Putin says U.S. created nuclear PRECEDENT by bombing Japan [TRUE] and vows to ‘smash’ the ‘satanic’ [TRUE] West: Explains USA is STILL occupying Germany, [TRUE, & JAPAN] Ratchild’s USA blew up Nord Stream [TRUE] and warns he’ll use ‘all forces’ to defend annexed Ukraine regions

What the red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian KGB agent the Putinister said is fact.

Course he is a Ratschild bitch also

and the “war” in Ukraine is an illusion for the sheep, as the Putinister is following the Ratschild’s

orders the same as the little children raping treasonous degenerates in Soddom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

I betcha cousin George Washington and my several great grandfather types who were his Winter Soldiers are just SO DAMN proud of the 3ed world communistic s#ithole the American sheep have allowed the bribed and blackmailed pedophiles which gravitate to Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac to make out of America!

The Ole Dog!

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a scathing speech toward the West
Claimed U.S. set ‘precedent’ using nuclear weapons against Japan during WWII
Remarks were announcing and signing papers making his annexation of four Ukrainian regions official: Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk
Fears of nuclear war have grown since Putin said he was ‘not bluffing’ Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend its territory
The outlandish claims in the speech included insisting the U.S. is occupying Germany and Korea
Also ranted about ‘sex change’ surgeries and the ‘satanic moral norms’ of the U.S.

Vladimir Putin accused the United States of creating a nuclear weapons ‘precedent’ by bombing Japan at the end of the second World War in an unhinged speech calling the West ‘satanists’ and accusing ‘Anglo Saxons’ of blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.

The Russian despot ranted about sex-change operations, claimed America is occupying Germany and Korea and vowed to ‘smash’ the West in the disturbing remarks as he announced the annexation of four regions in Ukraine.

His saber-rattling is another terrifying hint that he is prepared to use nuclear weapons as he vowed to use ‘all available means’ to hold onto Russian-occupied areas of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk.

Again, he blamed the West for his invasion of Ukraine because they believe Russia is a ‘colony’ and a ‘band of slaves, and wants to break it up into smaller states who ‘will be fighting against each other’.

President Joe Biden released a statement Friday claiming that the annexations have ‘no legitimacy’ and will not be recognized by the U.S. He also announced a new set of sanctions in response to the move.

‘The United States will always honor Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders,’ Biden said in the statement, adding: ‘We will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to regain control of its territory by strengthening its hand militarily and diplomatically.’

‘In response to Russia’s phony claims of annexation, the United States, together with our Allies and partners, are announcing new sanctions today,’ the president released in his Friday statement. ‘These sanctions will impose costs on individuals and entities — inside and outside of Russia — that provide political or economic support to illegal attempts to change the status of Ukrainian territory.’

The Russian president said westerners have made the leap from issuing sanctions to conducting ‘terror attacks’ in a hostile speech delivered from the Kremlin.

The West sabotaging Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines was an attempt to ‘destroy the European energy infrastructure,’ he claimed – and added that ‘those who profit from it have done it,’ without naming a specific country.

Fears of nuclear war have grown since Putin confirmed last week he was ‘not bluffing’ when he said Russia was prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend its territory.

He claimed that there is ‘centuries-old Russophobia’ against his country and people because they dared defend themselves from western colonization.



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