Rabbinical Assembly Expels Member for Officiating an Interracial Marriage

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2017

What do you call a hyper-ethnocentric group that uses its money and power to aggressively promote interracial relationships for your people, then sends witch-hunters after you if you disagree?

Calling it ‘hypocrisy’ is technically accurate, but it doesn’t capture the actual intensity of their behavior, nor their aloof reaction in the face of such a charge. The English language is fairly limited, the only word we can use is JEW!

Jewish ethnosadism is encoded in their DNA and their “holy” books. Richard Cohen’s Southern Poverty Law Center lists Black Israelites and Christian Identity believers as “hate-groups” even though the only thing they do is follow the Old Testament and apply it to themselves. By that standard, all Jewish sects are hate groups, but the SPLC gets the last say on what constitutes “hate”! 

Now a Rabbi has been purged from the Rabbinical Assembly. His crime? Officiating an interracial marriage.


In her article “A Wedding Invitation Like No Other,” Jane Eisner describes “intermarriage” as the “oozing story” among Conservative Jews, a story “found just below the surface.”

I am one of the rabbis she describes as “not so quietly defying the restriction against officiating” at a marriage ceremony involving a Jewish person and a non-Jew. And I would like to assert that this is not a story “oozing below the surface.” It is one of the most consequential issues about the future of Conservative Judaism, and liberal Judaism in America, and everyone knows it. The Rabbinical Assembly (RA) is terrified by it. At its most recent convention, attendees were sworn to secrecy, adjured not to reveal what was said at a closed-door session on the topic. And now a “Blue Ribbon” commission has been empaneled, one whose members were chosen in secrecy.

To begin, we need to find a substitute for the term “intermarriage.” It is offensive to many couples. It resonates with the intimation of miscegenation. Their union is not an aberration. It is simply a marriage. The couple who is marrying often does not have a clear sense of what their future, or future home will be. And even if they do, there are no guarantees that life will play out as they plan it. The future is a moving target at best.

What they want from an officiant is affirmation, as they publicly initiate their journey as a married couple, that their love is valid and that their commitment to each other is firm and respected by the community. The fact that they want a rabbi to be that officiant, or one of their officiants, indicates that they envisage Judaism and Jewish identity to be a part of their family’s identity. How much more could we expect of any couple, even if both parties are Jewish? We should feel honored that they want us to be part of their momentous occasion; not put-upon. We should embrace them with love and affirmation, not make demands upon them that they cannot possibly commit to, and act as if we are grudgingly doing them a favor.

In Judaism there is an Orthodox sect (considered the strictest), a Conservative (Centrist) element, and then there are the Reformed (“liberal” Jews) who happily eat pork and do whatever else they want. The Rabbinical Assembly is part of the Conservative movement, so not even radical within Jewry, yet here we see how strict they are about race-mixing. They operate in both the United States and Canada, under full tax exemption for themselves and their congregations, yet are clearly in a legal gray area when it comes to American civil rights laws.

But that doesn’t matter. Jews make the rules and don’t follow them. The New York Times won’t talk about it like they would a Christian church doing the same.

Now of course, there are interracial couples in the American Jewish community, but they are rarely accepted and are the equivalent of “honorary Aryans” in the Third Reich. Jews will officiate certain marriages, like Ivanka Trump with Jared Kushner, because of the political and economic benefits it will reap their community.

With that said, Jewish clergy as a whole finds race-mixing to be unacceptable.

While most people know the Orthodox position, which is to fellate babies and kill all Goyim, liberal Jews oppose intermarriage as well.

Something you won’t ever see promoted by the SPLC or the ADL

The Central Conference of American Rabbis, which oversees practices for “Liberal” Jews, unambiguously discourages Rabbis from blessing mixed marriages. The reason they are considered “open minded” and “progressive” is they don’t blacklist Rabbis who choose to marry a Jew with a Gentile. How enlightened!

Some Jews outside of Israel marry people of European or Asian descent for pragmatic reasons. But when the spouse in question is a Negro, Jews may use it to make political alliances with blacks against whites but it is considered especially wrong. Little do the “black Jew” converts know that their marriages and conversions are a sham. When they try to go to the “holy land,” the Israeli government detains them at the airport and deports them!

Before racial science was established, anti-miscegenation laws in the West were based on Old Testament principles. Jews call this hate, but it’s innocent “defense” of their identity when they do it. Alan Dershowitz – a famously “liberal” Jew – wrote a whole book about it.

This behavior is so complex and psychologically disturbed it isn’t even just sociopathic. That is why you can call a Jew a psychopath, a liar, a hypocrite or a murderer and he just shrugs it off or addresses it as a PR problem. But call him a Jew and then you will witness him writhe in rage and discomfort – the mask comes off!

[Editor’s Note: Eric Striker just made an epic point here: Jews classify both Christian Identity and Black Israelite groups as “hate groups,” because they take the same holy books the Jews use and apply them to themselves. Having been close with a lot of pre-Alt-Right WN guys, I can tell you that the entire belief system of Christian Identity is based on the Old Testament being about whites, and I understand that Black Israelites believe the same thing. Sooooo – by this logic, the third group using the Old Testament – the Jews – would themselves have to be a hate group! Pointing out the double-standards of Jews is so boring, because it is just so obvious. Sometimes I feel like this job that I do is like if I had to go around every day, all day and tell people that the Sun is bright – and then be accused of being pure evil and be hunted down, be defamed across the planet, have local newspapers organizing protests against my father, reporters hunting my mother, have all of my money shut off, etc. etc. etc. – for stating something that is a self-evident fact! That is sometimes what I feel like. -AA]

Source Article from https://www.dailystormer.com/rabbinical-assembly-expels-member-for-officiating-an-interracial-marriage/

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