Rachel Maddow is paid $30,000 a day to tow the FAKE Russian Hacking story

Rachel Maddow is paid $30,000 a day to tow the FAKE Russian Hacking story

By Dark Politricks

The fake Russian hacking scandal just keeps going on and on, mostly due to the “left wing” Rachel Maddow who cannot seem to use basic deduction skills and other non discredited government sources to give out fake news on the story.

The latest report from the Department of Homeland Security has already been debunked and an article on my site recently showed how the whole Russian hacking scandal is a big load of tosh that could possibly end up with the neo-cons pushing Donald Trump into a war with Russia.

If any hacking went on it was probably carried out by the CIA using one of their special access programs in order to cause outrage and finally get their war with Russia. Something that they and parts of the deep state seem to be pushing for so badly.

There is a good chance that if Hillary had won the election I am sure some missiles would have been fired that way by now however dodgy the dossier of evidence she would be going on was.

Russian hackers are some of the best in the world and to use their own IP address or  even one in their countries is very bad hacking. It smells like a fit up, a bit like the car found outside the airport on 9.11 with a Koran, bolt cutters and a guide to flying inside. Or the undamaged passport of one of the hijackers found unburnt in the rubble of the Twin Towers.

For one, most machines are not connected to the Internet so any hacking would involve a Russian operative having to manually insert a cable or USB stick into each voting machine to enable the hack.

Also for those that are connected to the Internet, I have to ask why?

Surely you would only need to do this if you wanted the government to be able to manipulate the results under the guise of a central vote counting server.

If US citizens had a proper registration system where you could vote online then they wouldn’t need to leave work to vote, standing in rainy cold lines only to be told the voting building was shut when they got to the doors.

The manipulation was done by the DNC by blocking the most popular politician in the country, Bernie Sanders, from becoming their candidate.

It was done by preventing poor and coloured people from voting through tactics like the Republicans computer system that matched names up to prevent duplicate votes. This meant someone with a similar foreign sounding name in one county wouldn’t be able to vote if another person with the same name existed in that county either, sometimes across states.

Then there was the taking names out of voting registers from prisoners and other groups of citizens – believe it or not you are still a citizen if you have been to jail for a month for a minor crime.

Also people without “official” ID could not vote, and the placement of voting booths to make it hard for certain people to get a chance to vote on a working day all made it hard for everyone to get a chance to place a vote.

A Russian hacker would only be able to change the whole countries votes by swaying the electoral collage which in itself is antiquated and a way to ensure the “right person” gets to win as in the election between the winner. This was seen when the victorious Al Gore gave up despite having won the vote and George W Bush was handed the keys to the White House.

The Russians, especially if they were government agents, would NOT use their own computers for the attack, and at least go through a proxy chain using VPN’s and TOR like onion circuits.

They wouldn’t be so foolish as to leave a trace of their real IP address to be found, or Russian characters in the code which could be placed there by anybody wanting to make it look like a Russian hack. That seems more like something someone would do who wanted people to think an attack had occurred.

People such as the news broadcaster Rachel Maddow, who gets paid $30,000 a day to spout government propaganda at viewers, and doesn’t seem to research or even consider alternative possibilities. Even when these papers have already been discredited by other governmental departments, documents or intelligence agents.

It seems the Intercept has her in their sights as a paid “Fake News” propagandist. This article of theirs explains how hackers re-use code and proxy servers, and how people trying to trace a hack need to be wary of such tricks.

I have also included a video from comedian and activist, Lee Camp from Redacted Tonight, who admits he “used to believe Rachel Maddow”.

Watch the original video on YouTube.com

By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks

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