Purim – Jewish Blood libel

Purim – Jewish Blood libel

Jews harvesting the blood of the young


In this image, the yenta Madonna and Guy Ritchie can be seen dressed up in festive costumes for a purim celebration of genocide with her local kabbalah friends. The jewish media often portrays this as just an innocent, harmless “jewish halloween”, but humans don’t drink blood and ritually slaughter babies for halloween.

For the year 2010 purim fell on February 28th through March 1st, as can be seen here, and I planned to have some information about this disgusting jewish holiday of blood lust, genocide, and cannibalism, before it came around, but better late than never. If you’re not familiar with purim, you probably should be, because it highlights just how pathetic and repulsive jewish behavior and beliefs are once unmasked.

Purim parades itself as an innocent celebration and a necessary part of jewish religion. The truth is, the so-called jewish religion is nothing more than a sick, twisted ideology that condones and promotes jewish hatred for non-jews, supremacism, racism, elitism, murder, genocide, rape, pedophilia, subversion, deceit, usury, and all the other ills jews were once very commonly known for in almost every country on earth.

If you doubt this, go watch the 1940 movie Jud Süß and have a look at how society really saw the jews, who have always behaved as intrusive, destructive, murderous parasites. This movie wasn’t Nazi propaganda, as a jew writer at the New Yorker just tried to say here, while slighting Subverted Nation as an “anti-semitic” website. Nice of them to mention me, but the way he tries to make the subversive nation wrecking, murderous, rapist jew Oppenheimer look like a victim is just plain rotten.

So, what about purim? What is it? To put it simply, purim is a festival held annually on the 14th of the hebrew month Adar, because supremacist jews don’t even use the same calender as we do. In human terms, the holiday usually falls around February or March, with Passover following a month later. During this time of purim, jews celebrate the mythical slaughter of 75,000 of their enemies, i.e. genocide.

Here a couple jews are dressed up for their celebration of purim in Israel. Can you tell which one is the real female? Or are both of them men? No doubt they would carry along an American made assault rifle, just in case a Palestinian might need to be offered up as a sacrifice.

The jews celebrate the mass murder of their enemies, on the pretext that these enemies of the jews are just evil people, who deserved to be viciously murdered in cold blood, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Historically, the enemies of the jews have been ALL of your ancestors, for those of you who are non-jewish. Historically, the enemy of the jew has been the hard working, ethical, human beings with a conscience, which makes us completely alien to jews.

For jews, conscience and compassion do not exist. They are merely traits of ours that they mimic so that they might manipulate us. In fact, almost all of the behavior of jews today is a mimicry of our own behavior. Behind closed doors, or out of sight of non-jewish “goyim” (cattle) as they call us, it is a whole different story.

Look at the story of purim as chabad jews (some of the most vile jews) describe it here:

The Persian empire of the 4th century BCE extended over 127 lands, and all the Jews were its subjects. When King Ahasuerus had his wife, Queen Vashti, executed for failing to follow his orders, he orchestrated a beauty pageant to find a new queen. A Jewish girl, Esther, found favor in his eyes and became the new queen—though she refused to divulge the identity of her nationality.

Meanwhile, the anti-Semitic Haman was appointed prime minister of the empire. Mordechai, the leader of the Jews (and Esther’s cousin) defied the king’s orders and refused to bow to Haman. Haman was incensed and convinced the king to issue a decree ordering the extermination of all the Jews on the 13th of Adar—a date chosen by a lottery Haman made.

Mordechai galvanized all the Jews, convincing them to repent, fast and pray to G‑d. Meanwhile, Esther asked the king and Haman to join her for a feast. At the feast, Esther revealed to the king her Jewish identity. Haman was hanged, Mordechai was appointed prime minister in his stead, and a new decree was issued—granting the Jews the right to defend themselves against their enemies.

On the 13th of Adar the Jews mobilized and killed many of their enemies. On the 14th of Adar they rested and celebrated.

This terrorist jew murderer walked into a mosque during purim with grenades and an M-16 and started slaughtering Muslim worshippers. Luckily, this pathetic wretch was stopped and beaten to death with fire extinguishers. This is how all jews should be dealt with.

Basically, a jewess weaseled her way into the King’s favor, much like Oppenheimer in the movie Jud Süß. She hid her identity, because up until just this last century, the entire world was well aware of the dangers that jews posed to sane people, and humanity as a whole. The righteous Haman did as many of us have done today. Declared that all jews should be exterminated for their crimes against our peoples, and their refusal to stop their destructive, murderous, treasonous, and subversive behavior.

Unfortunately, the jews are good at using sex, greed, and lust to undermine many people’s ability to think clearly. Since Esther, a jewess, had now slithered in and made herself the object of the king’s desire, she would wield this influence to have Haman killed for the decree he ordered. Don’t be fooled, because jews do not believe in or pray to a god, as stated above, or they wouldn’t have such a problem spelling the word god, which they substitute “G-d” for. Whatever they “pray” to is a dark, demonic force of evil energy, to which they also sacrifice human babies to.

After using her influence to stop Haman from righteously having jews exterminated, Esther used her sexual and emotional pull with the king to have Haman executed instead. Then the jews “mobilized” and murdered 75,000 people, to stifle any real opposition to their machinations. Haman’s ten sons were also executed by hanging, taking this despicable story down in morality another notch.  Again, this story is a fable, but that doesn’t stop jews from enjoying their feast of genocide. The jews celebrate this holiday with great passion, and great fanfare. Here’s more of what they do on purim:

a) Reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther), which recounts the story of the Purim miracle.

b) Giving money gifts to the poor.

c) Sending gifts of food to friends.

d) A festive Purim feast.

It is also customary for children to dress up in disguising costumes.

So, the jews ensure they read the story of slaughtering their enemies during this holiday to keep the thought of genocide against non-jews at the forefront of this murderous “celebration”. Next, they give gifts of money to poor jews, so that they might rise up to positions of power and influence over non-jews, and the kids dress up like the goblins that they are, before they enjoy their feast of blood lust.

You can click here to see the story of Baruch Goldstein, who walked into a Muslim mosque during purim with grenades and an American made M-16 rifle, and started slaughtering Muslims as part of his celebration. This is not the only murder by jews coinciding with purim, but the telling part is how jews erected a shrine to this murderer in Israel, and now hold him to be a hero and a martyr. How many other cultures purposely celebrate murderous terrorists like Goldstein?  Now matter how pathetic they sound, don’t dare show pity for the jew, they have none for you or the people they murder for these festive events.

Purim snacks include hamantashen or Haman’s Ears, treats fashioned to look like human body parts, which are often made with dried human blood. You still want these pathetic creatures hanging around your country?

How many other cultures can you really find evidence of people celebrating genocide and terrorism, besides the jews?  The answer is none, but this is a real life example of jewish mass murder on purim, and jew celebrating said murders.  One couldn’t ask for a better illustration, but the world could certainly ask to do without jews, so that we wouldn’t have to experience these murders to begin with.

The jews send gifts of food to each other, but what kind of food? You will find it interesting to note that on purim, jews celebrate by sharing a special treat called Hamantashen. This name is purposely distorted by jews, because in Yiddish it means “Haman’s pockets”, but it turns out there is another term for this treat that espouses a more truthful definition of this so-called “treat”. The treat is actually called “Oznei Haman” in hebrew, meaning “Haman’s ears”. Check it out here.

That’s right, on purim jews celebrate by giving each other gift baskets containing a “treat” that is meant to represent human body parts, while celebrating the murder of 75,000 of their enemies. Is the picture starting to become clear yet? Well, if you believe the jew at the New Yorker, this website is merely anti-semitic and therefore shouldn’t even be read at all! You’re lucky you made it this far!  Here is even more tasty snacks to tease jews with an appetite for human flesh:

Purim foods don’t end with just cookies. Kaveyos di Haman, meaning “Haman’s hair,” is a noodle dish tossed with a lemon sauce. And Keylitsh is an oversized challah made to represent the ropes that killed Haman.

Purim merely seems to fulfill the need jews have for fantasies of genocide and rivers of blood. The jews enjoy slaying their enemies by the thousands, and they have even far surpassed this by slaughtering millions upon millions of people in real life. The jews also know that most of you do not know about any of this, and it’s jews like the one at the New Yorker who work tirelessly to make sure that you never do.

Now that we’ve determined how vile the premise behind purim is, you might rightly wish to ask, how important is this murderous feast to the jews? Well, it turns out that it’s important enough for jews to forfeit a playoff game for their yeshiva high school girl’s basketball team, as evidenced here. These next generation jewish racists first tried to have the game rescheduled, so that they wouldn’t have to miss their celebration of murdering “goyim” or their playoff game.

Look at the smirks on the faces of these jewesses as they shake the hands of their bewildered non-jewish (goyim) opponents. It’s as if their faces are saying, “we will feast on your blood rather than play games with you, silly goy”.

These supremacist little beasts wanted the whole playoff schedule altered to suit their genocidal festival. When that didn’t work as planned, these murderous little demons decided it best not to play, with the excuse that they will be fasting before they celebrate genocide of the human cattle (goyim), meaning they wouldn’t be able to have water during their game play. To these jews, it’s far more important to party it up to rivers of blood and sacrifice, than it is to play a ball game with the cattle used for slaughter.

The article states, “the school did make an attempt to play”, but only if the “goyim”, ignorant of their genocidal feast, would change the whole damn schedule to suit the supremacist jews. In the end, the little jewesses showed up on the basketball court to forfeit their game, so that they may not forfeit their putrid holiday of hate and murder against non-jews.

There is no doubt, the little girls who shook their hands on the court that day, had no idea what the real reason was that these ghouls wouldn’t play. In fact, they probably thought it was a godly religious devotion that kept these beasts from dribbling basketballs with them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The dribbling of human blood down their disgusting faces is far more important to these jewesses. This truth is such a polar opposite that the brainwashed children from the public schools would gasp at the sound of it, and cover their ears as if hearing it alone could make their ears bleed.

Yes indeed, because on purim, not only do jews celebrate genocide and murder, but as demonstrated with Baruch Goldstein, they often engage in mass murder and ritual murder of non-jews for purim.  Many don’t realize that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was interestingly announced by George Bush during purim that year. You can see here his speech was given during purim 2003 (March 18-19).

The announcement of the invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Saddam’s palace were timed to coincide with the purim holiday of 2003. Is this bloody enough to appease whatever demon jews sacrifice humans to?

Subsequently, over 1 million Iraqis have been murdered and mutilated by depleted uranium, apache gunships, M1 Abrams tanks, and thousands of US Soldiers.  Many thousands of these Soldiers have also lost their lives, carrying out the purim initiated war against the Middle East, which has now spread from Iraq and Afghanistan to Pakistan, Yemen, and beyond.

You can even look here on wikipedia and see that the invasion was “preceded by an air strike on the Iraqi Presidential Palace on 19 March 2003”, making sure their attacks would coincide with their murderous purim holiday.

Now that we’ve established purim as a genocide festival, let’s take a look at another interesting, and much more important aspect that goes along with purim, ritual murder. It seems the jews have a thing for slicing and dicing humans, drying their blood, and eating it in some of the snacks mentioned above, shaped like human body parts.

At first that might sound silly, until you realize that almost every country that exiled the jews, counted ritual murder of non-jews among the many reasons for doing so. After eighty four countries go through this, you don’t want to sound ridiculous trying to write it off as “vicious libel”, but the vicious barbaric jew has no problem using the media to write it all off as mere slander.

Many people have herd the term “blood libel”, and I assure you, this is not merely an anti-semitic slander.  This is something that has been thoroughly documented throughout history.  In fact, it seems all throughout history are cases of ritual murder associated with purim.  Have a look at what Arnold Leese said in his book on jewish ritual murder here.

This feast is often celebrated by an exhibition of gluttony, intoxication, and curses on the memory of Haman; and even to this day in London, the Jewish bakers make cakes in the shape of human ears which are eaten by the Jews on this day, and are called “Haman’s Ears,” revealing once again the inherent hate and barbarism of the Jew in our midst. The two principal feast-days associated with Ritual Murder have been (1) Purim, and (2) Passover, the latter at Easter and the former about one month before it. When a Ritual Murder occurred at Purim, it was usually that of an adult Christian who was murdered for his blood; it is said that the blood was dried and the powder mixed into triangular cakes for eating; it is possible that the dried blood of a Purim murder might sometimes be used for the following Passover. When a Ritual Murder was done at Passover, it was usually that of a child under seven years old, as perfect a specimen as possible, who was not only bled white, but crucified, sometimes circumcised and crowned with thorns, tortured, beaten, stabbed, and sometimes finished off by wounding in the side in imitation of the murder of Christ. The blood taken from the child was mixed either in the powdered state or otherwise into the Passover bread. Another festival at which it is thought that Ritual Murder has sometimes been indulged in is Chanucah, which occurs in December, commemorating the recovery of Jerusalem under the Maccabees in B.C. 165. Examples of Purim murders are those of Damascus, Rhodes, Xanten Polna, Gladbeck and Paderborn.

Isn’t it lovely how jews poke babies full of holes, and drain their blood into a basin, and all that to celebrate the murder of 75,000 non-jews! Purim is a wonderful festival of hatered, racism, and genocid!

It can easily be seen that people have been talking about jewish ritual murder for centuries.  This is but one example.  There are literally hundreds of sources of information on known cases of jewish ritual murder all around the globe. Leese’s book covers a large number of ritual murders of a long period of time.

In the book, Leese even gets it right by attributing this to a racial issue, but seems to muddy the water about what jews are as a race, confusing things with the khazar theory among others. That aside, at least he keeps the issue focused on the jewish race (however he defines it) while laying out tons of undeniable evidence for jewish ritual murder, and the book is a valuable reference none the less.

There are other authors covering this topic as well, some of which you can see mentioned  here where the ritual murders in Damascus, and many others are covered in fairly good detail. Here is a glimpse of just how many cases there really are to investigate. However, I implore you to do more research on your own if you feel you must. This subject is so far stranger than fiction, you couldn’t make it up if you tried.

1750s–Algeria: bribe money was used to quash the facts. 1791–Pera (Constantinople): Helmut Schramm records the ritual murder of a young Greek child. 1810–Aleppo, Syria: murder of a woman at Easter/Purim time. 1812–Isle Of Corfu: three Jews were convicted in the murder of three children. Monniot in Le Crime Rituel Chez Les Juifs says the records were kept in the official archives of the island. 1821–Beirut, Lebanon: an adult Christian male was the victim. 1824–Beirut: Fatallah Sayegh, a Muslim, was slain for ritual purposes. 1824–Schramm cites yet another child ritual murder case on Corfu. 1826-1827–Antioch: at Easter, two Christian boys were ceremonially slain. 1829–Hama, Syria: the Jews of Hama slew a Muslim girl, and subsequently were expelled from the city. 1834–Tripoli, Libya: a Christian Greek fell victim. 1838–Jerusalem: There was an attempt to murder a Muslim for ritual purposes. 1847–Lebanon: Jews were apprehended after murdering a Christian boy.[3] Nor were these the last cases to arise in Damascus, another occurring in 1890.[4]

The following two cases bear most directly on the Damascus murders.

1839–Beirut, Lebanon: Both Sir Richard Burton and Arnold Leese mention that inspectors detected a mysterious flask of blood while it passed through the Customs House in Beirut. Leese gives the details: “A Remittance of Blood. During the Damascus Ritual Murder trial, the French Consul, Comte de Ratti-Menton, by whose energy and determination the case was brought to light, received a letter from Comte de Suzannet, who wrote: ‘Nearly a year ago, a box arrived at the custom-house that a Jew came to claim; on being asked to open it, he refused and offered first 100 Piastres, then 200, then 300, then 1,000 and at last 10,000 Piastres (2,500 Francs). The custom-house official persisted, and opened the box, discovering therein a bottle of blood. On asking the Jew for an explanation, the latter said that they had the custom of preserving the blood of their Grand Rabbis or important men. He was allowed to go, and left for Jerusalem.’ Comte Ratti-Menton (also French Consul for Damascus) later looked for the chief of the custom-house, but found that he had died. His successor only vaguely recollected the affair; but he confirmed that the box had several bottles of red liquid. The man who came to claim the shipment was Aaron Stambouli of Damascus, who had told him the substance was an efficacious drug.” The quick death of the chief custom-house officer is not surprising; witnesses to the crimes of Israel are subject to a sudden demise. But the reader will perhaps be more interested by the fact that Aaron Stambouli was one of those found guilty in the Damascus murders the very next year.![5]

1840–Isle of Rhodes: This transpired at almost the same time as the better-known Damascus Affair. The circumstances are familiar: a small boy, missing, last seen going into a home in the Jewish Quarter. A public outrage and demand for action followed, and Ottoman Governor Yusuf Pasha ordered an investigation. As in Damascus, this was at the instigation of several European Consuls. From here on, the Rhodes Case is a mishmash of charges, counter-charges and allegations. The Alliance Israelite Universelles of France and other important Judaic organizations of the day, bribed the authorities, paralleling what happened in Damascus. In yet another parallel, Austria withdrew its call for an investigation and supported dismissal of all charges. Sir Moses Montefiore, Adolph Cremieux, and the Rothchild barons (financiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) were successful — the charges were dropped and the accused freed. The Greek Orthodox clergy and European consuls were left holding the bag, their honor impugned by involvement in a case with no results. And the victim and his killers? The case remained unsolved. No one else was ever accused.

1839-1840 were active years for the ritual murder cult. Jonathan Frankel displays a revealing map, showing cases that year not only in Damascus and Rhodes, but at four other locations as well: Constantinople and Smyrna in the Near East as well as Schwetz, Prussia, and Julich, Bavaria.[6] He also says: “Falling into this category, too, were the many criminal investigations and trials in which Jews were accused of ritual murder. Probably the best-known of such events in the period under discussion here was the Beiliss Trial held in Kiev in 1913. Among contemporaries, especially the Jews in the countries involved, though, the cases of Tisza-Eszlar in 1882 (in Hungary), of Xanten in 1891 (in Prussia), and of Polna in 1899 (in Bohemia) engendered hardly less tension. The Damascus affair of 1840, as already noted, caused an extraordinary sensation in its own time.”[7] As the reader will soon see, this is an understatement.

I don’t want to even begin to attempt covering the hundreds of cases of jewish ritual murder throughout history, or even just the ones pertaining to purim itself.  I think it has been clearly demonstrated here that jews enjoy a festival of genocide, blood lust, ritual murder, drunkenness, and gluttony for what they call purim.  Some might have seen the story of the girls who avoided playing during their purim as just an innocent religious observance, but knowing what purim really means gives the entire thing a new twist. Again, jews aren’t a religion anyway, they are a twisted race of inbred neanderthal like beasts that feast on human flesh and blood.

Accounts of jewish ritual murder during purim are too many to list. The jews have been draining the blood of their conscious victims, slitting their throats to bleed them out, and making treats with human blood for millenium.

Passover is not long away, just about a month from now.  Keep a close eye on your children, before they end up crucified, and drained of their blood while still conscious.  Anyone defending jews and their behavior needs to know and understand jewish ritual murder of non-jews.  This behavior is beyond unacceptable, it’s so filthy fucking disgusting, that people should immediately want all of their lands rid of the jew.

Haman tried to facilitate just such a thing, by ridding Persia of jews in the fable of Esther, the infiltrating subversive seductress jewess who’s slimy, slutty tactics still give her people reason to rejoice today.  Much like the tales of little jew girls escaping death camps to grow up with a pack of wolves, or shrunken jew heads and jew skin lampshades, this too is a fable, but is still none the less used as a way for jews to revel in blood sacrifice, ritual murder, and genocide against all non-jews.

People need to stop thinking of jews as humans with a conscience like themselves.  Do these sound like the kind of people you want running your courts, governments, banking system, corporations, media, etc?  Do you think these blood thirsty beasts should be allowed quarter amongst our people, so that they might dine on the flesh of our children?  How many jews are a safe number to keep around in light of the facts?  If you have human compassion, a human conscience, and even one iota of common sense, your natural response will be “not a single fucking one”.

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  1. Bob Mohammed says:

    The jews should be forced to repay all money swindled from the world in the their holocaust scheme that was cooked up after WWII. Then deport all of them to Israel, disarm them, remove all communication devices, sterilize them and then blockade their greedy asses for eternity. If they don’t like it give them the option of choosing the “Bin Laden” healthcare plan.

  2. Awake Goy Wake Up Fools says:

    The jews should repay all the gold silver diamonds etc. stolen since Cain’s children… also all the billions of deaths should be re-payed in blood.

  3. Mirre says:

    S A T A N I S T E R – vi har ju hazarer, dom blev judar, men vad var dom från början? Vägplundrare som offrade barn till djävulen – därför blev dom fördrivna från ryssland… de fick välja en religion, jude muslim eller kristen – de valde att bli judar men DE FORSATTE med sin religion till hin håle och med sina ritualer med barnblod och offer – 80 milj ryssar dog under första revolutionen – ingen säger ett ord om det, just nu pågår 6 krig i världen ingen MSMedija nämner det – VARFÖR??? jO, FÖR HAZARER, DE S K JUDAR (SATANISTER) VILL HA UKRAINA SOM SITT LAND!!! BÖRJAR POLETTEN RAMLA NER??? vem gav hitler pengar – judar, vem mördade de sefarinska judar i tysklan, JUDAR.. de anser att vi GOJE inte är värda en som ett djur och enligt deras lag har de rätt att svära falskt ta vilken religion som helst för att gynna sin ekonomiska status, de har RÄTT att våldta en flicka på tre år och en dag – men inte deras utan GOJi – de anser och jämför en gravid krina som dräktig sto… Så kom inte och säg att det är synd om judarna… PROPAGANDA… RAKT AV -De riktiga judarna utrotades av dessa hazar judar med sina lockar och barnoffer… fy fan säger jag bara – avrätta packet

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