‘Prophet’ Nathan French Says God Must Restore Trump to Office to Silence Those ‘Trying to Discredit the Prophetic Community’

From the moment former President Donald Trump entered the White House, various self-proclaimed “prophets” guaranteed that he would be reelected in 2020 and serve eight years in office. One of those “prophets” was Nathan French, who is growing increasingly desperate with President Joe Biden in the White House, declaring during an appearance on the Elijah Streams program last Friday that Trump must be returned to office because people are starting to lose faith in the prophets.

“The Lord is going to bring Trump back in,” French proclaimed. “I believe that he knows deep down in his spirit, he knows that God has chosen him, not someone else. He’s flawed for sure—I don’t believe in some of the things he says about vaccines—but the truth is God called him as the trump card, and he’s gonna throw that card on the table in just the next few months, and you’re going to see how God is actually going to take back what the enemy tried to unauthorize, he tried to steal, and he tried to manipulate, and the whole system of how we elect people in the future will be restored.”

Host Steve Schultz then asked French how he responds to those who say the election was over a year ago and if God was going to restore Trump to office, it would have happened by now. French replied that God must restore Trump to office in order to silence those who are “trying to discredit the prophetic community.”

“I took a risk to prophesy over him and Melania,” French said. “What we’re seeing right now is the unraveling of the enemy’s plan because God’s been shining the light. … I saw the Lord shining a light into the dark places and all the scurrying of the evildoers or those who had worked against Christ with an Antichrist spirit. We’re gonna see God finish what he began. The word promises that he will finish the good work he began. Where people miss it and start trying to discredit the prophetic community is when they start getting the timeline messed up. If somebody gives a word that, ‘Hey, on this date, this person is going to be in office,’ and it doesn’t come to pass, then it was a false word. It wasn’t true. But if they give that word and the date that they gave hasn’t yet come to pass, you can’t call him a liar or [say] that they were wrong because the time hasn’t happened yet. If somebody doesn’t give a date and God gives a word and speaks through the voice of his prophets—which he’s doing on the Earth right now because there’s still prophets today. … There’s a whole bunch of people on the planet that don’t believe that there are still prophets on the Earth. And so they scripturally are trying to resolve that, and they’re teaching people that prophets no longer exist.”

It should be noted that back in March of this year, French declared that “everything’s going to change” in April and that Trump would be restored to office. Needless to say, that did not happen.


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