we should begin with the CIA. The CIA headquarters needs to be dismantled brick by brick. Every employee of the CIA should be dismissed. Their top secret files needs to be examined and we need to begin to bring these criminals to justice.  

Every American can begin to serve this cause by refusing to submit to these unconstitutional searches, while CIA sponsored entities are bringing in drug through the proverbial back door.

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