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You all heard the news about Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) blustering about how he wants to protect the Druze from his own henchmen in the Alqaeda/Nusra criminal terrorist network after they allegedly took a position over a village with a largely Druze population on the Golan Heights.  This Polish/Lithuanian transplant had the audacity to offer protection to Syrian Druze citizens who have consistently rejected Zionist-Nazi occupation and who have perfervidly asserted their own Syrian nationality as their way into the future.

The reason why Mileikowski made his statements is because his Al-Qaeda allies are losing everywhere in Syria.  This was his way of bringing the hoax around full circle to prepare the world for his formal entry into the fray before the Syrian Army and its allies turn the rat groups into so much lunch meat for cats.  Even the stinking Hashemite boy-toy in Jordan, the criminal Dwarf king of nothing, ‘Abdullah, has signaled his intent to sent weapons to Syria’s bedouin tribes who responded yesterday with a formal communique denouncing the Jordanian traitor and warning him not to involve himself in their nation’s problems.


Syrian tribal chieftains met and condemned King Dwarf of Jordan for his insulting and treasonous offer to send weapons to Syria’s bedouin tribes.

دعوة ملك الأردن لتسليحنا مرفوضة.. العشائر السورية: نؤكد تمسكنا بهويتنا الوطنية


The rats are being massacred all over the Qalamoon, Qunaytra and ‘Arsaal.  It is a fact and the messages I’m receiving from sources in Damascus and Latakia, including from family members, indicate a growing optimism as the Russian navy continues a huge build-up in the Mediterranean and while Iran prosecutes its moral duties to its allies in both Syria and Iraq.

Al-Hameediyya:  An operation by SAA-SF camouflaged as rodents belonging to Al-Qaeda netted 17 new bags of fertilizer in the form of rats.  The assessment could not be completed as Zionists opened artillery fire on or troops after they realized the trap had been sprung and they were left without a clue.


Jibaataa Al-Khashab:  A supply route from the Zionist Delicatessen has now been closed up with the SAA controlling the route with artillery.


Hirsh Taranjaa:  SAA and SAAF plowed through the lines of hyenas killing scores of them:

Ameen Al-Shaakir Al-Hassan

Sa’adeddeen Karneeb

Ahmad ‘Ali Moussaa

Khaalid Muhammad Waseela

Mustafaa Hilaal Al-Shihaabi

“Abu Saalih Al-Jabali” (Id pending. Identified by capture fellow rodent)

Another 8 were killed but could not be identified.


The Syrian Army has routed the rodents at these locations:  Al-Tayha, Mas-hara, Tal Kuroom Jibbaa

الإرهابيون يفشلون مجدداً بتحقيق أي تقدم في القنيطرة
Reports are that the Alqaeda rodents failed to advance anywhere on the Golan during the last 3 days.  They failed completely and lost tens of their rodents at these locations despite overt assistance from the Zionist Abomination:

Jibbaa, Khaan Arnaba, Nab’ Al-Sakhr, Al-Qahtaaniyya, Al-Samdaaniyya (21 rats reportedly killed), Tal Bazzaaq, Tal Kuroom, Tal-Al-Sha’aar.


Hadhar Al-Qareeba:  PDC and SAA stalwart for the last 3 days with much ammunition, medicine and food available. The SAA is trying to break the encirclement of this Druze area.


Bayt Jinn:  SAAF active here despite anti-aircraft fire from the Zionist Khazar Settlers.

معارك مطار الثعلة تتجدد.. مقتل عشرات الإرهابيين بينهم عدد من القناصين

Red Hills:  Brigade 90 and the NDF have foiled and attempted advance by the Alqaeda gangsters starting at Taranjaa.  Dead rodents have been confirmed in scores and these leaders killed:

Abu Hammaam (Alqaeda leader in Jabal Al-Shaykh)

Abu Qataada Al-Jibthaani (Alqaeda leader in Red Hills)

6 other leaders from Liwaa` Ahfaad Al-Rasool also went to Hell.

الجيش السوري



This comment from a young U.S. Marine named Sean Elliot. Posted on the Syrian Arab Army Facebook page June 15, 2015

”This is why I and so other many people all over the world support and respect Syria. Selfless sacrifice and dedication to duty. I know that if it weren’t for the SAA and the The Good Doctor’s leadership, the whole middle east would be overrun, but it didn’t happen and wont ever happen. As long as there are men like this in the world. Your Armys conduct,courage, and commitment speaks volumes of the national character of the Syrian people. With respect from America.”

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Source Article from https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/qunaytra-zionist-threats-prove-rats-devastated-by-syrian-army-rats-dying-in-the-hundreds/

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