Report: Perspex Screens Installed to Stop COVID May Have Actually Increased Its Spread

A new poll which included over 2,000 participants finds that a clear majority of Brits – 54 per cent – think COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan lab, with just 25 per cent saying they don’t believe that to be the case.

The survey, which was was conducted by JL, found that an additional 21 per cent say they don’t know where the virus originated.

The results of the poll contradict statements made recently by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who both said they doubted the lab leak theory.

As we previously highlighted, an even higher number of Americans – 58 per cent – also believe that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with even 43% of Democrats sharing that view.

Almost a quarter of Americans also believe that the virus was deliberately created and leaked by the lab, not that it escaped accidentally.

For the best part of a year, the mainstream media, the Biden administration and social media networks dismissed the lab leak hypothesis as a “debunked conspiracy theory” and those who circulated it faced ostracization and deplatforming.

On Monday night, comedian John Stewart joked with Stephen Colbert that the lab leak theory was obviously true, which is somewhat of a shift given that the liberal elite framed the whole issue as a piece of Trumpian fake news for most of last year.

Despite the fact that investigations into the lab are ongoing, the former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove warned that the Communist Chinese government has likely already destroyed the evidence.

“We don’t know that’s what’s happened, but a lot of data has probably been destroyed or made to disappear so it’s going to be difficult to prove definitely the case for a gain-of-function chimera being the cause of the pandemic,” Dearlove noted.

As we highlight in the video below, the doctor who was tasked with investigating the Wuhan lab by the WHO (he spent a mere 3 hours doing so) was also empowered by Facebook to censor information about the lab leak theory.

In an April 2020 email to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Peter Daszak thanked Fauci for dismissing the entire issue as unscientific.

“I just wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat-to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” wrote Daszak.


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