Rand Paul: Dems Are ‘Angry, Unhinged, Deranged By Their Hatred’ Of Trump

During his broadcast Thursday night, Tucker Carlson declared that President Trump has reached the end of his ‘shelf life’, that it is unhealthy for America to be focusing so relentlessly on one man, and that Trump acted ‘recklessly’ in encouraging supporters to march on the Capitol.

Carlson opined that Trump has an “expiration date” and suggested he is no longer “worth all of this time and attention.”

“We’ve gone from being this big continental country with an enormous span of concerns and interests to a sweaty chat room of 300 million people all of whom are focused on a single man, Donald Trump. That is not healthy no matter how you feel about Trump,” Carlson urged.

“At some point you’ve got to wonder about where our country is putting all of its energy. Is any single president, anyone worth all of this time and attention?” Tucker noted, adding “All politicians whether you agree with them or not come with a shelf life, they are people.”


Full broadcast (while it stays up on YouTube):

“They don’t last forever, none of us do. In Trump’s case, the expiration date arrives in 13 days and after that he will not be president,” the host continued, adding that “freedoms are more important than any single politician.”

“Donald Trump could become immortal and win the next 40 presidential elections and his daughter the next 40 after that but if America becomes a place where you have to violate your own conscience in order to hold a job, we are not allowed to protect your family from mob violence, where your children can’t afford to get married and raise your grandchildren because employers don’t like their skin color, then what’s the point of all of this?’ Carlson asked.

Tucker slammed the GOP establishment for continually ignoring Trump’s base, and instead defending the “personal reputations of its leaders.”

“Thirteen days from now, these voters will not have Donald Trump to protect them, they won’t have anyone unless the Republican party decides to wake up and push back against the lies and progress and acknowledge the purpose of those lies which is an unprecedented crackdown on the way you live,” he urged.

“Donald Trump thinks exclusively about Donald Trump but so does almost every single Democrat in congress as well as every single Republican. All of them is Trump obsessed,” Carlson emphasised.

“Who’s got your concerns top of mind? Who wakes up in the middle of the night about your family?” he openly wondered.

“The point of the Republican party is to protect its voters. In practice that means protecting the bill of rights, the most basic freedoms and bedrock promises of American life – without them you wouldn’t want to live here,” the host stated.

The host described the incidents at the Capitol as a “political protest that got out of hand after the president recklessly encouraged it.”

Carlson added, however, that to call the events “insurrection” or “domestic terrorism,” as many Democrats and leftist media talking heads have, is an exaggeration.

Carlson urged that Democrats are using the Capitol storm as a “pretext for an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties.”

“Just in the last several hours we have heard people in positions of power and authority demand that those who support Donald Trump should no longer be allowed to publish books or use the internet or fly on airplanes,” the host proclaimed.

“CNN describes it as an insurrection, Chuck Schumer likened it to Pearl Harbor, it was our generation’s 9/11 and, needless to say, it was ‘white supremacy’,” Carlson noted.

“They understand how to use language, not simply to describe what is happening, they use it to political ends. It wasn’t an insurrection, stop with the lying,” he demanded.

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