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In my perspective, the 15 minute video “Solving the Mystery of WTC 7” is somewhat of an Intelligence Test.
The video holds indisputable “QUESTIONS” to the official narrative. This fact can’t be denied.

If a normie dismisses those questions, then they FLUNK the Intelligence Test.

Without deeply researching questionable narratives emanating from officials, then a person relies for one’s own intelligence upon those officials.
Thus, in essence: “Your intelligence does not belong to you…it belongs to those who own you, those who are in authority, those who provide the narrative.”

The normie becomes dependent upon authorities for his own personal intelligence. He has no intelligence of his own.
His mind is captive by officials who dictate to him what to think and observe. He cannot critically think for himself.
The normie flunks the intelligence test, because he gave that “potential intelligence ability” to the authorities.

“Trust our narrative” means “don’t think for yourself. Let us be your mind’s intelligence.”


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