"Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein" Interview — Jewish Psy Op


December 20, 2015

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TIM H said (December 20, 2015):

“Hot dog sausages contain human DNA, study says…”


This got published, but it’s presumably just the tip-of-the-iceberg… There were some meats of ‘unknown origin’ found during the horse-meat scandal (UK) too.

Perhaps you can explain why you think Satanism, and cannibalism are incompatible? They would seem to be quite synergistic… Drinking the blood of the young has long been considered to have health benefits… According to some, it’s a major feature of Satanism.

Why is it ‘ridiculous’ to suspect Satanists would do what was suggested in the interview?

“British royalty dined on human flesh”

Al Thompson said (December 20, 2015):

I personally think what was said about eating flesh from babies is true. My reasoning is that it is a form of disclosure. It’s like the satanic hand signals that are flashed in front of us as a warning. Of course, no one I know of can prove it but the end result is still the same. It is intended to put abject fear into the goyim.

This just goes to show what a bunch of assholes commie-Jews are and it is important not to listen to their nonsense. There is no limit to the depravity of the commie-Jews. If they can bomb the crap out of the Palestinians like they do, I don’t see it as being much of a stretch of engaging in cannibalism.


Dan said (December 20, 2015):

Far as I can tell, the ‘Rabbi Finkelstein Intervew’ never fooled anybody. After all, the Jews made the mistake of giving us MAD Magazine and NATIONAL LAMPOON, saturating movies and TV with this kind of Yiddishkeit humor.

However, there’s a more valuable lesson to learned by dissecting the ‘Trojan Horse’ aspect of this and other hoaxes. And you’ve rightly put it under the magnifying glass for the wise to see. Presenting genuine facts in a false context in a court room is what gets a solid case dismissed. Or at least results in a mistrial.

It’s the same thing as a crooked cop who is paid to plant false evidence to get a guilty perpetrator off the hook.

It’s useful to listen to this interview several times to make mental note that we need to back up anything we say with solid sources – not just parrot things we’ve heard on radio and Youtube, or the “news”.

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  1. FARTMASTER says:

    Not a hoax. 100% real. “Soylent green”.

    They feed victims to the goyim slaves.

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