Radical left-wing college faculty member ARRESTED after stealing property of Lucian Wintrich during chaotic campus speech event

Image: Radical left-wing college faculty member ARRESTED after stealing property of Lucian Wintrich during chaotic campus speech event

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A radical communist administrator from Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC) in Connecticut was recently arrested and charged with attempted sixth-degree larceny and disorderly conduct after she decided to steal the speech notes of conservative speaker Lucian Wintrich during a recent “It’s OK To Be White” lecture. Wintrich had tried to deliver his speech at the nearby University of Connecticut (UConn), before being maliciously interrupted and attacked by an angry mob of anti-white leftists – many of whom were “college educators.”

The deranged individual in question is being reported as Catherine “Katie” Gregory, who even after her embarrassing arrest is trying to defend her childish actions of thievery and assault by claiming that they’re important contributions to the fight against “racism and fascism.” Rather than feeling a sense of shame over her utter foolishness like any normal person with rational sensibilities would, Gregory is not only proud of what she did, but she also believes that everyone in the world should actually be praising her for them.

“I want to thank everyone from around the world for their support and solidarity in the struggle against racism and fascism,” the 33-year-old Associate Director of Career Services and Advising at GVCC is quoted as saying in the aftermath of her arrest, insinuating that she’s some type of civil rights hero.

‘Black Lives Matter’ really means that white lives don’t

In case you missed the story, Lucian Wintrich, a Gateway Pundit correspondent and American journalist, was in the process of trying to explain to his listening audience that having white skin doesn’t mean that you’re automatically evil, when all of a sudden alt-left extremists in the room erupted into chaos and violence. Reports indicate that windows were broken and smoke bombs were thrown – all over the fact that a white person had the audacity to stand up for himself and his fellow whites in the escalating climate of anti-white racism that’s sweeping America.

As this ridiculous melee was unfolding, Gregory, who as an administrator of impressionable student minds should know better, decided it would be an opportune time to approach Wintrich’s podium and steal his speech. As this Marxist sympathizer walked away in glee with the speech in hand, Wintrich attempted to retrieve it from the petty thief, upon which a horde of other radical domestic terrorists in the room proceeded to grab the speech from him and rip it apart. It was around this time when law enforcement reportedly stepped in and escorted Wintrich out of the room.

At first, Wintrich was the one who faced charges after he was accused of “breaching the peace” by trying to get his speech back. But thankfully reality set in and Gregory was pegged as the perpetrator in the whole thing. Video evidence also revealed that Wintrich was the victim in this whole saga, which began even earlier than Gregory’s theft when radical extremists in the room disrupted his speech with racist chants like “Go home, Nazi!” and “Black Lives Matter.”

“I obviously think it’s wonderful that finally the system corrected itself,” Wintrich told the local media outside of the Superior Court in Rockville after the charges against him were dismissed. “We don’t want to create a precedent that people can walk up to speeches they find disagreeable and steal them. I mean that’s really not what America is about.”

According to reports, Gregory is currently free on a $1,000 bond and will soon have to appear in court for her crimes. Her lawyers will apparently try to argue that stealing personal property, in this case, was really just Gregory exercising her “First Amendment rights.”

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